characteristic of constitution by alicejenny


									1.characteristic of constitution
                         on the content
                         , stipulating the
                       basic principles of
                          one country's
                       social system and
                           state system

                         of constitution
    compared with
                                              legal validity,
  the ordinary law,
                                              a foundation of
    stricter on the
                                             an ordinary law ,
procedure of drawing
                                               with supreme
  up and amending
                                               legal validity
2. special procedure of amending
                                                          special procedure
                                                            of amending

                     proposition                                                  pass

                                    more than 1/5 of the
Standing committee                                                          more than 2/3 of all
                                   deputies to the National
  of the National                                                            representatives of
                                     People’s congress
 People’s Congress                                                      National People’s Congress
3. " Bill of Rights "of 1689 years of
                        “Bill of Rights” of
                         1689 years of

 the most important                           establishment of the
    Constitution       the victory of the      democratic system
    document in        Britain’s bourgeois     of British capitalist
   Britain’s history        revolution                 class
4. " Declaration of Independence "
      of 1776 years of U.S.A.
                      first written
                     in the world

                   " Declaration of
                   Independence "
                      of U.S.A.

  establishment                           establishing
    of bourgeois                      " Separation of the
    democracy                           three powers "
  republicanism                       of political system
5." Declaration of Human Rights "
     of 1789 years of France
                            “Declaration of
                            Human Rights”
                              of France

                                                   It stipulated
                              This written
 the first constitution                           implementing
                            Constitution was
   of France taking                                 monarch’s
                          announced firstly on
    It as preamble                               constitutionalism
                           continental Europe.
                                                    In France.
 6. first socialist constitution in the
• (1) “ Union‘s socialist republic’s
  constitution of Russian Soviet ” which Su
  Russia announced in 1918.
• (2) It marked the birth of the new socialist
  type constitution in the history of mankind.
7. "Interim provisional constitution
of the Republic of China " of 1912
                          “Interim provisional
                           constitution of the
                          Republic of China”

                            the constitutional
   announced by the                                     the only one of
                         document of capitalist
provisional government                             constitutional government
                         class, with progressive
  of Naming headed                                     of our country in
                           meaning in history
    by Sun Yet-Sent                                     modern history
8." Common program " of 1949 of
         our country
                              “Common program”
                                  Of 1949

                                                        The constitution of
                                It was a guiding
 needing a fundamental                                   1954was a first
                                principle during
    law urgently at that                                   socialist-type
                              building new China,
  time, but made under                                  constitution of our
                                with the interim
the insufficient condition                                   country.
                             constitutional function.
     9.Current constitution of our
     country: constitution of 1982
• (1) It was made up by the preamble , the
  general principles, citizen's basic right and
  obligation , state institution and national
  flag , national emblem , capital four
• (2) amending constitution of 1988 , 1993 ,
  1999 and 2004
 10.National nature of our country
• (1) National nature ,or called regime
  nature and " the state system ", refers to
  the class nature of the country.
• (2) The state system of our country is a
  system of people's democratic dictatorship.
11. System of people's democratic
                     lead by the
                    working class

                  System of people's

       the                             democracy linking
 worker-peasant                          Dictatorship
    alliance                               to enemy
 12. form of regime in our country
• (1) The form of regime , a basic political
  system and called " the form of
• government ", means the ruling class how
  to organize the organ of state power and
  how to realize it.
• (2) The People's congress system is the
  form of regime in our country.
13. Characteristic of the People's
       congress system
                       concrete embodiment
                           that the people
                           are the masters
                        of their own country

                       Characteristic of the
                        People's congress

reflecting the whole
                                               a source of the
  national life and
                                                state power
 the overall picture
                                               of our country
   of our country
14. Electoral system of our country

                         Universality: The
                         Chinese citizens
                         over 18 years old
                         all have the right
   ensuring the
                                              Equal: one vote
  voter's election
                                                in an election
   right from the
                                               for every voter
 material and in law

                           of our country
 Representatives are
                                              Direct election
  responsible for the
                                                and indirect
  voter or the former
                                               election used
  electoral unit , and
 supervised by them.
                           secret ballot,
                          trusting others
                           to vote in the
                         specific situation
  15. State structure form of our
                                   Our country adopts
                                     Single form of
                                    State structure.

                                                                          needs of
  It is objectively                            the requirement for
                             It is the                                 safeguarding
 determined by the                                 the various
                            inevitable                                unification of the
composition and the                           nationalities’ common
                      outcome of national                             motherland and
   distribution of                              development and
                       relation in history.                            national unity
      nationality.                             common prosperity
      16. System of regional national
         autonomy of our country
                         It is implemented
                         where the ethnic
                           minorities live.
     The organ of
self-government also                                They are
   has other kinds                                 inalienable
  of power besides                                parts of China.
                            System of
                         regional national
                                                     The organ of
Various nationalities                             self-government is
    should have                                 the National People's
  representatives                             Congress and government
of proper numbers.                                  in the national
                         The citizen, who        autonomous areas.
                         ruled by regional
                        national autonomy ,
                         can serve as the
                         director of organ
                        of self-government.
              17. Economic system of our
                                      Foundation: The socialist
                                       ownership of the means
                                        of production, namely
                                       ownership by the whole
                                         people and working
                                    people's collective ownership

