�Bring One For the Chipper� by QoA2W6h7


									                  “Bring One for the Chipper 2010”
                             Sample letter to the schools


Dear Principal or Teacher:

   From (Dates of Your Collection), (Your Organization’s Name) is sponsoring “Bring One
for the Chipper 2010” as part of a statewide effort to recycle Christmas trees. This annual event
continues the tradition of actively participating in environmental education and stewardship by
providing drop-off points in the community. The Christmas trees are recycled by chipping them
into mulch for use in landscaping, or by using them as fish or animal habitats.

    We need your help in getting this information to all students in your school. Please help by
giving the enclosed flyer to each of your teachers and ask them to encourage their students to
participate in this project. Also please use the accompanying PSA on your school radio or
television station. We want to give children the opportunity to become actively involved in
environmental solutions.

   Since 1991, over 5 million Georgia Christmas trees have been diverted from landfills. Thank
you very much for your awareness and cooperation in getting Christmas trees to a “mulch” better


                                             Your Name
                                             Your Organization’s Name

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