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									        ST Mary Abbots with Christ Church and St Philip ∙ Kensington
                                                                                                                IN OUR PRAYERS THIS WEEK:
   ST MARY ABBOTS PARISH CHURCH                                                                               WE GIVE THANKS & PRAY FOR
                                                                                                                HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN
                        NEWSLETTER                                                                           IN HER DIAMOND JUBILEE YEAR

                            for the week beginning                                             WE PRAY FOR ALL INVOLVED IN THE PARALYMPICS
                           9 September 2012                                                                  We pray for those Baptised at this time, especially
                                                                                                             GEORGE SHAW : GEORGIA GILES
                                                                                                                        SAMANTHA GILES
Sunday 9th                       THE FOURTEENTH SUNDAY
                                                                                                      Please pray for the Sick or those otherwise troubled, especially
                                 AFTER TRINITY                                                                  JOHN ATACK : ANNE AUSTIN
            First Lesson:        Galatians 5. 16-24       Gospel:     Luke 17. 11-19
                                                                                                            RONNIE ARMIST : MERIEL AVANZI
                                                                                                             JOHN BADEN : CHRISTINE BAKER
 9.30am     SUNG EUCHARIST & HOLY BAPTISM                                                          JEAN BALLANTYNE-RIDDELL : DANIEL BARNETT
            with Children on Sunday Groups                                                             CAROLINE BLANDEY : PRISCILLA BROWN
            Reading:             Isaiah 35. 4-7a                                                      SABINA BRUNTJEN : PATRICIA BUCKLAND
            Gospel:              Mark 7. 24-30                                                       CHRISTINE BUCKLEY : WENDELL CADOGAN
            Preacher:            The Vicar, The Rev Gillean Craig                                   CHRISTINE CLEMENTS : LAURA CUNNINGHAME
11.15am CHORAL MATINS                                                                            CHERYLL DAVIS : CARMEN DEAL : DALLA EL-KHADI
            Old Testament: Jonah 3. 10 – 4. 11                                                 JULIA DELVES-BROUGHTON : RAYMOND VON DREHLE
            New Testament: Revelation 8. 1-5                                                            SARAH FENWICK : MANUEL GUIMARAES
            Preacher:      The Revd Mark Letters
                                                                                                             DORIS HOARE : ANGELA HODGE
 12.30pm HOLY EUCHARIST same readings as at 8.00am                                                            LYNDA JAGO : JOYCE JOHNSTON
  6.30pm CHORAL EVENSONG                                                                                 MILLI KAUSHALL : BILL KIRKPATRICK
followed by HOLY EUCHARIST                                                                             JIM KIRKPATRICK : CHRISTINE MANDELL
            Old Testament: Exodus 14. 5-31                                                        I O MAYAKI : JENNY MAYLING : JONAH MERRRICK
            New Testament: Mathew 6. 1-18                                                               JOSEPH MORRISON : MICHAEL NEUBERT
                                                                                                           SALLY NEUBERT : TOMMIE NEVELL
Monday 10th                      St Gregory the Great                                                KATHERINE O’DONOVAN : TERESA O’GARA
 8.30am     Morning Prayer                                                                                       ROB POWE : SOPHIE RABEN
 1.05am     ‘Sunday on Monday’ HOLY EUCHARIST
 5.30pm     Evening Prayer
                                                                                                         ELIZABETH RACKOW : MARK REDMAN
                                                                                                          ALISTAIR RIPPER : HAZEL ROBINSON
Tuesday 11th                     Commemoration of St Birinius                                                      ELIZABETH ROSENBURG
 8.15am     Morning Prayer
10.15am     St James’s Schools’ Start-of-Year Service
                                                                                                         Pray for the repose of the souls of all who have died recently
11.30am     HOLY EUCHARIST – Book of Common Prayer                                                             JANE WITHERS : TIM STRANACK
 5.30pm     Evening Prayer                                                                       Pray for the repose of the souls of those whose year’s mind falls at this time
Wednesday       12th                                                                                         ELLA DUFFY : MARCUS AMES-LEWIS
 7.10am     Morning Prayer                                                                                    SUSAN MAXWELL : JANET POLLEY
 7.30am     HOLY EUCHARIST                                                                                                  JAMES DAWNAY
 1.05pm     Meditation Group
