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									Community Support Fund
Expenditure by program from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011

Program Name                  Program Description and Links                                           Portfolio            $

Taking Action on              Taking Action on Problem Gambling - Victoria’s five year plan to        Gaming             33,950,000
Problem Gambling              minimise gambling related harm concluded on 30 June 2011.
                              Taking Action addressed problem gambling by combining
                              consumer protection measures with a public health approach to
                              the prevention, early intervention and treatment of gambling

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Advance                       This initiative aims to provide all Victorian Government secondary      Youth Affairs       1,400,000
                              schools with a range of opportunities that promote youth
                              leadership, community participation and volunteering.
                              Participating schools link with community organisations to enable
                              students to engage in community service activities. Young
                              people participating in the program are supported to plan and
                              lead projects in their communities.

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Aquatic Access / Better       This initiative forms part of the ‘Go For Your Life’ strategy. It       Sport and           6,275,000
Pools                         contributes to community aquatic recreation projects that               Recreation
                              increase participation and/or improve access to aquatic based
(Predecessor: Better Pools)   sport and recreation activities, particularly in disadvantaged
                              areas. Projects supported include new major aquatic centres and
                              the redevelopment of existing swimming pools.

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                              Better Pools: This initiative enhances access to quality aquatic        Sport and           1,500,000
                              and recreational facilities for Victorians, to maximise participation   Recreation
                              levels across all ages. In particular it assists in the development
                              of sport and recreation facilities.

Art in the Suburbs            This initiative supports new capital works by local councils and        Arts                 852,115
                              arts organisations to enhance and upgrade existing venues and
                              facilities. The program aims to increase community access to
                              arts and cultural programs and will work collaboratively with local
                              government to identify suburban areas that most require cultural

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Arts Innovation               This initiative, through the application of professional arts           Arts                     7,207
                              practice, provides opportunities for artists to work with partners in
                              other fields to share their respective knowledge and expertise.

Better Facilities –           This initiative provides communities with revitalised facilities,       Veterans Affairs     426,688
Stronger Communities          extending the functional life of buildings and ensuring continued
                              access and use by the broader community. Around 35 RSL Sub-
                              Branches and CFA stations will benefit from upgrade and
                              redevelopment works in areas of disadvantage, growth or decline
                              across Victoria over the life of the program.

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Community Building            This place-based initiative supports communities in rural and           Regional and         700,000
Initiative                    regional Victoria to plan for and address local needs and build         Rural
                              local leadership. It operates at the community and individual level     Development
                              to: build skills and knowledge; involve diverse groups and
                              individuals; build relationships within and across communities
                              and organisations; and to plan for the future. It builds on local
Program Name              Program Description and Links                                            Portfolio        $
                          strengths and assets, grows local economies and enhances
                          employment opportunities, as well as identifying opportunities for
                          new and improved community infrastructure.

Boosting Victoria's       The 2010-11 Boosting Victoria’s Multicultural Advantage (BVMA)           Multicultural   1,000,000
Multicultural Advantage   program delivered a range of activities and built relationships          Affairs
(Community Harmony)       across Victoria’s faith communities to foster understanding,
                          appreciation and respect for faith and cultural diversity in Victoria.
                          BVMA brought together diverse groups to promote multicultural
                          harmony; celebrate shared values; and build understanding and
                          respect for differences.

                          Program initiatives included:
                           School-based programs to engender among students greater
                            understanding and acceptance of faith and cultural diversity.
                           Youth leadership development training targeting young people
                            in regional Victoria to develop their leadership, communication
                            and decision-making skills;
                           Support to interfaith networks around Victoria to ensure on-
                            going dialogue, relationship development, and collaboration
                            among diverse faith groups
                           Media and communications training for current and up-and-
                            coming leaders from new and emerging communities.
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Community                 This initiative provides funding for a limited number of donations       Premier         1,000,000
Advancement Fund          that relate to the support and advancement of the community.

