APPOINTMENT OF Senior Solicitor (Contracts) by AndrewHore


									                              APPOINTMENT OF: Senior Solicitor (Contracts)

                                                  REF: CXO322

This is an insert of additional information surrounding the post you are applying for which you may find useful.

Location:        Martin Street, Stafford, ST16 2LG

Hours of Duty:           37

Closing Date:            The enclosed application form must be completed and returned by
                         5.00pm on 16th October 2009 to:

                         HR SHARED SERVICE CENTRE,
                         UNIT C, DYSON COURT,
                         GILLETTE CLOSE,
                         ST18 0LQ


Short-listing & Selection Process

In the interest of economy or efficiency, the County Council is not able to acknowledge receipt of individual
application forms. If however you wish to enclose a stamped, addressed postcard noting the Position title and
reference number with your application, we will date stamp it and return it you for your records.

Successful candidates who have been short listed against the essential criteria will be invited to participate in
the formal selection process (e.g., formal interview) by letter, typically within 4 weeks of the advertised closing
date for the post.

Recruitment Monitoring

Staffordshire County Council is committed to ensuring that job applicants are treated fairly and consistently
and that no one is disadvantaged or discriminated against because of their gender, ethnicity, age, disability or
any other personal characteristic which has no bearing on their ability to do the job.

Information collected via recruitment monitoring helps the Council fulfill this commitment and assists greatly in
the development and evaluation of employment policy generally. Information you provide will be treated in
strict confidence and will not be seen by anyone involved in the selection process.

We would be grateful therefore if you would complete the form and return it with your application form.


Please ensure the correct postage is attached to the envelope before posting your application and recruitment
forms back to us. . If using an A4 envelope you’ll need to use 2x 2 class stamps (A first class stamp is not
sufficient). Envelopes carrying insufficient postage are returned to Royal Mail which may cause your
application to be received after the Closing Date.

If you prefer to email your documents as file attachments, please send to:

NB - You are encouraged to complete and return your application form electronically and will be asked to sign
a hard copy should you be called to interview.
                                                 JOB DESCRIPTION AND

                                                 PERSON IN POST: Vacancy

                                 LEGAL SERVICES UNIT
              Work                                                   Operating
 Position                                Post Title       Grade                      Date
              Area/Specialism                                          Level
 50353901     Contracts                Senior Solicitor     11        Level 1


Responsible to: Team Senior Solicitor

Responsible for/Partly responsible for:

We will plan and provide high quality services, within resources, which promote
Staffordshire County Council’s pursuit of excellence. The Legal Services Unit holds the
Lexcel Quality Standard which underpins our intent to match service delivery to the needs
of the customer. We endeavour to deliver by taking into account our customer
commitments, our values and our individual targets determined by the Personal
Performance Review process.


The Law and Governance Division sits within the Strategic Core. Within the remit of the
Director of Law and Governance are also the Members and Democratic Services Unit,
Scrutiny, the Information Governance Unit and the County Staff Club.

The Legal Services Unit provides legal advice and support to all the Directorates within the
County Council and as such covers a wide range of legal work areas. An overview of such
detail can be found in the Service Level Specification.

Qualified solicitor with practising certificate.    Complex casework, requiring good
understanding of area of specialism working within the County Council procedures and
structures. Full case load/chargeable hours. Minimum 4 years post qualification
experience in relevant legal environment, together with 1+ years experience of passing
work to others to complete in relation to own files. Occasional supervision of others
therefore experiences of supervision required or experience of working within diverse
environment, for example, organising/working with other professionals, courts, witnesses,
external stakeholders. Cover for other colleagues, during periods of holiday etc.


1.   General contract legal work (principally contracts drafting/vetting and giving advice)
     relating primarily to corporate contracts and conduct of related negotiations including:

     (a) legal research and advice on procurement law/contract law;

     (b) drafting and completion of commercial contracts/tender documentation (and other
     related one off, or standard form/model documents) for services and/or
     goods/services, so for example could be IT, purchase of goods/services, utilities,
     re-generation etc;

     (c) provision of advice regarding contract standing orders, financial regulations and all
     other applicable legal and practical constraints;

2.   General legal advice relating to pensions issues.

3.   Drafting/vetting and conduct of related negotiations for pension investment
     agreements and pension admission agreements.

