3 degrees warmer by Hdj4S2


									                        3 Degrees Warmer: Heat Wave
                                   Part 3

 Vocabulary Word         Korean Word        Part of Speech               Definition
Snow caps                                   Noun             The very tops of mountains that
                                                             have snow; called this because it
                                                             looks likes caps on top of the
El Nino                                     Noun             A powerful phenomenon that
                                                             starts by Peru once a year and
                                                             affects global climate
Status Quo                                  Noun             The way things normally are
Wither                                      Verb             To dry out to almost nothing
Searing                                     Adjective        Extremely hot that it almost
                                                             cooks you
Heat wave                                   Noun             A weather period when there is
                                                             nothing but severe heat
Catastrophe                                 Noun             A natural event like an
                                                             earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic
norm                                        noun             How things usually are based on
                                                             societal rules

Directions: Use the vocabulary words above in the sentences below. Each word can only be
used once.

   1. In the summer, we can see grapes _______________ away to raisins in the heat.
   2. The _______________ in society is to help someone if they are in an accident.
   3. The ___________________ on top of the mountains are melting at an alarming rate.
   4. We must follow the ________________, in other words, we need to do our work the
       way it normally is done.
   5. The avalanche was such a ____________________. It killed 10,000 people and
       buried the city under 10 feet of snow.
   6. _________________ starts around December and affects the entire world’s climate.
   7. This ___________________ heat is causing me to get dizzy. I need water and fast!
   8. The _____________________ is so bad this year that many people died because they
       didn’t drink enough water.
Directions: Watch the video and answer the questions below.

   1. What happens to the Arctic if the world were to heat by 3 degrees Celsius?

   2. What happened in France in the summer of 2003?

   3. In France, how many people died the night of August 10th, 2003?

   4. Approximately how many people died across Europe during the summer of 2003?

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