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Community Enterprise      This program supports the development of social enterprises;             Regional and     450,000
                          businesses that deliver social, economic and environmental               Rural
                          outcomes through trading activity. Outcomes can include:                 Development

                                  creating local jobs and training for underprivileged
                                   young people excluded from mainstream work

                                  providing services for people with a disability

                                  maintaining a community asset (like a park or a
                                   community hall)

                          The initiative builds on activity commenced through the
                          Community Enterprise Strategy in the period 2004-2007 that
                          delivered 76 enterprise initiatives across Victoria. It aims to grow
                          the number of new enterprises and assist the business
                          development of some existing enterprises. Since 2008, 58
                          enterprises have received funding to either start up or expand
                          business operations.

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Community Facilities –    This initiative supports Councils in high growth areas of                Regional and    3,824,000
Supporting Growing        metropolitan Melbourne that are undergoing significant                   Rural
Communities               population growth and demand for services and Councils that              Development
                          were affected by the 2009 bushfire disaster. The program funding
                          supports the delivery of high quality integrated community
                          infrastructure, such as community activity, leisure, sporting and
                          learning facilities, in collaboration with Local Governments that
                          meet the demands of the local community.

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Program Name                     Program Description and Links                                          Portfolio     $

Community History                This initiative supports the Local History Grants Program to           Arts          420,080
Grants                           encourage and foster community groups which preserve, record
                                 and share the local and community history of Victoria. It also
                                 supports the Victorian Community History Awards to recognise
                                 and develop awareness of best-practice community history
                                 across Victoria.

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Community Renewal                This place-based initiative enables residents, businesses,             Community    1,790,016
                                 government and local organisations to come together to                 Services
(Predecessor: Placed Based       transform their community into a place of opportunity and activity.
Investment -Community            Community Renewal supports communities in urban
Renewal and Growth Areas)
                                 neighbourhoods that are experiencing rapid change. It asks
                                 residents to make choices about how best to achieve new
                                 upgraded facilities and infrastructure, ongoing community
                                 participation in local decision-making, new job and learning
                                 opportunities, and neighbourhood volunteering.

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                                 Placed Based Investment - Community Renewal and Growth                 Community     780,504
                                 Areas: This place-based initiative supports communities in urban       Services
                                 neighbourhoods that are experiencing rapid change. It aims to
                                 mitigate challenges such as declining employment, poor access
                                 to services and run down community facilities.

                                 Expansion of Community Renewal: This place-based initiative            Community     682,804
                                 supports communities in urban neighbourhoods that are                  Services
                                 experiencing rapid change, Specifically this fund supports cost
                                 associated with Chelsea and Rosebud West .

Neighbourhood Renewal            Neighbourhood Renewal is a whole-of-government placed-based            Housing      4,720,000
                                 initiative that is narrowing the gap between disadvantaged
                                 neighbourhoods and the rest of the State.

                                 Neighbourhood Renewal brings together the resources and ideas
                                 of residents, governments, local businesses and community
                                 groups to tackle disadvantage and build more inclusive

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Community Safety                 This initiative provides funding to approved local volunteer           Emergency    2,750,000
Emergency Support                emergency services groups for the acquisition of ancillary safety      Services
Program                          and rescue equipment. The program contributes to the protection
                                 of lives and property throughout Victoria.

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Community Sports                 This initiative forms part of the ‘Go For Your Life’ strategy. It      Sport and    9,325,000
Grants                           contributes to community sport and recreation projects that            Recreation
                                 increase participation and/or improve access to sport and
(Predecessor: Suburban Sports    recreation activities, particularly in disadvantaged areas. Projects
Facilities and Regional Sports   supported include sporting facility developments and
                                 improvements (including basketball and netball stadiums,
                                 bowling greens and tennis courts) and recreation planning

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                                 Suburban Sports Facilities: This initiative provides assistance to     Sport and     700,000
                                 councils for sports facilities in under-resourced suburbs. In          Recreation
                                 particular it assists the development of sport and recreation
                                 facilities at the community level to maximise participation in
Program Name                Program Description and Links                                           Portfolio        $
                            regular physical activity.

Community                   This initiative provides infrastructure grants to construct Men’s       Community        502,103
Strengthening through       Shed facilities that are aimed at improving men’s health and well       Services
Men’s Sheds                 being, as well as increasing their access to lifelong learning
                            opportunities. Projects funded through this initiative are expected
                            to be sustainable and supported by community partnerships at
                            the local level.

