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             As my career in the UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library comes to a close,
             it seems appropriate to supplement this administrative summary with a brief
             historical review of changes and accomplishments in Biomed since my appointment
             as director in 1984. I do this to give credit to the talent, creativity, and energy of all
             of the “Biomeders” I have worked with the past eighteen years.
             Several important milestones were reached during this review period, including the
             renaming of the Biomedical Library for its founder Louise M. Darling in 1987,
             reaching the 500,000 volume mark in 1991, and Biomed’s fiftieth anniversary in

             The University Library budget allocation to the Biomedical Library was increased to
             fund a .50 FTE professional position for the UCLA Library’s newly launched
             information literacy initiative. An additional .50 FTE was added to the Collection
             Development Division as a result of a reassignment of a librarian from the Young
             Research Library.
             In anticipation of potential budget reductions due to the worsening of the State of
             California’s economy, the University Library requested that all units curtail
             expenditures as much as possible during the fiscal year. As a result, Biomedical
             Library expenditures of University Library funds decreased by 32% even though its
             allocations remained stable. The Schools of Medicine and Nursing agreed to
             continue their support for the operating budget of the Instructional Microcomputing
             Facility (IMF) in proportion to the use by each school’s students. The School of
             Dentistry initially agreed to continue support of the IMF and reversed this decision
             in the midst of the fall quarter. Negotiations with the dean of the School of Dentistry
             resulted in an agreement for the School’s continued use of the IMF to the end of the
             fiscal year. By May 2002, Dentistry determined that it would discontinue use of the
             IMF in 2002/03. The UCLA Medical Center provided $51,511 to support services to
             residents and a full schedule of library hours during intersession periods. A total of
             $91,800 was received from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). HHMI
             also informed all the recipients of library funding that this was the last contribution
             that HHMI would be making for this program. Some of the HHMI funding was set
             aside to provide additional budgetary support for the Integrated Advanced
             Information Management Services (IAIMS) planning effort that began in July 2000.
             Historical Perspective
             The table below illustrates the overall changes in the Biomedical Library’s budget
             since 1984/85. Most striking is the increased reliance on contract and grants,
             income/expense programs, and the schools served by Biomed for specialized
             services such as the IMF. This shift is due in large part to the decrease in the UCLA

   Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library                                                         2001/02
2                                                                        Administrative Summary

          Library’s general (19900) budget during the 1980s. The non-collection gift fund
          expenditures are primarily from the Louise Darling Biomedical Library, the
          Liebeskind History of Pain, and the Murphy funds.
          Expenditures               1984/85     % Total      2001/02       % Total % Change
          University Library      1,085,630            43 2,037,567              34           88
          operating funds
          Collections including     895,944            36 2,340,632              39         161
          Health sciences schools    21,092             1     270,621             5        1183
          & medical center
          Income/Expense            176,551             7     350,882             6           99
          Contract & Grants         319,557            13     851,286            14         166
          Gift funds (non-                0          N.A.      98,228             2        N.A.
          Total                   2,498,774           100 5,950,845             100         138
          Although overall staffing levels have increased, the number of staff supported by the
          University Library budget has decreased. The distribution of staffing has also
          changed, reflecting the national trend to shift work that formerly required
          professional training to staff personnel, such as copy cataloging and interlibrary loan
          processing, and increased reliance on student assistants.
          Staffing                 1984/85       % Total      2001/02       % Total % Change
          University Library Funds
          Academic                    15.0                        13.0                       -13
          Staff                       24.7                        21.5                       -13
          Student                     12.8                        15.8                        23
                                      52.5                        50.3                        -5
          Academic                     5.0                         6.8                       35
          Staff                        8.0                        12.5                       56
          Student                      2.2                        13.1                      489
                                      15.2                        32.4                      113
          Academic                    20.0             30         19.8           24           -1
          Staff                       31.5             47         34.0           41            8
          Student                     15.0             23         28.9           35           92
          Total                       66.5                        82.6                        24

          Gifts/Donor Relations
          Two new collection endowments were funded during the year. Dr. Willard L.
          Marmelzat, a longtime friend and supporter of the Biomedical Library, established
          The Willard Lee Marmelzat, M.D. Collection Endowment to provide dedicated
          resources to support the acquisition, preservation, and access of primary and
          secondary works and research resources in the early history of medicine

2001/02                                                     Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library
Administrative Summary                                                                                 3

