Ten TKN Functions That Need Funding by QoA2W6h7


									                                       The TKN Ten
Ten functions that need funding to facilitate development of Transportation Knowledge

TKN Funding Needs by Function - Average Annual $’s over Five Years

  Function                                                                            Investment
  1. National Digital Repository – including documents &                                 $800,000
  2. National Print Repository                                                            $500,000
  3. National Transportation Portal with Federated Search                               $1,000,000
  4. Information Modules*                                                               $3,400,000
  5. Research/Literature Review Services* (could be                                     $1,000,000
  partially self supporting through fees for service for non
  TKN members)
  6. Standards Coordination + Thesaurus                                                   $800,000
  7. Targeted Collection & Digitization Efforts*                                        $4,500,000
  8. Information Provider Outreach, Coordination and                                      $500,000
  9. Library Connectivity Support and Advocacy*                                           $500,000
  10. User Outreach & Education*                                                          $500,000
  TOTAL                                                                                $13,500,000

The estimated average annual funding needs (over a five year period) for different TKN
functions are displayed in the table below. These costs would need to be “front loaded” to
accommodate start up activities and technology investments. Note that these are rough estimates
to relate specific activities to line item budgets. Actual allocation of a given budget across
functions could vary considerably.

This breakdown of needs is consistent with the high end of the recommendations of TRB
Special Report 284. The total investment would be $13.5 million annually. Functions 1, 2, 3 and
6 would be performed by the national coordination function. Functions 4, 5 and 7-10 would be
performed by the TKNs in partnership with the national coordination function. Therefore, the
amounts shown for this latter set of activities (marked with asterisks), include grants for TKN
members. It is envisioned that these grants would be made in response to specific proposals for
development of products or services (e.g. to digitize a collection and make it available to the
entire transportation community) rather than on a formula basis. For estimation purposes, it was
assumed below that roughly 50% of the total would be for TKN member activities, including
outreach and delivery of specific products and services that have a national benefit.

From NCHRP Project 20-75 Transportation Knowledge Networks: A Business Plan.
Spy Pond Partners, University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies, and Sandra
Tucker. January 31, 2007.

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