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					               Essex County Council Impact
               Assessment Form Section 2                                                    Page 1 of 6
                                                                                              Cr. 01/08

Title of service being assessed                        Passenger Transport Group
Directorate                                            Environment, Sustainability and Highways
Name and role of officer completing this assessment    Fran Garthwaite
Contact Telephone Number                               01245 437606
Date Assessment Completed                              8 July 2008
1. Which equality strands have you included in your data collection/ analysis and
         Race and Culture                                  Disability
         Age                                               Gender
         Sexual orientation                                Religion and Belief
2. What are the key findings/ observations resulting from the data/ consultations? Please
    include all findings that demonstrate inequality…You may wish to record inequality issues
    for additional groups (for example rural isolation, financially disadvantaged etc) please do
    this using box g.
   a. Race and Culture
   Need to gather data

   b. Age
   Regular meetings with young people via the Youth Essex Assembly has indentified that young
      people find the cost of bus and rail travel and complexity of fares charged a deterent to use.

   c. Sexual Orientation

   d. Disability
   Research conducted 5 years ago, partnership forrmed with disabled groups representing a range
   of disabilities and age. Initial research concluded that disabled people do face barriers when
   travelling in Essex. Barriers identified include problems accessing transport (either physical or
   confidence), a lack of knowledage about transport opportunities and little idea of where to go for

   e. Gender
   Need to gather data

   f. Religion and Belief

   g. Other

3.We have a duty to promote equal opportunities and promote good relations between
   community groups as well as eliminate discrimination. Please list below any opportunities
   to promote equal opportunities or good community relations within your review area.
Equality Group            To network and learn more
Options for Independent   Opportunity to:
   Living Transport Group Work in partnership with disabled people to develop and deliver policies
Essex Access Groups          that are inclusive.
Multiple Sclerosis        Fully understand views from the group members who represent groups
                             of people with a range of disabilities
                          Get this group together with transport providers so that all parties can
               Essex County Council Impact
               Assessment Form Section 2                                                   Page 2 of 6
                                                                                             Cr. 01/08
                               learn from each other
                             Develop training with commercial bus, rail, air, taxi and community
                               transport providers
Confederation of             Opportunity to talk to commercial bus operators on a regular basis and
   Passenger Transport –       help them develop training for front line passenger transport
   Essex and National          personnel
Association of Transport     Opportunity to share Essex’s excellent practice nationally and gather
   Cop-ordination Officers     best practice from elsewhere
   National association
Parish Meetings              Opportunity to work in rural areas to identify needs
Community Transport          Opportunity to share good practice and develop training
   Groups - Essex
Community Transport          Opportunity to share Essex’s excellent practices nationally and gather
   Association                 best practice from elsewhere
               Essex County Council Impact
               Assessment Form Section 2                                                Page 3 of 6
                                                                                          Cr. 01/08

4. Adverse impacts and/or inequalities in policy or service delivery that need to be resolved or
mitigated. It is likely that you will have more than one possible solution for each issue
    a. Race
    Adverse Impact and/or inequality                  Possible Solutions

   b. Age
   Adverse Impact and/or inequality                 Possible Solutions
   Cost of travel and complex fares                 Concessionary fares scheme for young

   c. Sexual Orientation
   Adverse Impact and/or inequality                 Possible Solutions

   d. Disability
   Adverse Impact and/or inequality                 Possible Solutions
   Real or perceived barriers to transport          Work together to reduce barriers and ensure
                                                    inclusive policies and practices
   Improved information                             As above and offer personal travel advice for
                                                    disabled people via the Traffic Control Centre
   e. Gender
   Adverse Impact and/or inequality                 Possible Solutions

   f. Religion
   Adverse Impact and/or inequality                 Possible Solutions

   g. Other
   Adverse Impact and/or inequality                 Possible Solutions
                   Essex County Council
                   Impact Assessment Form Section 2                                                                                           Page 4 of 6
                                                                                                                                                Cr. 01/08

5. You now need to complete the action plan. You need to prioritise the work that needs to be done. If you have found any adverse
   impact or discrimination that is illegal you must address these immediately and therefore they will be top priority in your action plans.
   The notes for guidance will help you to prioritise your other actions. If there are areas which you feel need to be looked at in more
   detail then the resulting action may be an additional EIA focussing on a specific area of concern.

Please list the actions that you need to take as a result of this assessment. Directors will need to decide how these actions will be prioritised.

Issue Identified    Issues taken from      Action Required –        Name of service            Officers         Details of Cost –         By when
                    question 4             agreed solution          /unit/ individual’s        responsible –    inc. Resource &
                                                                    work plan where            Directorate Lead financial
                                                                    action will be             and Action Lead
1 Cost of travel    Costly and complex     Concessionary fare       ES&H                       Richard Gravatt     In process             To be
for young people    fares for young        scheme for young                                                                               considered in
                    people                 people                   Corporate Strategy         Richard Puleston                           2008/09
2 Barriers to       Real or perceived      For the past 5 years     ES&H                       Fran Garthwaite     The outcome of         On – going
travel for          barriers               we have worked in                                                       what we do is          partnership a
disabled people     Lack of information    partnership with                                                        reflected in our       full report of
                                           disabled groups as                                                      strategy and day to success can
                                           the Options for                                                         day work on the        be
                                           Independent Living                                                      basis that if we get demonstrated
                                           Transport Group.                                                        it right for disabled the group
                                           The group meets at                                                      people it is right for continues to
                                           least 4 times and                                                       all other travellers. work
                                           year and has further
                                           sub groups.                                                             We have
                                           Transport providers                                                     influenced
                                           are included in the                                                     commercial bus
                                           group (bus) and sub                                                     and rail operators
                                           groups (rail).                                                          and work locally
                                           The group works with                                                    and nationally.
                    Essex County Council
                    Impact Assessment Form Section 2                                                         Page 5 of 6
                                                                                                               Cr. 01/08

                                       us on all issues
                                       relating to our work.

3 Need to gather                       Further action to be    ES&H   Fran Garthwaite   Absorbed within   2008/09
data and                               developed subject to                             the cost of the
intelligence to                        the outcome of data                              existing annual
understand if                          analysis                                         survey.
there are any
real or perceived
barriers to
transport for
women and
(Refer to section



Further EIAs Required
                 Essex County Council
                 Impact Assessment Form Section 2                                                                              Page 6 of 6
                                                                                                                                 Cr. 01/08

This action plan needs to be agreed with your Director and Service Manager and actions included in the appropriate service or unity

Signature of Executive Director/

Signature of Service Manager……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...
                             Please submit this form to the equalities team:

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