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									                                     Wan In Lee
                              •   Professor of Chemistry
                              •   Nanomaterials & Devices Lab
                              •   Inha University
                              •   Contact:
                                   253 Yonghyun-dong, Nam-gu, Incheon 402-751, Korea
                                   Tel: +82-32-863-1026
                                   Fax: +82-32-867-5603

Curriculum Vitae

1981: B. S., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1983: M. Sc., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1993: Ph. D., Brown University (with Prof. A. Wold)

1987-1989: Researcher, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea
1993-1995: Senior Researcher, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea
1995-present: Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor, Inha University
2001: Director, Korean Chemical Society
2003-2004: Visiting Professor, University of Texas at Austin
2005-present: Advisor, Korean Photocatalysis Society
2006-present: Director, Center for Chemical Dynamics, Inha University
2008: Board of Director, Korean Chemical Society
2009-present: Director, BK21 program (Organic-Nano Hybrid Molecular Research Center),
               Department of Chemistry, Inha University
2010-present: Inha Fellow Professor

Research Interests

•   TiO2-related Nanomaterials: Nanoparticle, Nanotube, Nanorod array, Spherical Structures
                                Mesoporous Structures, 2-dimensional Layered Structures
•   Design of New Visible Light Photocatalysts: Heterojunction of Semiconductors
•   Nanomaterial-based Solar Cell: Dye-sensitized Solar Cell
•                                  Nano-scale Multi-junction Solar Cell
•   Nano-organo Hybrid Material-based Electrochromic Device
•   Artificial Photosynthesis

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