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									Grants Committee
Updated Delegated Authority                                         Item no:         08a
Approvals 2009/10
Report by:   Ian Redding             Job title:   Head of Grants, Direct Services

Date:        10 February 2010

Contact      Ian Redding

Telephone:   020 7934 9802           Email:

                   This report informs Members about the use to date of officers’ delegated
                   authority powers in respect of 2009/10.

                   That Members note:
                      1. the grants approved under delegated powers in 2009/10 to date
                         (Tables 1, 2 and 3), and Appendix 2;
                      2. that the final report detailing all delegated authority approvals in
                         respect of 2009/10 will be presented to the Grants Committee
                         AGM in July 2010.
  1. Under London Councils Standing Order 22 the Grants Committee is permitted to delegate
     decision-making powers to London Councils officers, as it considers appropriate to the
     carrying out of its business. At the Committee’s 8 July 2009 meeting Members agreed to
     retain the same range of delegated authority powers for the 2009/10 municipal year as
     had applied to 2008/9, and for that to continue until Members agreed it appropriate to
     change them.
  2. These delegated powers are in respect of 5 distinct areas of funding:
             a/ Small grants to currently funded organisations
             b/ Other issues relating to currently funded organisations
             c/ Grants for New Applications up to £30,000
             d/ Delegated European Social Fund Joint-financing decision-making
             e/ Specific Annual Funds

     Details of each of these and how they operate are set out in Appendix 1.

Changes to delegated powers from 1 January 2010
  3. At the Grants Committee’s meeting on 9 November 2009, Members considered the
     continuing need for these delegated powers to be used now that the transition from open-
     bidding to commissioned services had been completed.

  4. Committee agreed that they would wish to continue to retain the ability to provide
     assistance where there is a real emergency, including interim funding or winding down of
     an organisation (which in any case are usually met from within funding already agreed).

  5. However, they also agreed that additional grants for disability access or for maternity
     locum cover were no longer appropriate where a service has been commissioned
     because decisions include the comparative costs of those bidding to provide that service.
     The key principle here is that the organisation is commissioned to deliver the outcome
     and output targets for the service for a given level of grant, and that they should be
     budgeting for any such costs that could reasonably be expected to occur.

  6. Consequently standing delegated authority powers ceased in respect of the small grants
     to currently funded organisations category categories with effect from 1 January 2010.
     Since that date, any organisation requesting additional support has to provide evidence
     that it is in a situation where it cannot meet those costs itself, and that it could not
     reasonably have provided for the emergency that has occurred.

Use of Delegated Powers to date in respect of 2009/10
  7. In respect of the provisions for small grants to currently funded organisations, a detailed
     listing of awards from 1 April 2009 to 27 January 2010 is provided in table one below.
     These are summarised in table two, where it is identified that £7,678 remains of the
     reduced provision of £50,000 allocated by Grants Committee on 22 April 2009 for
Table One

                   Organisation                                                            Amount
 Del Auth Fund                    Grant Description
 Non-Recurrent     Race On The    Costs of organising Equalities training events for
                   Agenda         all commissioned organisations (further to Grants       £10,000.00
                                  Committee decision 14 January 2009)
 Non-Recurrent     Stonewall      Costs of temporary staff to cover serious illness of
                   Housing        key worker on the commissioned project                   £1,991.00
 Non-Recurrent     Independent
                   Academic       Removal and renovation costs for new premises            £4,843.86
 Non-Recurrent     Stonewall      Recruitment of a temporary worker over a 4 week          £1,175.00
                   Housing        period whilst full-time advisor is in hospital
 Non-Recurrent     Women’s        Payment of Underspend for 2008/09                        £7,778.67
 Non-Recurrent     Streetwise     Removal expenses                                          £8,000
                   Law Centre
 Maternity         Tower          Maternity cover due to an unprecedented number            £8,533
 Locum             Hamlets Law    of staff going on maternity leave.
                                                                           Sub-Total      £42,321.53

Table Two
                 Purpose                   Provision (£)       Approvals (£)         Balance (£)
 Disability Access                                                  0
 Maternity Locum                                                  8,533
 Interim/Wind-down                                                  0
 Non-Recurrent                                                  33,788.53
                                  Total        50,000           42,321.53                7,678.47