 5.30pm     Evening Prayer                                                                       St MARY ABBOTS CHURCH AND PARISH CONTACTS
Thursday 13th                    St John Chrysostom                                        Vicar of the Parish
  7.10am Morning Prayer                                                                        The Rev'd Gillean Craig         gillean.craig@stmaryabbotschurch.org 020 7937 6032
  9.30am SUNG EUCHARIST                                                                    Associate Vicar with Special Responsibility for St Philip
         with contributions by St Mary Abbots school pupils – all warmly welcome               The Rev’d David Walsh                                  vicar@specr.org 020 7603 4420
  5.30pm Evening Prayer                                                                    Associate Vicar with Special Responsibility for Christ Church                020 7937 2966
                                                                                               The Rev’d Mark O’Donoghue                mark.o’donoghue@christchurchkensington.com
Friday 14th                      HOLY CROSS DAY                                            Associate Vicar
  7.10am Morning Prayer                                                                        The Rev’d Gareth Wardell      gareth.wardell@stmaryabbotschurch.org 020 7937 2364
  7.30am HOLY EUCHARIST                                                                    Honorary Assistant Priest
  5.30pm Evening Prayer                                                                        The Rev’d Mark Letters          mark.letters@stmaryabbotschurch.org 07896 646 878
                                                                                           Honorary Priest
Saturday 15th                    St Cyprian                                                    The Rev’d Peter Stubbs                  peter.stubbsuk@btinternet.com 020 8868 8296
 9.40am     Morning Prayer
10.00am     HOLY EUCHARIST                                                                 Parochial Church Wardens
 5.30pm     Evening Prayer                                                                     David Banks                                                              07732 743 228
                                                                                               Adrian Weale                                    adrianweale@mac.com 020 7937 0765
Sunday 16th                      THE FIFEENTH SUNDAY                                       Deputy Churchwardens for ST Mary Abbots Church:
                                                                                               Carole-Anne Phillips                                                     020 7937 3448
                                 AFTER TRINITY                                                 Thomas Williams                         tw@thomaswilliamsfineart.com 07768 166 422
 8.00am HOLY EUCHARIST                                                                     Parish Office:
            Epistle              Galatians 6. 11-18         Gospel:     Matthew 6. 24-34       Susan Russell                   susan.russell@stmaryabbotshurch.org 020 7937 2419
                                                                                           ST Mary Abbots Vestry:
 9.30am     FAMILY EUCHARIST                                                                   Virger: George MacAllan george.macallan@stmaryabbotschurch.org 020 7937 5136
            with Creche                                                                    Children’s Advocate:
            Reading:             Isaiah 50. 4-9a                                               Alex Dijkhuis            childrensadvocate@stmaryabbotschurch.org 07500 607 433
            Gospel:              Mark 8. 27-38                                             ST Mary Abbots Centre:
            Presentation         by Younger Members of our Fellowship                          Adam Norton                    adam.norton@stmaryabbotschurch.org 020 7937 8885
 11.15am    CHORAL MATINS leading into                                                     Stewardship Secretary:
                                                                                               James Egert                     stewardship@stmaryabbotschurch.org 07920 591 553
            CHORAL EUCHARIST                                                                 Electoral Roll Officer: Sally Bessada         er@stmaryabbotschurch.org 07733 316 063
            Old Testament: Exodus 18. 13-26                                                      Director of Music: Mark Uglow music@stmaryabbotschurch.org
            New Testament: Matthew 7. 1-12
                                                                                                        Bellringers: Rachel Titmuss Secretary           -rt-@live.co.uk
            Preacher:      The Revd Gillean Craig
                                                                                           Editor of Kensington Parish News kpneditor@stmaryabbotschurch.org
NB NO 12.30pm HOLY EUCHARIST                                                               Friday Playgroup:                      playgroup@stmaryabbotschurch.org 07954 559 905
 6.30pm SUNG EVENSONG with HOLY EUCHARIST                                                  Friends of ST Mary Abbots: David Banks Chairman
           Old Testament:        Isaiah 44. 24 – 45. 8                                                                                  friends@stmaryabbotschurch.org 077 3274 3228
           New Testament:        Mark 8. 27-38                                                                  Church website: www.stmaryabbotschurch.org
           Preacher:             The Revd Mark Letters                                                               Centre Website: www.smacentre.com