Creative Communities        Spanning community and professional arts across the state,              Arts            1,803,867
                            Creative Communities will enable an increase in audience,
                            employment, production of new work for small to medium arts
                            organisations and participation in the arts for diverse

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Creative Community          Creative Community Partnerships support arts companies,                 Arts                 73,762
Partnerships                particularly those from the small to medium sector, to undertake
                            residencies in community settings, outside of metropolitan
                            Melbourne, in ways that involve creative interaction with

Ethnic Precincts            Ethnic Precincts Enhancement, also known as the Cultural                Multicultural   1,800,000
Enhancement                 Precincts Enhancement Fund (CPEF), is an $8m investment by              Affairs
                            the Victorian Government to enhance the Little Bourke Street
                            Chinese precinct, the Lygon Street Italian precinct and the
                            Lonsdale Street Greek precinct. The program is administered in
                            partnership with the City of Melbourne and the Chinese, Italian
                            and Greek communities.

                            Funding has been allocated towards the restoration of key
                            laneways, street beautification (including art work, outdoor
                            community space, landscaping and lighting) and towards the
                            enhancement of community spaces and resources for the
                            communities to showcase their culture and heritage. This
                            investment ensures that the precincts remain sustainable and
                            vibrant for investment, cultural and tourism activities for years to

Imagination Unlimited       This initiative will take the arts to diverse communities across        Arts            1,753,413
                            Victoria. It will be delivered through a network of schools, other
                            education settings, arts venues, arts companies and individual
                            artists and will expand opportunities for all Victorians to
                            participate in arts and cultural activity.

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Improving Access to         This initiative supports the redevelopment of a range of former         Sport and        950,000
Community Sport and         AFL event venues. It aims to create facilities which enable             Recreation
Recreation Infrastructure   community use for a greater range of purposes, improve access
                            to community facilities and services, and improve the
                            sustainability and facilities of Victorian AFL Clubs.

Living Libraries            This initiative aims to improve public library facilities throughout    Local           2,750,000
                            Victoria where existing facilities are inadequate and service gaps      Government
                            exist. It also aims to: extend and improve the library services
                            available to the Victorian community; increase the facilities
                            available for the delivery of library services; support innovation,
                            flexibility and creativity in the development of community library
                            facilities; and provide modern, long-life building infrastructure for
                            library services delivery.
Program Name             Program Description and Links                                           Portfolio        $

Modernising              This initiative aims to improve access to the community                 Community       1,000,000
Neighbourhood Houses     strengthening outcomes and activities offered through                   Services
                         Neighbourhood House programs. It provides funding for the
                         redevelopment or co-location of existing Neighbourhood Houses
                         and for information and communications technology
                         infrastructure for Neighbourhood Houses in areas of high need.

Northern Community       This initiative is a new community facility being built at The          Multicultural    350,000
Hub                      Boulevard, Norlane, which was once the site of the Migrant              Affairs
                         Hostels of Geelong and has historic significance to Diversitat and
                         its 39 affiliated ethnic communities. The Hub will be used as a
                         multi-purpose community and educational centre that will provide
                         a comprehensive range of services and programs for culturally
                         and linguistically diverse (CALD) and disadvantaged
                         communities in the Geelong region.

Refugee Action Program   The Refugee Action Program (RAP) works to build the capacity            Multicultural   1,025,000
                         of newly arrived communities in Victoria to facilitate access to        Affairs
                         existing services, identify local settlement issues and concerns,
                         plan tailored, community-owned responses and improve
                         settlement outcomes. The RAP enables communities to access
                         educational, training and employment opportunities, language
                         and recreational programs, as well as health, housing and other
                         essential services.

                         In 2010-11, the Program operated across metropolitan
                         Melbourne and in Mildura, Swan Hill, Latrobe, Greater
                         Shepparton and Moira City Councils in areas where communities
                         from refugee and humanitarian backgrounds have settled.