8. The sole grant variation agreed under delegated powers to date during 2009/10 is
   detailed in table three below. It has no additional cost to the Committee.
Table Three
 Del Auth Fund     Organisation   Grant Description                                      Amount (£)
 Grant Variation   Eaves          Use Underspend of £34,581 towards a new                 £34,581
                   Housing        data collection system. System to be
                                  disseminated to all domestic violence services
                                  commissioned by London Councils
                                                                        Sub-Total        £34,581.00

9. European Social Fund Co-financing decisions in respect of the 2010/12 programme were
   agreed on 25 January 2010 and are set out in the table at Appendix 2. To remind
   Members, the priority areas that they agreed were as set out below: the priority numbers
   shown cross-reference to the specification number shown in Appendix 2):

        Disabled people or people with a health condition:
            Disabled parents (Priority 1.1.1);
            Parents of disabled children (Priority 1.1.7);
                People with mental health problems and who are not eligible for the pathways
                 to work programme. (Priority 1.1.2)

         Priority 1.1.3 People recovering from drug and alcohol addiction:
             People who are at early stages of recovery and need pre-employment / pre-
                training support;
             People who are at later stages of recovery who can be progressed into

         Homeless people:
            Homeless individuals (Priority 1.1.4);
            Homeless families (Priority 1.1.5).

         Priority 1.1.6 Jobless parents
             Two parent households where one or more parent is not working

         Priority 1.1.8 Refugees and asylum seekers:
             People with pre-entry level ESOL needs.

         Priority 1.1.9 Ethnic minority groups with low labour market participation rates:
             Bangladeshi men and women;
             Pakistani men and women;
             Somali men and women.

         Priority 1.1.10 Older People:
             Aged 50 and over

Further reporting
  9. The Director of Services will continue to report to each Committee on all grants made
     under delegated authority, and how these affect the Committee’s available resources.
     The final report detailing all delegated authority approvals in respect of 2009/10 will be
     presented to the Grants Committee AGM in July 2010, at which any further changes
     considered necessary to delegated authority powers will be sought.
                                                                                   Appendix 1

Grant-making Powers Delegated to Director, Services

a/ Small grants to currently funded organisations
      The headings under which such grants are currently approved are:
           Interim and/or wind-down grants, for up to three months at existing funding levels
           Maternity locum cover
           Disability access
           Urgent non-recurrent purposes (for example, removal costs, increased rent levels)
      for which an overall provision of £50,000 has initially been set aside for 2009/10 (reduced
      from the £100,000 level previously set aside for each financial year), subject to a limit of
      £10,000 in any one instance.

b/ Other issues relating to currently funded organisations
               Appeals
               Grant variations
               Management consultancies – small grants (up to £7,500)
               Inflation allowances.

c/ Grants for New Applications
      1.       Grants not exceeding £30,000 where it is evident that it will enable London Councils
               Business Plan and funding priorities to be addressed;
                a. To extend the period of an existing grant that is time-expiring, where in
                   evaluating that grant it is evident that further and/or follow-up work is needed
                   to enable the benefits from the earlier work to be better realised, or enhanced
                   benefits to be achieved, etc.
                b. To agree a new grant of significance to achieving London Councils priorities.
                c. To agree expenditure on a proposal for a research project.
      2.       Small one-off grants of up to £10,000, to resource legal and other costs that
               organisations incur if entering into partnerships and/or consortia, where the
               development of those relationships are clearly to the Grants Committee’s advantage
               to commissioning the most effective and efficient services..

d/ Delegated European Social Fund Joint-financing decision-making
      London Councils and Greater London Enterprise (GLE) jointly manage the London
      Councils ESF Co-financing programme. Organisations apply via a competitive bidding
      round; London Councils and GLE hold seminars to disseminate information about the
      bidding round and how to apply, in partnership with London Voluntary Sector Training
      Consortium (LVSTC).
      Each application is checked to ensure the activities, and the organisation, are eligible for
      funding. Two scorers (one London Councils, one GLE) assess each application
      separately and then agree a final score between them. All bids are ranked in score order.

