AMERICAN HEALTH LAWYERS ASSOCIATION
                  2007 - 2008 PUBLIC INTEREST COMMITTEE (updated as of June 12, 2008)
Committee Chair:          Richard L. Shackelford
Committee Members:        Kathleen M. Boozang, Thomas W. Coons, Gregory M. Duckett, Louise M. Joy, Lewis Morris,
                          Philip L. Pomerance, Lisa Diehl Vandecaveye, Glen R. Reed
Staff Liaisons:           Katherine Wone and Maggie Russell
Committee conference calls/meetings: June 24, 2007 (in-person at annual); July 10, 2007; September 11, 2007; November
13, 2007, January 11, 2008 (in-person at mid-year), March 12, 2008; May 13, 2008.
Goal/Initiative        Leaders              Plan of Action                                Status
Fundraising        Glen Reed        Work with AHLA leadership to Rick Shackelford authored article for November ‘07
                                    promote benefits of Public   Health Lawyers News to encourage donations for
                                    Interest donations.          upcoming 2008 calendar year. Staff commenced its
                                                                 own fundraising efforts via the following:
                                                                   1) August 07 Health Lawyers News – 2007 Honor Roll and Who
                                                                       Am I.
                                                                   2) Sept. 07 Health Lawyers News – 2007 Honor Roll and Who
                                                                       Am I.
                                                                   3) Sept. 11, 2007 – Features Box on AHLA home page
                                                                   4) Sept. 26, 2007 – Email to one-time donors as of 2004,
                                                                       included new PI newsletter.
                                                                   5) Oct. 07 Health Lawyers News – 2007 Honor Roll, Who Am I,
                                                                       and full page PI donation form.
                                                                   6) Oct. 5, 2007 – Member email to all with new PI newsletter,
                                                                       requested donations.
                                                                   7) Oct. 19, 2007 – Features Box on AHLA home page.
                                                                   8) Nov. 07 Health Lawyers News – Article authored by Rick
                                                                       Shackelford, introduction of new PI newsletter, Who Am I,
                                                                       2007 Honor Roll, and full page PI donation form.
                                                                   9) Nov. 15, 2007 – Member email to all with new PI newsletter,
                                                                       requested donations.
                                                                   10) Nov. 29, 2007 – Requested donations via Education-at-a-
                                                                       Glance email that went to all members.
                                                                   11) Dec. 07 Health Lawyers News – 2007 Honor Roll, Who Am I,
                                                                       “Only $20” donation request, and full page PI donation form.
                                                                   12) Dec. 6, 2007 – Features Box on AHLA home page.
                                                                   13) Dec. 14, 2007 – Health Law Daily.
                                                                   14) Dec. 20, 2007 – Member email to all.

                                                                                                                   Updated 9/29/2012
                                                                     15) Jan. 08 Health Lawyers News – 2007 Honor Roll, Who Am I,
                                                                         2008 Honor Roll, full page PI donation form.
                                                                     16) Feb. 08 Health Lawyers News – 2007 Honor Roll, Who Am I,
                                                                         2008 Honor Roll, full page PI donation form.
                                                                     17) March 08 Health Lawyers News – 2007 Honor Roll, Who Am I,
                                                                         2008 Honor Roll.
                                                                     18) April 08 HLN – 2008 Honor Roll, Who Am I.
                                                                     19) May 08 HLN – 2008 Honor Roll, “Your Donation Goes a Long
                                                                         Way”, Who Am I, Donation form.
                                                                     20) June 08 HLN – 2008 Honor Roll, Who Am I. Note: PI donation
                                                                         form was not included in this issue.
                                                                     21) June 29-July 2, 2008 – Annual meeting in San Francisco. Will
                                                                         again do “only ribbon you can buy” campaign (member email
                                                                         will also be sent on this campaign on June 14, 2008), and will
                                                                         recognize donors via Honor Roll poster. For past and existing
                                                                         donors, will give “Who Am I” questionnaire to complete for use
                                                                         in future HLN issues.

                                                                     The number of fundraising emails and marketing via
                                                                     the Features Box on AHLA’s home page, online Daily,
                                                                     and Education-at-a-Glance decreased when the new
                                                                     calendar year began due to other Public Interest
                                                                     activities that needed marketing, such as the SCHIP
                                                                     teleconference; National Healthcare Decisions Day
                                                                     teleconference; NHDD of April 16, 2008; upcoming
                                                                     Public Information Series guidebooks (on disabilities,
                                                                     clinical trials, and community pan-flu preparedness),
                                                                     Volunteer Day with Habitat for Humanity, and
                                                                     upcoming PI session at annual meeting in San
                                                                     Francisco. Despite decreased marketing, end-of-year
                                                                     fundraising efforts in 2007 resulted in a noticeable
                                                                     increase in donations during the months of December,
                                                                     January and February.
Public Dialogue   Rick Shackelford   Collaborate with CDC and        The event took place on Friday, May 2, 2008 at the
Session           Lewis Morris       OIG to hold a Public Interest   George Washington University Medical Center,
                  Lisa               Dialogue Session on pan-flu     Weingold Conference Center in Washington DC with
                  Vandecaveye        preparedness.                   assistance from Sara Rosenbaum. Additional members
                                                                     on pan-flu task force included Sheri Denkensohn from

