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         It was standing on a set of scales a little over a year ago that signalled to flight attendant
Greg Lee how out of shape he’d become. “I couldn’t believe it,” he says, remembering what would
later become a life-changing moment. “I thought I was 10kg less, but I was 96.5kg – it was like,
         Greg had always had a problem with his weight. Overweight at school, he would go through
periods where he lost kilos only to put them back on again. Working on long-haul flights – with easy
access to greasy snacks and soft drinks- didn’t help either. Plus, he had chronic gall-stone disease
that affected his ability to get fit.

        However, he never gave up hope on getting into shape. With personal trainer Lara Christie,
he worked out at a gym in Sydney’s east, but he never did quite enough to make much of a
difference – until March Last year. That’s when Lara upped the ante – and Greg had his dreaded
encounter with the scales. Together they decided he would change his diet – cut out the sweets and
carbohydrates – and go hard on the weights and cardio for a month.

        The results were stunning. Greg lost 9kg through a combination of three weights sessions a
week, plus Body Attack and cycle classes. However, he says it was the new diet that made the
biggest difference to his size. He increased his intake of proteins and fresh fruit and vegetables took
water-based protein supplements and ditched alcohol. A self-confessed sweet-tooth, he gave up
sugary treats and snacked on natural yogurt, blueberries and nuts instead.

       “They’re right when they say 70 to 80 percent of weight-loss is to do with what you eat,”
Greg says. “I’d always worked out, but it was changing my eating habits that really made it happen.”

        Seeing such an early and rapid change in the shape of his body was also a big motivator, but
it was a tremendous self-discipline that kept him focused on the program. “I was really strict,” Greg
says, “even while flying, I would make sure I didn’t eat the wrong things.”

        Greg kept the program going for the next two months, and with his mate Neil Roberson with
him in the gym, carved another 9kg from his frame.

        More than 12 months on, he’s kept the weight off and the muscle on. He maintains the
same fitness routine and allows for cheat meals when he goes out with friends or is on holiday. In
fact, he loves his food more than ever, “I enjoyed my food better now,” he says. “I appreciate the
texture and the taste more, because it’s fuel for my body – and I know it’s helping me.”

          He’s also working on improving his strength lever: “I want to push myself harder,” he says.
“It’s a challenge.”

        But the best thing, he says, is how good he feels. “I gave away six bags of clothes and went
from a 36-inch waist to 31, and I get compliments from everyone, which is inspiring”

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