      An internal London Councils/GLE assessment panel (typically comprising Director of
      Services (London Councils), Head of Grants (London Councils), ESF Project Manager
      (London Councils), ESF Co-financing Programme Manager (GLE), European Team
      Manager (GLE) meets to review the top scoring projects and
          How they fit within the strategic framework of the London Councils co-financing
          To ensure that funded projects will provide good value for money; and
          The outcomes that London Councils and ESF are looking to fund.
      The panel also ensures that there is a good spread of projects geographically across
      London and across the different targets groups of London Councils ESF Co-financing
      programme. The panel also checks that the scoring process was fair and transparent. It
      then recommends which bids should be funded.

      The recommendations of the internal panel are scrutinised by an external assessment
      panel, made up of
          Representatives from second tier and other organisations working with the
             programme’s target groups,
          Representatives from London’s other co-financers (LDA; LSC; Job Centre Plus;
             NOMS), and
          LVSTC.

      It is at this stage that the Director uses delegated authority powers to agree which
      projects to fund. The final list of projects awarded funding is reported back to the Grants
      Committee for information.

      The costs of grants under this power are met from the provision of £2,000,000 (net) per
      annum in the Committee’s grants budget.

e/ Specific Annual Funds
      In addition to these, the Grants Committee will from time to time delegate responsibility
      for final decisions to the Director, particularly where bids have been invited against
      specific, and typically ring-fenced, funds. The most recent examples of this have been
      the Outer London Cultural Development Fund and the Supporting People Development
      Fund for which there were annual bidding rounds under the previous open bidding

      Similarly to “3c” above, decisions taken under these powers are communicated to Grants
      Committee Executive Members who, if they have any concerns about the proposals, can
      call for those items to be taken to full Committee.
                                                                                                                                               Appendix 2

Request            Organisation name                        Budget                                                 Project summary

                                                                      To facilitate active entry of disabled parents into the labour market, our project will integrate advocacy,
                                                                      training, mentoring, job brokerage and outreach support, focusing on and developing effective
 7054     The Citizens Trust 7054           1.1.1          £269,600
                                                                      strategies. Aimed particularly at the economically inactive, outcomes include employment, training and
                                                                      other positive progressions.

                                                                      A programme to support disabled parents through attracting them into popular events and then onto
 7132     Remploy Ltd                       1.1.1          £247,100   programme, giving guidance, work placement and experience and ongoing support into successful
                                                                      work or further education through one to one and group support in three locations serving 18 boroughs.

                                                                      We want to provide a supported employment programme for people with mental health conditions,
                                                                      consisting of 2 employment support workers with mental health skills who will support clients through
 7043     Hillside Clubhouse                1.1.2          £255,200
                                                                      work placements opportunities, embedded skills learning, in benefit calculations and employment
                                                                      support, alongside embedded IAPT provision.

                                                                      Working It Out is a work and horticulture skills training scheme, designed to provide those with mental
 7076     Thrive                            1.1.2          £255,200
                                                                      health needs with an accessible opportunity to progress towards employment in horticulture/gardening.

                                                                      Working in partnership with local Mental Health Trusts, Tomorrow's People will support people with
 7083     Tomorrow's People Trust Limited   1.1.2          £232,700   mental health conditions to overcome their barriers to employment. Provision includes 1:1 jobsearch
                                                                      support, work placements, and employer engagement - leading to sustained employment.

                                                                      This project is working with workless people with mental health needs in Lambeth, Southwark and
 7109     Pecan                             1.1.2          £232,700   Lewisham to help address the barriers hindering their progression to work. It will result in at least 18
                                                                      people securing jobs and 50 progressing into further learning and training.
Request          Organisation name                        Budget                                               Project summary

                                                                    Next Steps works in partnership with mainstream colleges to deliver a six-week, accredited, work
                                                                    preparation course specifically for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. With project
 7085     Turning Point ACAPS             1.1.3          £214,535
                                                                    workers providing additional 1:1 support, employment advice and group work individuals feel able to
                                                                    access mainstream training, FE and employment.

                                                                    PEOPLE (Participants into Employment, Opportunities, Progression & Learning) is a support centered
                                                                    project reducing health inequalities for people recovering from addiction. We deliver holistic support;
 7101     Foundation66                    1.1.3          £214,535
                                                                    develop skills and confidence for progression. We break down barriers for participants and employers
                                                                    by raising awareness and bridging gaps.

