00am Living and deceased members of Seaman by QoA2W6h7


                                                                  **BIRTHDAY GREETINGS**
                                                               August 19
                                                               James Barrenger, Nunziata Battistoni, Maria Beltrani, Kathryn
                                                               Chase, Patricia Doxsey, Bailey Fagen, Amber-Rae Martin,
                                                               Paul McLaughlin, Colin Murray Nicholas Occhicone, Robin
                                                               Pierantozzi, Pat Raynaud, Brian Smith
ANNOUNCED MASSES                                               August 20
Saturday, August 18                                            Jennifer Wimmers ,Jonathan Barrenger, Corinne Deluca, Paul
9:00am Thomas McDonnell – Dolores McDonnell                    DeSantis, Alexa DiBlasi, Christopher Fenton, Timothy Fortier,
5:30pm Janis Brost – Lawris Barrett                            Elizabeth Lehmann, Dorothy Magro, Erin Messick, Tiffany
                                                               Mongelli, Ann Paleveda, Kenya Persaud, Kim Redl, Kathy
Sunday, August 19                                              Thurston, Nicholas Williams,
7:30am Marcel Desrochers – Wife and Children
9:00am People of St Stanislaus Kostka                          August 21
11:00am Nathan Wolff – Farlow Family                           Brandon Stanton Amanda DosSantos, Cynthia Hankamp,
                                                               Kevin Jelinek, Taylor Kowgios, Esther Lacken, Samantha
Monday, August 20                                              Marshall, Timothy Pahlck,
9:00am No intention requested
                                                               August 22
Tuesday, August 21                                             Michelle Canfield, Lorraine Grant, Jade Keil, Elizabeth
9:00am Living and deceased members of Seaman/Dydo              Krochmal, Rebecca Malone, Edward Ofca, Jon Plew, Beverly
         Families                                              Richard, Michelle Canfield, Kimberly Vanvoorhis
Wednesday, August 22                                           August 23
9:00am Wonda Paparo – Anne Morreale                            Louis Caviglia, Michele Jankovics, David Knapp, Michael
                                                               LeFevre, Elvira Marone, Megan Matsen, Melody Nador, Peter
Thursday, August 23                                            Quinn, Nicole Romano, Roy Vanvoorhis
9:00am Esther Catanzaro – Maryann and Celeste
                                                               August 24
Friday, August 24                                              Angel Ayala, Nathaniel Biasotti, Angelo Carbone, Linda
9:00am No intention requested                                  Danieli, Jerrold Godofsky, Dominick Hiesel, James Hughes,
                                                               John Kreinbihl, Cameron Masker, Kathryn Morris, Margaret
Saturday, August 25                                            Nealy, Daniel Odescalchi, Patricia Secor, Emma Trocino,
9:00am Mary Rossi Scott – McCarron Family
                                                               William Wasilewski
5:30pm Kenneth and Ida Spinski – Dianne Serkowski
                                                               August 25
  ST. STANISLAUS IS A TITHING PARISH                           Chance Beeck, Tammi Benes, Eugene DeAngelis, Marie
                   God’s Plan for Giving                       DeSiena, Dominick DiBello, Marion Eagen, Gabrielle
In return for the Lord’s generosity, our people returned to    Esposito, Stephanie Ferrara, Melissa Ferrara, Jeannine Guerra,
His Church the following                                       Kathy Hankamp, Carolyn Lavallee, Carrie Nealy, Patrick
August 12, 2012 + Parish Pay                     $5018.00      Rowland, Jessica Ruffolo, Matthew Slifstein, Liam Thompsett,
                                                               Courtney Wimmers, Michael Yambrick
Latin American Missions                          $1066.00
 Thank you for your continuing generosity that enables us to
                                                                  ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT
            continue to serve the people of God
                                                               First Friday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will resume
                                                                                        September 7
               MARIAN DEVOTIONS                                         Private Adoration begins after the 9am Mass
8:30 every Saturday Morning:                                   Holy Hour begins at 7pm and ends by 8pm with Benediction
   Recitation of the Rosary and other Marian Prayers
Every Monday after the 9am Mass:
   Perpetual Novena in honor of Our Lady of the
Miraculous Medal                                                                                                432- page 1
           20th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                *********************************************
                                                                                     RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
                                                                    Letters have been sent home to all of our Religious Education
                                                                    Families and to all of our Catechists with details of the
                                                                    program, schedules and important information. If you have
                                                                    not yet received a letter from us, please call the office.
                                                                    Please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 23 rd,
                                                                    when all of the parent meetings will be held. Please note
                                                                    the time below that pertains to your family.

                                                                                7th & 8th Grade Parents: 12:15pm
                                                                           Confirmation Parents & Candidates: 1:30pm
                                                                                  K-6th Grade Parents: 2:30pm

            PRAYER AFTER COMMUNION                                  There is still time to register your child for Religious
                       Anima Christi                                Education for the 2012-2013 year. However we do ask that
                                                                    you contact the office at 635-1700 as soon as possible so that
                                                                    we can arrange for enough teachers, books and resources.
              Soul of Christ sanctify me.                           Classes meet on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 4:45-
               Body of Christ, save me                              6:15pm. Some of the grade levels are already filled to
             Blood of Christ inebriate me                           capacity on certain days so do not put off registering your
        Water from the side of Christ wash me.                      child.
           Passion of Christ strengthen me.                         Also, please plan on joining us on Sunday, September 16 th at
                O good Jesus hear me.                               the 11am Mass when we will commission our Religious Ed
         Within thy sacred wounds hide me.                          teachers. After Mass you can stop in the Religious Ed
         From the wicked enemy defend me.                           building. It is a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher
         In the hour of my death call me and                        and to see their classroom.
                Bid me to come to thee                              Special Note to Confirmation Families: Permission slips and
        That with thy saints I may praise thee                      information have been mailed home for the Confirmation
                   forever and ever.                                Class Trip on Saturday, September 29th. Please return that to
                        Amen                                        the office as soon as possible. In addition please note that the
                                                                    Sponsor form and Confirmation Application are due at the
                                                                    parent meeting on September 23rd.