                                             system of
                                            our country
Distribution system: Distributing                                     Basic economic system:
    according to work is the                                             Public ownership is
      main body, with other                                              the main body, with
       kinds of distribution                                         the common development
           coexisting.                                              of other kinds of ownership.
 18.Land ownership of our country
                          Land of the city:
                           Belonging to

                           ownership of
                            our country
                                              Land in the countryside
 The site of a house,
                                                  and city suburb:
    family plot and
                                              belonging to collective,
   the plot of hill for
                                               besides belonging to
     personal use,
                                                country according
belonging to collective
                                                    to the law
      19. Characteristic of the fundamental rights and

               duties of citizens in our country

• (1)Extent of citizen's right .
• (2)Authenticity of citizen's right .
• (3)Equality of citizen's right and obligation.
• (4) Consistency of citizen's right and obligation.
     20.Fundamental right of the citizen of our country

• (1)Political right and freedom.
• (2) Freedom of religion.
• (3) Freedom of action.
• (4)Social economic right.
• (5) Right and freedom of having culture and being
• (6) Women's rights, marriage , family , mother ,
• child are protected by the country.
• (7) Protection of the legitimate rights and interests of
  overseas Chinese , returned overseas Chinese and
  relatives of nationals living abroad.
 21. Basic obligation of the citizen in our country

• (1) Safeguard the unification of the motherland
  and unity of national various nationalities.
• (2)Observe the constitution and law, guard the
  state secret , respect the social ethics.
• (3)Safeguard motherland security , honor and
• (4)Safeguard motherland, resist invasion,
serve in the army and participate in militia
  according to the law.
• (5)Pay taxes in accordance with the law.
   22. Principle of the democratic
• (1)It is the most important and basic
 principle of the activity of government in our
  country .
• (2)Concerning: Election ,supervise the
  relation, Leadership and relation of leading,
authority relation of central authorities
and local .
      23. The National People's
• (1)It is a supreme state organ of our
  country, occupying the supreme status in
• (2)The National People's Congress is
  elected for a term of five years.
• (3)People's congress is hold once every
  year, convened by the Standing
  Committee of the National People's
 24. Main functions and powers of
  the National People's Congress
• (1) Right to amend constitution and
  supervise the implementation of
• (2)Right to formulating and revising the
  basic law.
• (3) Election , decision and right of recall of
  the state leader .
   25. The Standing Committee of the National
   People's Congress and it’s functions, powers

• (1)Explain the constitution and supervise the
  implementation of constitution.
• (2) Make and revise other laws except the law made by
  National People's Congress; Explain the law.
• (3) Determine and stipulate the important problem in
  national life.
• (4) Authority to supervise.
• (5) Power of appointment and removal.
• (6) Right to honor others.
• (7) Other functions and powers that National People's
  Congress conferred.
26.National deputy to the People's Congress.

• (1)Entrusted by people, exercise the envoy of
  supreme state power in the name of people.
• (2)Receive the supervision of the former
  electoral unit
• (3)The deputy to the National People's Congress
  has the right to exercise the right of motions,
  inquire right in accordance with the law;
• (4)Not permitted by national people's congress
  presidium , not permitting by the Standing
  Committee of the National People's Congress
  during closing in National People's Congress,
  arresting and criminal justice.
 27.President of the People's Republic of China

• (1)It is an important component of the
  state organ of our country, is a head of
  state of our country.
• (2)Elected by National People's Congress,
  elected for a term of five years, it can't
  exceed two to hold a post in succession.
• (3)Reach the age of 45 have the right to
  vote and stand for election , healthy
  Chinese citizen serve as.
         28.The State Council
• (1)It is the executive organ of the supreme state
  organ, it is a supreme administrative organ of
  the country.
• (2)The State Council is made up by Premier,
  several vice-premiers, several state councillors,
  every minister, every committee director,
  auditor-general, general secretary, elected for a
  term of five years,
• (3)The Premier , vice-premier , state councillor
  can't exceed two holding a post in succession .
  29.Grassroots' autonomy organization
• (1)Residents committees , villagers'
  committees are mass autonomy
  organizations of basic unit of our country,
  it is not a first class state power.
           30. people's court
• (1)It is a national judicial organ, administer
  justice in accordance with the law.
• (2)Jurisdiction can only be exercised in the
  name of unification of the motherland by the
  people's court, any other government offices ,
  public organization and individual all have no
  right to exercise .
• (3)The people's court of higher level supervises
  the administration of justice of the subordinate
  people's court
     31. people's procuratorate
• (1)It is a law supervising organ of our country,
  exercise national procuratorial work right .
• (2)The tissue system of the people's
  procuratorate includes: The Supreme People's
  Procuratorate , local people's procuratorates at
  all levels and every special people's
• (3)Besides relation of supervising, the relation
  that also have leaders and led among the
  people's procuratorates of the superior and the

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