                                                                                                                      Updated 9/29/2012
OIG, Elisabeth Belmont and Melissa Markey. Three
breakout sessions were offered on altered clinical
pathways, employee protection, and maintaining
operations and public health and provider coordination.
The event was a solid success and final edits/revisions
to the Checklist were all incorporated week of June 2,
2008. Checklist is currently being laid out by art
director/art assistant and is scheduled for publication
and distribution by annual meeting.

                                         Updated 9/29/2012
Life-Limiting    Louise Joy     Create, market, and distribute   Initial conference calls took place early September and
Conditions       Tom Coons      a Train-the-Trainer DVD to       October 2007. The final product will be a DVD that
DVD & Toolkit    Tom Mayo       supplement the Guide to          presents vignettes that will include the most common
                                Legal Issues in Life-Limiting    “preparing for the future” and end-of-life issues. The
                                Conditions.                      DVD will be supplemented by AHLA’s Guide to Legal
                                                                 Issues in Life-Limiting Conditions. The original
                                                                 completion date of April 30, 2008 was pushed back to
                                                                 fall/winter of 2008. Draft vignette outlines were
                                                                 completed by the task force on May 13, 2008 for further
                                                                 review and revision. Staff will re-establish contact with
                                                                 the videographer so that this project will be back on
Conversations    Greg Duckett   Hold up to four                  SCHIP teleconference took place on January 24, 2008
with                            teleconferences in               at 2:00 pm Eastern with speakers Ryan Long, Chief
Policymakers                    FY2007-2008.                     Minority Health Counsel of the House Energy and
Teleconference                                                   Commerce Committee and Sara Rosenbaum of
Series                                                           George Washington University. Marketing efforts
                                                                 1)    Dec. 27, 2007 – Features Box on AHLA home page
                                                                 2)    Dec. 28, 2007 – Education-at-a-Glance email
                                                                 3)    Jan. 4, 2008 – Health Law Daily
                                                                 4)    Jan. 8, 2004 – Health Law Daily
                                                                 5)    Jan. 11, 2008 – Member Email
                                                                 6)    Jan. 15, 2008 – Health Law Daily
                                                                 7)    Jan. 16, 2008 – Features Box on AHLA home page
                                                                 8)    Jan. 17, 2008 – Member Email
                                                                 9)    Jan. 22, 2008 – Features Box on AHLA home page
                                                                 10)   March 08 Health Lawyers News – Summary of SCHIP issues
                                                                       covered during teleconference.

                                                                 National Healthcare Decisions Day teleconference took
                                                                 place on March 19, 2008 at 2:00 pm Eastern,
                                                                 approximately one month prior to National Healthcare
                                                                 Decisions Day (April 16, 2008). Approximately 530
                                                                 sites registered with each site having 10-15
                                                                 participants. Eighty-five attorneys have requested CLE
                                                                 credit. Marketing efforts included:
                                                                                                               Updated 9/29/2012
                                                                  1)    Feb. 08 Health Lawyers News – 1/3 page ad.
                                                                  2)    Feb. 1, 2008 – Education-at-a-Glance email to all.
                                                                  3)    Feb. 4, 2008 – Email to AHLA Fellows.
                                                                  4)    Feb, 14, 2008 – Member email to all.
                                                                  5)    Feb. 19, 2008 – Features Box on AHLA home page.
                                                                  6)    Feb. 28, 2008 – Education-at-a-Glance email to all.
                                                                  7)    Feb. 21, 2008 – Member email to all.
                                                                  8)    March 08 Health Lawyers News – Full page ad.
                                                                  9)    March 4, 2008 – Member email to all, authored by Elisabeth
                                                                  10)   March 7, 2008 – Features Box on AHLA home page.
                                                                  11)   March 11, 2008 – Health Law Daily.
                                                                  12)   March 13, 2008 – Press Release.
                                                                  13)   March 14, 2008 – Member email to all, authored by Elisabeth
                                                                  14)   March 28, 2008 – Education-at-a-Glance email to all regarding
                                                                        NHDD Day, April 16, 2008.
                                                                  15)   April 08 Health Lawyers News – Two-page spread on NHDD
                                                                        day, April 16, 2008.