                                                                                                                One focus of our worship throughout today is
SUNDAY CHILDRENS PROVISION                                                                                      the lovely statue – normally, much to our regret,
Today, September 9th, CHILDREN ON SUNDAYS returns in all its                                                    stored away for safekeeping - of our Patron Saint,
splendour – except that there’s a significant change as far as the youngest                                     THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY
children are concerned. We’re delighted that our school will shortly start                                       She presides over us because, of course, yesterday
building work on the next phase of carrying out the comprehensive                                                was the feast of her Nativity, when we celebrated
masterplan of renewal and updating – and this means that the Reception                                           our Patronal Festival. We are still within the Octave
Class has to move out and take over the Old Dining Room until February.                                          (ie, the eight day period) of the Feast – so she
This means that we haven’t the use of this space for refreshments between              continues to remind us how, like her, we need to say ‘Yes!’ to God, and bear
the 9.30 and 11.15 service – nor, I’m sorry to say, access to the infants              Christ into the world. We thank Ray at the flower stall for the magnificent
playground. And of course it means that we have to reduce our five                     bower of flowers that surrounds her: Mark and the choir for the splendid
Children’s Groups to four for this period. We’ve done it before, when the new          music: Alison and her team of caterers; everyone who ensured that we
kitchen and dining room were created in the dining room, and came through              celebrated the feast with due solemnity and joy. Our particular thanks to our
then with flying colours, so we’re not daunted by the prospect.                        distinguished visiting preacher, David Ison, the Dean of St Paul’s. It’s a
What we’re planning this time is an amalgamation of the two youngest                   delight to us all to know that the mother church of our Diocese, with its major
groups, so the                                                                         national and international role, is in such impressive and friendly hands.
                      Preschool CATERPILLARS and CHYSALIS
                                    will meet together – and in a new venue:           NEXT SUNDAY 16th September our special once-a-month provision:
                   the splendid new Dining Room in the School Basement                                    9.30 Family Eucharist
   Reception & School Year 1 BUTTERFLIES                                                                  An all-age modern language service designed for the
                                    meet in the School Assembly Hall                                      whole family to worship together. Younger members of
                                                                                                          our fellowship will play many roles: sidesmen, taking the
There’s no change to the older groups:                                                                    collection, acting as servers and readers. We sing
         School Years 2,3 & 4 JUNIORS                                                                     hymns and worship songs from a wide range of sources.
                                     (Church Vicar’s Parlour above Vestry)
                                                                                                          We’ll be inviting children to take part – but they can
            School Year 5,6 ++       SENIORS                                                              always volunteer in advance!
                                     (School Library)
Existing Children on Sundays families have received an email explaining the
                                                                                          11.15 Choral Matins & Eucharist
                                                                                               Our augmented professional choir sings a full
arrangements in greater detail – if you are new to us, please ask for a registration
                                                                                             setting of the Eucharist – this month our music
form for each of your children so that we don’t miss you out.
                                                                                        offers a glorious Mass setting from classical Vienna
The range and complexity of our Sunday Children’s ministry is rightly an object of                Schubert’s Mass in Bb and the anthem is
amazement and admiration from clergy and people of other churches, and we                                    Guerrero’s O Crux Benedicta.
must never forget or take for granted the extraordinary amount of time, effort and
commitment put in by so many volunteers to make it possible: the Convenors
Helpers and Leaders of each group, and above for the Children on Sunday                NEW WORSHIPPERS IN CHURCH
Supremo. This daunting task has been carried out meticulously last year by             As we return to some semblance of normality after the summer break let’s
VALERIE EICKELBERG, and we offer our grateful thanks for all that she has              remember that this is the time of the year when the greatest number of
done. We’re delighted that ALEXANDRA SWAN has generously agreed to take                people wonder whether, after all, there may be something in all this God stuff
on this most onerous task. We all offer her our support.