4.   Adherence to the LSU’s quality standards (Lexcel) including time recording.

5.   The undertaking of in-service training as required by the Training Plan and
     participation in the in-service training of other staff.

6.   The carrying out of health and safety training/duties as required.

7.   Such other duties as may reasonably be required, including investigation of

         Driving requirement:         No
         Car Allowance                Casual
         Special Conditions           Politically restricted
         Target annual chargeable
         Chargeable Hourly Rate       £80 (Internal)/£220 (External)
         Flexitime                    Yes

The content of this Job Description and Person Specification will be reviewed on an annual
basis in line with the County Council’s training and development review policy.
                                 PERSON SPECIFICATION

                 FACTORS                        ESSENTIAL   DESIRABLE
 Qualified Solicitor with practicing                                  AF
 Minimum 4 years post qualification                                   AF
  experience in relevant legal environment.
 1+ years experience of delegation.                                   AF
 Ability to undertake complex case work                                AF
  with contracts specialisms as noted in the
  Statement of Purpose.                                                AF
 Some supervisory experience or
  experience of working within diverse legal    
 Knowledge and understanding of County                                AF
  Council Processes and procedures –
  internal or local authorities in general.
 Experience of effectively handling full
  complex case load with specialisms.                                  AF
 Experience of providing expertise to
  directly advise, guide or support                                    AF/I
 Experience of contributing by supporting
  or influencing others                                                AF/I
 Thorough and comprehensive
  combination of applied and theoretical                               AF/I
 Ability to competently use professional
  knowledge, combined with an
  understanding of council policy, to advise
  upon or determine the appropriate course                             AF/I
  of actions.
 Experience of providing analysis or
  explanations for others and translating
  complex technical or procedural
  understanding into appropriate language       
  and/or information.
 Experience of being persuasive, assertive
  and sensitive to others views.                
 Experience of thinking within substantially
  diversified, established procedures,
  standards and/or precedents., standards
  and/or precedents.
                   FACTORS                       ESSENTIAL   DESIRABLE
     Experience of analysing situations,                                AF/I
      determining problems and identifying       
      appropriate solutions.
     Well developed communication and
      interpersonal skills.                      
     Well developed time management skills.
     Ability to manage conflicting demands in   
      a calm and professional manner.                                    AF/I

 Ability to work under pressure                                        I
 Ability to work on own initiative                                     I
 Flexible, innovative and persuasive                                   I
 Customer Focused                                                      I
 Effective Team Leader and player                                      I
 Well developed communication and
   interpersonal skills.
 Well developed time management skills.
 Ability to manage conflicting demands in
   a calm and professional manner.
 Responds to opportunities in a manner
   that is enthusiastic and demonstrates                                I

    AF = Application Form
    I = Interview
                                  SENIOR SOLICITOR
                                LAW AND GOVERNANCE
                              KEY EFFECTIVE BEHAVIOURS
                                 OPERATING LEVEL 1

Think Customer

   Knows their customer
   Makes customers their first priority
   Listens to, focuses on and serves customers
   Goes the extra mile with customers
   Is friendly yet professional and respectful
   Is passionate about service and challenges blocks and barriers

Thinking About the Future

      Consistently tries to improve the service we provide
      Insists on quality
      Encourages innovation, initiative and new ideas; seeks creative solutions
      Adapts to change quickly and positively
      Keeps self up to date and shares knowledge

Leading Your Business Forward

   Is open, honest and listens
   Does not opt out
   Strives to be the best, no cynicism, no whinging
   Challenges and values all contributions – celebrates success
   Challenges the point, not the person
   Embraces and welcomes change

Own Your Part In Delivering Results

   Maintains focus on our priorities
   Acts with pace and urgency, is energetic, enthusiastic and decisive
   Takes responsibility and accountability
   Suggests solutions, is positive
   Achieves expectations, exceeds where possible
   Communicates effectively

Be One Team

   Is clear about what is expected of self and others
   Plays to own and others strengths
   Supports and shows mutual respect
   Works with others, no status, no game playing
   Participates, trusts, encourages others, shares success
   Has fun
Being The Best You Can

   Adopt a ‘can do’ attitude, and takes responsibility for self and own actions
   Is open to new ideas and ways of working and develops new skills
   Learns from achievements and mistakes
   Seeks new learning opportunities and challenges
   Is proud of self and the role played

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