                                                                    In partnership with Drug and Alcohol Action Teams, Probation Services, Social Services, CVS agencies
                                                                    and employers, Portobello Business Centre will work with individuals recovering from drug and/or
 7127     Portobello Business Centre      1.1.3          £237,035
                                                                    alcohol addiction helping them move towards social inclusion, economic stability and sustainability
                                                                    through employment.

                                                                    A customised employment support programme for individuals with a history of problematic drug and/or
                                                                    alcohol use who want to work. Employability skills are developed by accessing a range of services
 7180     Cranstoun Drug Services         1.1.3          £237,035
                                                                    including 1:1 support, workshops, work experience, courses, and counselling - to help our service users
                                                                    achieve this goal.

                                                                    The Programme will deliver IAG, training and work placements to 96 recently homeless participants.
                                                                    Working in partnership with Look Ahead Housing Trust the programme will employ Peer Volunteers to
 7077     St Giles Trust                  1.1.4          £255,200
                                                                    support referrals from a pool of 700 residents/tenants across the Boroughs of Southwark, Westminster,
                                                                    Tower Hamlets, Kensington and Chelsea and Brent.

                                                                    The project will provide employment-focused advice, guidance and practical support to homeless
          Off the Streets and into Work                             individuals in hostels and temporary accommodation across London. It will use a coaching
 7138                                     1.1.4          £232,700
          (OSW)                                                     methodology to assist participants address employment barriers such as debt, benefits, housing, and
                                                                    personal support needs related to physical and mental ill health.

                                                                    The project assists homeless families within the boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham and Bexley whose
                                                                    circumstances may place them outside of mainstream provision through a programme of advice and
 7142     Affinity Sutton                 1.1.5          £269,600
                                                                    guidance, personal support and signposting, and employability and social development to progress to
                                                                    employment or further job search and training.
Request          Organisation name                           Budget                                                 Project summary

                                                                       We will provide employability skills for economically inactive Homeless Families from the most deprived
 7155     Community Links                    1.1.5          £247,100   wards of Newham, Tower Hamlets Redbridge, and Barking and Dagenham. Work placements will be
                                                                       included, and participants gaining employment will be supported for 6 months.

                                                                       Project will recruit 96 parents and offer a comprehensive package of training and support including
                                                                       personal skills development, vocational training, training, job-brokerage and work placement. Key
 7074     Orient Regeneration Ltd            1.1.6          £269,600
                                                                       outputs: 100 having 1:1 support, 30 work placement, 18 jobs within six weeks of leaving, 12 jobs
                                                                       sustained for 6 months & 50 jobs search/further learning.

                                                                       Our project has been specifically designed to give parents the support they need to remove the barriers
          Kaleidoscope Education, Training                             that prevent them from accessing the Labour market. We have exclusive access to a flexible working
 7103                                        1.1.6          £247,100
          and recruitment CIC                                          opportunities in the Care, childcare and Administration sector, which suit the needs of parents and
                                                                       inable the work/ family life balance.

                                                                       The project assists workless parents within the boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham and Bexley whose
                                                                       circumstances may place them outside of mainstream provision through a programme of advice and
 7177     Affinity Sutton                    1.1.6          £247,100
                                                                       guidance, personal support and signposting, and employability and social development to progress to
                                                                       employment or further job search and training.

                                                                       This managed partnership will support parents in workless households to develop employability skills
                                                                       which will increase their prospects for employment. We will deliver IAG, welfare benefits advice,
 7179     East Tenders @ RedbridgeCVS        1.1.6          £269,600
                                                                       financial literacy and accredited employability training linked to growth sectors. We will provide work
                                                                       experience placements in the third sector.

                                                                       The project will integrate advocacy, training, mentoring, job brokerage and outreach support, focusing
                                                                       on and developing effective strategies to facilitate active entry of parents with disabled children into the
 7050     The Citizens Trust 7050            1.1.7          £247,100
                                                                       labour market. Aimed particularly at the economically inactive, outcomes include employment, training
                                                                       and other positive progressions.