                                                                                       and come to church either for the first time or after a long break. For those
                                                                                       who aren’t hardened worshippers services can seem a strange and daunting
CHILDREN ON SUNDAY PARENTS                                                             experience. Of course, it’s precisely at this time that we old hands look
Throughout September we are planning a series of evening meetings for all
                                                                                       forward to meeting all our dear friends again and swapping holiday snaps etc
those who bring children to church. They will be a mixture of the practical –
                                                                                       (the clergy are always moved by how many people make their closest friends
explaining what provision we offer, discussing with the leaders and helpers
                                                                                       in church). But please look out for new faces, young and old. We don’t
how they plan and deliver the sessions, responding to queries and
                                                                                       need to be excessively, gushingly, overwhelming. For many people nothing
suggestions – and the social, giving parents a chance to meet and share a
                                                                                       could be more off-putting, and we must respect those who come to church
buffet supper without, for once, the children. The dates are:
                                                                                       precisely to be alone with God. But a welcoming smile, help with finding
      Tuesday 18 September – SENIORS                                                   their place in the service booklet and hymn book (I’m talking to that minority
      Wednesday 26 September – BUTTERFLIES AND JUNIORS                                 of our regular congregation who have worked out how to do this), and at the
      Tuesday 2 October – CATTERPILLERS AND JUNIORS                                    9.30 explaining to those who bring children just where they will find the
All CoS parents should receive an invitation via email with full details - if you      children’s groups, etc, can make all the difference to people, helping them to
don’t, please contact children@stmaryabbotschurch.org                                  realise that the love of God, rather than his stern distant frown of disapproval,
                                                                                       is really present and active with us. And this ministry, which we all share,
                                                                                       continues after the service, especially over the refreshments.
   BACK TO (St MARY ABBOTS) SKOOL                                                      Please do seek out our visitors and newcomers and make them welcome.
  Refreshments 8.50-9.30am Monday 10 & Tuesday 11 September
     The new Reception Class, the youngest children, start school this week            St Mary Abbots Book Club
    on Monday and Tuesday, so we’ll be offering their parents friendship and           The Autumn season for the Book Club begins on Thursday 27th September
   understanding as they leave their children at the school gate for the first time    at 2.30 p.m. when we will discuss the book "Partitions" by Amit Majmudar.
             (the children themselves are usually perfectly happy).                    There are vacancies in the Book Club. Mrs Ailsie Corble, the Book Club
        We need volunteers to help with this much-valued provision:                    secretary, can provide information. Please phone her on 0207 937 0155.
                        please contact churchwardens.
                                                                                       Michaelmas QUIET DAY 9.30–3.00 Wednesday 26 September
NORMAL SERVICE(S) RESUMED!                                                                               If you’ve never been to a Quiet Day before, here’s your
                                                                                                         chance. It’s a day retreat, with devotional addresses, silence
After the hiatus of the holidays we resume – largely - our normal pattern of daily
                                                                                                         for you own private meditation, an informal Eucharist and
worship. We offer a full but varied pattern, aiming to meet everyone’s timetable
on one day or another. What better time could there be to start/ resume a                                simple Lunch. Conductor: the Vicar; at St Mary’s Convent,
commitment to sharing in one or more of our weekday services?                                            Chiswick. Further details coming soon - to book
                                                                                                         gillean.craig@stmaryabbotschurch.org To help cover
     Monday       8.30am      Morning Prayer                                                             expenses, we welcome a voluntary donation of £10 or so.
                  1.05pm      ‘Sunday On Monday’ Eucharist
     This service attracts a regular congregation from those who work on and
      around the High Street and regular members of our own congregation.
                                                                                       StMA FAMOUS STEWARDSHIP QUIZ SUPPER
                                                                                       Is planned for the evening of Thursday 18th October. Book the date now!
        There’s an address, a chance for discussion – and a shared lunch!
                                                                                       Start mugging up your encyclopedias!
  Tuesday this week  only:
           8.15am     Morning Prayer                                                   THE FRIENDS OF ST MARY ABBOTS CHURCH
          11.30am     Book of Common Prayer Eucharist                                                   are delighted to announce
Wednesday 7.10am      Morning Prayer
           7.30am     Holy Eucharist                                                                    An Evening at Kensington Palace
 Thursday 7.10am      Morning Prayer                                                                  A private tour of the newly transformed Kensington Palace
           9.30am     Holy Eucharist – NB IN TERM TIME:                                               followed by a drinks reception. The Palace has recently
                      USUALLY SUNG SCHOOL EUCHARIST                                                   undergone a dazzling £12 million pound refurbishment,
    Friday 7.10am Morning Prayer                                                       which promises to tell the palace's 350 year old history 'in new ways'.
             7.30am Holy Eucharist                                                     It’s Wednesday 10th of October between 5.30pm and 7.30pm.
  Saturday 9.40am Morning Prayer                                                       Drinks and nibbles will also be provided. Cost: £10/non members of
           10.00am Holy Eucharist                                                      Friends £15.00. Places strictly limited to 50, so put your name on the list with
Monday to Saturday daily Evening Prayer said at 5.30pm                                 Eloise Twisk during coffee today, or email eloise.twisk@googlemail.com

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