                  "In the warmth of the shawl
      may you feel God's comfort and the spirit of healing,
in a time of need through the power of prayer." -Jane Roberts

                                                                               NURSERY SCHOOL REGISTRATION
 The prayer shawl ministry will meet Monday, August 20th, after
the 9AM Mass in the Church Hall. New members are always             It’s not too late to register your child for the 2012-2013 Nursery
welcome to join us in prayer as we knit or crochet. We have an       School year. Our program is a wonderful combination of faith,
abundance of yarn and needles and would be happy to get you               fun and fundamentals for our children. Our caring and
started.                                                                   competent staff provides a professional yet nurturing
                                                                     environment. If you have a child ready for the Nursery School
****If you know of anyone who would benefit from receiving a          experience or know someone who might be interested please
prayer shawl or lap blanket, please contact the parish office. We                  contact Jayne Rossi at 845-635-9312.
  would be honored to "wrap" them in prayer and God's love                               3, 4 and 5 year old program
                   through our ministry. ****

                                                                                                                           432- page 2
                      AND TEEN CLUB                                                           FOOD STAPLES
Starting in the Fall we will be starting up our Youth Ministry        As always, the Food Pantry is in need of non perishable
program. This year, all three of the groups will meet on              staples: Pasta, sauce, peanut butter and jelly, rice, beans,
Sunday afternoons from 12:15-1:45pm. More information will            healthy juices, canned vegetables and fruit, canned stew,
follow. If you are interested in helping with any of the              ravioli etc., healthy cereals, applesauce, nonfat dry milk
programs please call Andrea Tighe in the Parish Office.               (individual packets) , pancake mix, syrup, sugar, flour, coffee,
                                                                      tea, cooking oils, tuna etc. Drop them off in the basket in the
                                                                      hall vestibule.
               8 WEEK BOOK DISCUSSION                                 Thank you to the many volunteers who take turns working
                  “My Life with the Saints”                           at the Methodist Church on Wednesday evenings, cook
                     By James Martin, SJ                              and serve at the Homeless Shelter in Poughkeepsie and
The Adult Faith Formation team is looking ahead to plan the           prepare sandwiches, pasta salad and cookies for over 100
opportunities for spiritual growth in the upcoming Year of            people at Dutchess Outreach Lunchbox once a month
Faith. One thought, in lieu of our traditional DVD series, is to
offer a book discussion. One night a week a group will meet to                          SECRET GARDENERS
have small group discussions on chapters of the above book.                               The harvest is here!
Some more tech savvy members are even looking to put in                 Meet Jeannette Bagnasco at the Food Pantry on Wednesday
place a blog /online discussion . We will settle in late                 evenings at 6:30 to drop off your fresh crops of tomatoes,
September, early October on Thursday evenings, so keep                       zucchini, cucumbers, beans, lettuce, peppers, etc.
looking for details.                                                                   Call 635 1700 for information

Other ideas have come to the table and we hope for a year of
increased closeness to our Lord – especially as we all gather
for weekly Mass..

                     BAPTISM SCHEDULE                                                  CPR /AED CERTIFICATION
Starting in October, Baptisms will be scheduled on the first              As in the past, every 2 years, as the staff is recertified in
Sunday of each month, after meeting with the parents first.               CPR, we ask for parishioners who have CPR and AED
Baptism, which should be connected with the Sunday Mass, will              certification to volunteer to be available to help out if
take place a few minutes after the 11:00AM Mass, and parents                               needed in an emergency.
and families will be expected to be at that Mass. There are still a          Call Nancy at the Parish Office at 635-1700 x 12
few things that will need to be considered, but we think that this
will make our Baptisms a truly parish celebration. If there are              PARISH DATA BASE UPKEEP
questions, please don’t hesitate to give Fr Jay a call.
                                                                                Planning to register but never get around to it?
                                                                        It is very important that we know our parishioners and that
                                                                       everyone is part of our parish life. Take a moment to fill out
                                                                              the form below and place in the collection basket.

                                                                      Also, we really depend upon parents to inform us of their adult
                                                                        children who have moved away or have married and have
                                                                                          families of their own.

                              RCIA                                    ___ New in the Parish, would like to register
             (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)                 ___ Change of address
If you are an adult who is interested in completing sacraments        Name:      _____________________________
by receiving Confirmation or converting to the Catholic faith,
                                                                      Telephone _____________________________
please call to make an appointment with Father Jay. Even if
you have approached us recently and “signed up”,                      Address:   _____________________________
everyone should have a meeting with our Pastor. Call 635-             ________________________________________
1700 to arrange this meeting.                                         Comments_________________________________
                                                                                                                              432- page 3

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