                                                                       Settling IN is an intensive programme of support for refugees resident in South and East London to
                                                                       deliver a complete programme of IAG, ESOL and employability to 130 participants by experienced and
 7031     MI ComputSolutions Incorporated    1.1.8          £214,535
                                                                       qualified tutors, of whom 96 will receive 6+ hours one-to-one support, 12 enter employment, and more
                                                                       than 59 progress onto further training/jobsearch.
Request         Organisation name                         Budget                                                Project summary

                                                                    This project is providing refugees in Haringey, Barnet, Walthamstow and Enfield with the work related
          Uganda Community Relief                                   ESOL and employability skills they need to progress closer to sustainable employment. It will result in
 7146                                     1.1.8          £237,035
          Association (UCRA)                                        at least 12 people securing jobs and 59 progressing into further learning and training. 50 Basic skills
                                                                    will be achieved amongst participants

                                                                    This project will address barriers to the labour market for Somali refugees in Brent, Ealing, Hounslow
          Skillswise Training and
 7156                                     1.1.8          £214,535   and Hillingdon. The project will provide ESOL as well as soft skills such as CV writing, interview skills
          Development Ltd
                                                                    and will involve local employers and other stake holders. ?????

                                                                    Community Roundabout is an intensive programme of support for workless Bangladeshi, Somali and
          ProDiverse Community Services                             Pakistani residents of Barnet, Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest. Between 1st April 2010 and 31st
 7102                                     1.1.9          £255,200
          Ltd                                                       March 2012, 180 participants will be engaged, of whom 96 will receive 6+ hours one-to-one support, 30
                                                                    undertake work placements, and 18 enter employment.

                                                                    The project will deliver sustainable employment skills through holistic work placement initiatives to
                                                                    promote socio-economic inclusion to economically inactive adults in the bus industry to become PCV
 7126     HCT Group                       1.1.9          £232,700
                                                                    drivers; home-to-school transport to become passenger assistants; retail industry to become customer
                                                                    assistants, thereby meeting employer needs.

                                                                    Project will offer customised package of employment support including training, employment advice
                                                                    including self employment, support and guidance and work placement to 96 ethnic minorities. Outputs:
 7174     East London ITEC                1.1.9          £232,700
                                                                    96 receiving 1:1 support, 30 work placements, 18 jobs within six weeks of leaving, 12 jobs sustained for
                                                                    6 months & 50 job search/further learning.

                                                                    Through 'Learn2Work' we will provide an integrated skills and employability programme for
                                                                    economically inactive people from ethnic groups, from the most deprived wards of Newham, Hackney,
 7176     Eden college                    1.1.9          £255,200
                                                                    Lewisham, Redbridge, Havering and Barking and Dagenham. Work placements will be included, and
                                                                    participants gaining employment will be supported for 6 months.

                                                                    Experience Works increases the employability of 96 workless over-50s with a support programme of
                                                                    advice & guidance, training to NVQ3, mentoring, work placement and job matching. Provides extra
 7017     Wise Owls                       1.1.10         £232,700
                                                                    support for those experiencing multiple deprivations/furthest from the labour market. Recognise the
                                                                    distance travelled by those not in employment on leaving.
Request         Organisation name                   Budget                                               Project summary

                                                              This project will provide older people with 1:1 IAG & employment support help them update their skills &
                                                              move them closer to work. For those with identified needs, our partners, CNWL, will deliver in-house IT
 7098     New Challenge Ltd         1.1.10         £232,700
                                                              training & employment support plus a guaranteed opportunity for all participants to take up a work
                                                              placement across a range of sectors.

                                                              The project will support economically inactive older people aged 50 or over in North London 1 and East
                                                              London SMZs to access sustainable employment, providing confidence building, skills training,
 7117     I Can Do It               1.1.10         £255,200
                                                              jobsearch, work placements, volunteering, referral to a range of multi-agency support and network of
                                                              providers and post employment support.

                                                              To provide employment opportunities for 100 people 50 + to enter into Health, Social Care or Childcare
                                                              Careers. To provide individual work placements and skills development in order to be successful in the
 7152     Care First Ltd            1.1.10         £255,200
                                                              labour market. To offer employment progression through qualification achievement and continued
                                                              support for 6months after leaving the project.

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