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                                         RFP Concept Paper # 115

                             Presented to Technology Governance Board (TGB)
                                    Date Prepared: November 5, 2009

Name of document to be reviewed:
Automation of Tax Collections – This is an enhancement that is supported by the Federal
Deapartment of Labor as an enhancement to the New Tax collection system rolling out in March of
 (Please check one item listed in the following two sections)

Document for review and approval:

       __ Request for Proposal (RFP)                          __ Sole Source Procurement
       __ Request for Service (RFS)                           __ Statement of Work
       __ Request for Quote (RFQ)                             X Staff Augmentation
       __ Invitation to Qualify                               __ Master Agreement Purchase

Document for review only:

       __ Master Agreement                                    __ Request for Information (RFI)

Iowa Workforce Development

Projected cost over $50,000?           Yes X _                   No ___
Projected agency staff hours over 750? Yes ___                   No _X_

Project Cost, Funds and Funding Source:

       Cost is dependent on ITQ responses – IWD has been awarded up to $520,000 by the Department of
       Labor to provide resources for this project. Funds must be obligated by Sptember 30, 2011 and liquidated
       90 days after. This puts a burden to begin work as soon as possible to ensure all time lines are met.
       This request is for (2) Application Developers and (2) business analysts

   Please list the internal and external resources/costs for the purchase:

       Internal Resources/Costs:

       External Resources/Costs:

       Estimated timeline for staff augmentation contract December, 2009 – December, 2011

                                                                                                                   (Attach F)

        The goal is to augment the existing IWD IT staff with a contract position to assist with mentoring
        developers to support and enhance Early Warning System Dashboard Application.

This position requires:

        Proven skills in Crystal reports development
        Proven skills using Business Objects
        Ability to work with business and project representatives to determine report requirements and
        Ability to respond to business questions
        Excellent communication skills to communicate with business and project representatives
        Ability to publish to web pages,
        Generate reports using multiple tables,
        Implement pull down functions and generate charts
        JAVA/J2EE development experience
        Oracle DB experience
        Experience mentoring an application development team
        Excellent communication skills to communicate to developers and business unit questions

        Iowa’s new employment tax system, MYIOWAUI will roll out in full production on March 15 2010. Lack
        of time and resources to meet this date prevented fully automating many of the processes desired.

Expected Results:
        Business rules will need to be developed to define collection activities which can occur without staff
        intervention and which ones need staff involvement.
        Rules will also need to be established to automate sending required collections correspondence in a
        timely manner.

   What are the tangible and intangible benefits of this purchase for this agency and/or state

           Decrease the need for staff involvement in all parts of the collections process
           Increase the number of collection actions ie increased numbers of demand letters, increased
            number of liens, etc.
           Increased timeliness of correspondence sent to the customer
           Pursue collection from employers who owe small anmounts. Curently Iowa has many
            employers oweing less than $250 and does not have the staff to pursue
           Increase the amount of dollars collected

   Can these benefits be quantified in financial terms? If yes, please explain. No. Analysis is not
        available to identify amount that will be collected at this time only that it is perceived to be a large

   How will you be more effective as a result of this purchase? This will allow collections to be
        automatically followed up on thus increasing revenue with no additional staff

                                                                                                      (Attach F)

   How will service to your customers be enhanced as a result of this purchase? Allow IWD to
      not increase tax rates due to increased revenue

Project Funds:
      100% Federal Funding

Some of the Interested Parties:
      The interested parties include all Divisions within Iowa Workforce Development, other State Agencies.

Some of the Recipients of this Service:
      All Divisions within Iowa Workforce Development and other State Agencies that have or do business ith
      Iowa’s 70,000+ employers

      Compliant with Applicable State and Federal Standards

      Oracle Forms and Reports with Oracle database
      Business Objects and Crystal Reports

Recommendations from DAS staff and CIO Council members:

   From 6 of 11 JCIO members:

      a) Is there duplication within Government? No.
      b) Can an existing program be modified to address a new need? No.
      c) Do you have any similar program in existence? No.
      d) Have you sought RFP’s for similar programs in the past? No.
      e) Do you have RFP’s for similar programs? No.
      f) Do you have an RFP that could be used as a starting point for this program? No.
      g) Is there anything you could provide that could assist the agency with this RFP? No.
      h) Are there alternatives available to the agencies? No.
   Recommendation of the JCIO to the TGB:
      Authorize this RFP (or Sole Source Procurement) to be released for bid Yes _X_ No ___
      Alternatives suggested by the JCIO (see additional comments below)     Yes ___ No _X_

      Additional comments: None.

   Recommendation of the IT RFP Advisory Group to the TGB:
      Authorize this RFP (or Sole Source Procurement) to be released for bid Yes _X_ No ___
      Alternatives suggested by the advisory group (see comments below)      Yes ___ No _X_

      Additional comments from advisory group members: None.


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