               (Renaissance and earlier) and the history of dermatology, melanoma, or skin cancer
               (until 1925).
               The Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Collection Endowment
               founded by Yda and Irwin Ziment, M.D. was established in June. Dr. Ziment is
               committed to raise additional funds for the endowment and is working closely with
               the Biomedical Library on the development of the collection and other activities
               related to complementary and alternative medicine.
               Historical Perspective
               There has been remarkable growth in private support for Biomed since 1984 as
               indicated below:
                                                                         1984/85             2001/02
               Number of endowments                                            3                  15
               Gift fund expenditures
                   Collections                                          $108,799            $300,988
                   Other                                                  $4,000             $98,228

               The UCLA InfoShare IAIMS planning process continued for a second year and a
               grant proposal for a four-year IAIMS operations grant was submitted in June. The
               School of Medicine committed to provide bridge funding to continue the InfoShare
               planning and begin preliminary work on some of the operations grant projects during
               2002/03 while the operations proposal undergoes review.
               Historical Perspective
               In 1984/85, in collaboration with the four other University of California health
               sciences libraries, we submitted a proposal to the National Library of Medicine to
               enable the mounting of the latest three years of MEDLINE on the Division of
               Library Automation computer, to be searched with MELVYL’s user-friendly
               software. MELVYL MEDLINE® became operational in 1988 and enabled UC
               faculty, staff, and students to conduct their own online searches free of charge long
               before such service became widely available.
               The Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library (PSRML) has operated
               continuously at Biomed since 1969. In 1984/85, we found it necessary to eliminate
               one professional position due to significant decreases in funding for the regional
               medical library program. As a result of the leadership and vision of the current NLM
               director, Donald A. B. Lindberg, M.D., the RML program has evolved and expanded
               and is today stronger than ever.
               Biomed has benefited greatly from its collaboration with UCLA health sciences
               schools in the InfoShare planning process which has enabled us to understand better
               the information needs of UCLA faculty, staff, and students. We look forward to
               future collaborations as implementation of programs and services to address these
               needs begins.

     Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library                                                      2001/02
4                                                                           Administrative Summary

                Collections, Programs, and Services
                A most visible change since 1984/85 has been the significant increase in the cost of
                scientific publications. The net result is a large reduction in the amount of material
                that can be added to our collections and an increased reliance on interlibrary
                                                            1984/85     2001/02      Percent Change
                Total volumes owned                         421,174     614,841                  46
                Current serial titles received                6,921       4,506                 -35
                Monographs received                           5,246       3,082                 -41
                Items borrowed on interlibrary loan           1,027       7,939                 673

                We are extremely fortunate, however, that the establishment and funding of the
                California Digital Library in 1997 has made it possible to provide our users with a
                rich array of online resources. As of June 2002, a total of 2,800 online journals are
                accessible at the desktop.
                The microcomputer was just beginning to take its place in our workplace and homes
                in 1984/85. Today, with a workstation for every staff member and over 154 public
                access workstations, we cannot imagine doing work without them. Microcomputers,
                the Internet, the Web, and electronic publications have revolutionized the way library
                users access information. As a result, users come to the library less frequently and
                use of the print collection is declining.

                                                             1984/85   2001/02       Percent Change
                Items charged out                            261,361    63,342                  -76
                Turnstile count                              785,268   601,845                  -23
                Volumes shelved                              857,237   535,779                  -38
                Photocopies                                3,133,531 3,436,821                   10
                Prints                                             0   928,748                 N.A.
                Reference inquiries                           51,884    37,254                  -28

                It has been an honor and pleasure to spend my entire professional career in Biomed.
                The most important aspect, personally, has been the opportunity to work with so
                many wonderful colleagues and friends in Biomed and the UCLA Library and among
                the faculty, donors, and the health sciences library profession. I feel that Biomed’s
                future is bright with many opportunities to build on our strengths. The challenge is to
                insure that Biomed remains an integral part of the UCLA academic and the Pacific
                Southwest health sciences communities. Important goals for the coming year are to
                recruit a new university librarian, a new director of Biomed, and continue the
                planning for a new Biomedical Library. I know that the talented and dedicated
                Biomed librarians and staff, especially Judy Consales and Elaine Graham, will
                continue to provide excellent and innovative collections and services during this time
                of transition.

Alison Bunting
Director and Associate University Librarian for Sciences

2001/02                                                            Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library

Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library   2000/01

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