                                                                  No more teleconferences will be held for FY2008.
                                                                  Potential topic ideas for FY2009 include legal issues for
                                                                  individuals with disabilities; legal issues for those
                                                                  wanting to participate in clinical trials; and continuing
                                                                  our partnership with National Healthcare Decisions
Public        Philip Pomerance   Continue to expand line of       Considerations for People with Disabilities and Their
Information   Rick Shackelford   Public Information Series        Families – target date of completion week of July 7,
Series                           resources by producing at        2008. Task Force led by Barbara Miltenberger.
                                 least two new publications.
                                                                  Human Subject Research/Clinical Trials – target date
                                 Continue to market and           of completion week of July 7, 2008. Task Force led by
                                 distribute existing guidebooks   Melissa Markey.
                                 and fact sheets.

                                                                                                                    Updated 9/29/2012
Links with       Kathleen   Continue to reach out to          The Links Group has met via conference call on
Academia         Boozang    members of academic health        September 10, 2007 and January 15, 2008.
Advisory Group              law community.
                                                              Staff attempted several times to schedule local law
                            Maintain/expand content           school visits by AHLA President and AHLA CEO during
                            posted on the Academic            AHLA conferences. To date, four non-SHLOs were
                            Health Law website.               contacted but they have been non-responsive.
                            Develop ideas/concepts for        Staff will continue to seek out academician members
                            future Public Information         for increased involvement as panelists, speakers for
                            Series Documents.                 annual meetings.
                            Coordinate with AHLA’s            Website was created in which AHLA members can
                            membership department on          suggest paper topics for law students. Academician
                            activities to recruit and serve   members will have opportunity to initially assist student
                            health law students.              with paper topic. To date, one topic has been offered
                                                              and posted.

                                                              A speaker’s bureau has been created so that AHLA
                                                              can grow its list of full-time academicians who would be
                                                              interested in being a speaker/panelist at AHLA in-
                                                              person programs and teleconferences. To date, two
                                                              academician members have given their names to the
                                                              speakers’ bureau.

                                                              Efforts will be made again to obtain Advice Columns
                                                              by academician members and to increase opportunities
                                                              for publication by students and full time or adjunct
                                                              Starting FY2008-2009, the Links Group will be
                                                              transitioned from the Public Interest Committee to the
                                                              Professional Resources Group where Will Harvey,
                                                              Director of Business Development and Publishing, and
                                                              Cynthia Conner, Vice President of Professional

                                                                                                        Updated 9/29/2012
Public Affairs   Staff   Continue public affairs          Staff and Committee will renew efforts to reach out to
                         activities with an emphasis on   minority organizations such as National Council of La
                         opportunities that showcase      Raza, Organization of Chinese in the Americas,
                         our expertise and public         National Medical Assn, etc. to market Public
                         resource role and achieve        Information Series, as well as to healthcare and health
                         visibility for leaders.          law related organizations/associations.

                                                                                                   Updated 9/29/2012
Annual Meeting    Committee/Staff      Offer at least one program       A session based on the recent publication, Corporate
                                       session on a public interest     Responsibility and Health Care Quality: A Resource for
                                       related topic.                   Health Care Boards of Directors, will be offered,
                                                                        paneled by Lew Morris, Stephen Ronai, Sandy
                                                                        Teplitzky, and Harvey Tettlebaum.
Special Project   All                  Public Interest Committee        Discussed at 11/13/07 Public Interest Committee
#1                                     review of sponsorship policy     conference call. General consensus was that
                                                                        consultant (non-attorney) and attorney sponsorships
                                                                        would be allowed provided there is clear language
                                                                        articulating what is allowed in order to prevent the
                                                                        appearance of commercial interest. Sub-group is
                                                                        currently re-drafting policy and will report back to the
                                                                        Board at the June meeting in San Francisco.
Special Project   Myra Selby           Joint article between Public     Task force includes volunteer authors from American
#2                (Co-Chair of         Interest Committee, Diversity    University Washington College of Law, in house-
                  Diversity Advisory   Advisory Group, and              counsel from Kaiser Permanente, and several private
                  Council)             Professional Resources           practitioners. The outline for what will be a two-part
                                       regarding personalized           Journal article was reviewed and approved by the
                                       medicine & disparities in        Journal’s editorial board. Authors have been assigned
                                       coverage, access, and            sections of the outline on which to write and publication
                                       delivery among minorities.       of the first article is schedule for October 2008, and the
                                                                        second article is scheduled for publication in January,
                                                                        2009. Progress continues to be made; the next
                                                                        conference call is scheduled for mid-June.
Special Project   All                  Partner with LegalHealth &       AHLA is following up with the Lance Armstrong
#3                                     Lance Armstrong Foundation       Foundation. A survey conducted by the LAF showed
                                       to provide volunteer attorneys   there was little interest among cancer survivors and
                                                                        their families for assistance and guidance on advance
                                                                        planning. LegalHealth has pulled out of the project
                                                                        because should a successful partnership between
                                                                        AHLA and LAF be established, it would make most
                                                                        sense for the LAF cancer survivor to communicate
                                                                        directly with AHLA regarding a pro bono attorney rather
                                                                        than having to go through LegalHealth first.

                                                                                                                   Updated 9/29/2012

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