                         Link to grant approvals

Services to the Stolen   This initiative will continue to support the provision of services to   Aboriginal      1,611,000
Generations              members of the Stolen Generations, including for: Connecting            Affairs
                         Home Limited (CHL), an organisation dedicated to the specific
                         needs of members of the Stolen Generations and continuation of
                         the Koorie Family History Service delivered by the Koorie
                         Heritage Trust.

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Social Traders           Social Traders is an organisation established by government and         Regional and     585,715
                         philanthropy to support the development of social enterprises. It       Rural
                         aims to create an environment for social enterprises to grow and        Development
                         be sustainable by:

                         • developing the skills base of grass roots social enterprises and
                         the people working in these enterprises

                         • responding to the emerging needs of communities wanting to
                         develop social enterprises

                         • generating investment and providing appropriate financial
                         products and services to encourage growth of social enterprises

                         • designing and delivering tailored tools and services, and

                         • engaging the corporate and philanthropic sectors to contribute
                         skills, expertise and resources to emerging social enterprises.

Strengthening Sporting   This initiative funds projects to increase public participation in      Sport and            49,998
Organisations            active sport and recreation by strengthening the capacity of            Recreation
Program Name               Program Description and Links                                            Portfolio          $
                           sporting organisations to deliver community programs.

Support for Volunteering   This initiative provide support for volunteering across the state by     Regional and      6,220,000
                           supporting individuals to become actively involved in their              Rural
                           community, and supporting community organisations and local              Development
                           government to create more opportunities for people to participate
                           as volunteers. It also helps to connect individuals with community
                           services, activities and places of education through collaborative
                           and cooperative uses of community transport infrastructure.

                           Link to grant approvals

Valuing Volunteers         This initiative supports the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard            Emergency          750,000
Program                    Victoria, the Country Fire Authority, Life Saving Victoria, and the      Services
                           Victoria State Emergency Service to value, attract, develop and
                           retain a workforce of confident, self- reliant emergency services

                           Link to grant approvals

Victorian Community        Victorian Community Support Grants aim to build stronger, more           Regional and     17,925,402
Support Grants             active and inclusive neighbourhoods and communities. These               Rural
                           grants support communities to build on their assets which range          Development
                           from local skills, knowledge and social connections through to
                           facilities, buildings and other infrastructure.

                           Link to grant approvals

Volunteering and           This strategy (2003/4 -2006/7) provided support for local                Regional and       124,550
Community Enterprise       volunteer networks; volunteer small grants; support for leadership       Rural
Strategy                   and change in volunteering; community enterprise development;            Development
                           involving business in the community; and volunteering and
                           community enterprise research.

Whitten Oval               This initiative supports the redevelopment of AFL event venues.          Sport and          500,000
                           It aims to create facilities which enable community use for a            Recreation
                           greater range of purposes, improve access to community
                           facilities and services, and improve the sustainability and facilities
                           of Victorian AFL Clubs.

Youth Foundations          This initiative has established 15 local Youth Foundations in            Youth Affairs      683,804
Victoria                   disadvantaged areas across Victoria in partnership with the
                           Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group. Local Young Peoples Action
                           Committees involve young people from different backgrounds
                           who learn about and manage grant making to create
                           opportunities for other young people to engage in and lead
                           community projects. A local lead agency and partnership group
                           provide support to ensure young people develop and coordinate
                           the promotion, support and delivery of the project grants.

Total Program Expenditure                                                                                           113,012,028

ANZAC Day Revenue to                Payment of one day’s revenue from the Community Support Fund to the                266,779
Veterans Fund                       Victorian Veterans Fund.

CSF Administration                  Expenditure incurred in administering and managing the Fund and                   2,505,785
                                    monitoring and reporting on the application of money from the Fund.

Total Operating Expenditure                                                                                         115,784,592

Capital Expenditure for Eastern     This funding is towards the development of Stage One of the Eastern               3,000,000
Recreation Precinct                 Recreation Precinct incorporating the state Basketball Centre and including
                                    an Indoor Sports Stadium and Regional Soccer Facility. The facility will be
                                    owned by the State of Victoria.
Program Name        Program Description and Links   Portfolio      $

Total Expenditure                                               118,784,592

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