TUITION AGREEMENT
                              St. Michael’s Lakeside School
                                  2012-2013 School Year

        This contract dated _______________, 2012, is made between St. Michael’s
Lakeside School, whose address is 4628 Pitt Street, Duluth, MN 55804, and
___________________________, whose address is ___________________________
        It is of importance to us to have our children attend a school which:
        * Is guided by a strong faith in a living God and the possibility of an ever
            growing relationship with Him.
        * Accepts Jesus Christ as God’s Son as well as “The Way, The Truth, and the
        * Strives to create an atmosphere in which Christian values can be fostered and
And believing that St. Michael’s Lakeside School is such a school, we wish to enroll our
child/ren in this school for the 2012-2013 school year.
    NAME OF STUDENT                                                  GRADE THIS FALL
1. _____________________________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________________________

1. Tuition, for grades K-5, is $2,975 for the first child and $2,475 per child thereafter for
   the year. Tuition assistance is available for those unable to contribute the full amount.
   *A Tuition Assistance Packet is available for pick up in the school office for those
   interested in this option.* We, the undersigned, hereby promise and pledge the
   following amount as our total tuition pledge for the year: $___________.
2. We also agree to pay, by May 1:
    $100 per family as a non-refundable registration fee that is applied toward tuition.
    $50 per student activity fee.
    $75 per family user fee for our $crip program of which $50 will be reimbursed
       upon accumulated $crip purchases totaling at least $2,500.
3. Students are not registered until this agreement is signed and the $100 registration fee
   is made.
4. Payments are to be made starting September 2012 according to the agreement you
   make on your SMART Tuition contract – attached. SMART’S $40 fee should be
   included with your first tuition payment. You do not need to enroll in SMART
   Tuition if you plan to pay your tuition in full by August 15, 2012
5. A pro-rated tuition amount will be figured should an unexpected withdrawal occur.

Realizing that volunteerism is a vital service in educating our children, the school
requires a volunteer pledge of service, the terms of which must be agreed to and
incorporated as part of this agreement. Attached and incorporated by reference is a
Volunteer Service Agreement and description packet. Furthermore, because the actual
per pupil cost is approximately $5,000 to maintain and operate our quality Catholic
school, we ask all school families to participate in our fundraising endeavors throughout
the year.


Realizing the need to address issues of non-payment of tuition, the school sets forth the
following policy and procedure:

1. The school may manage delinquent tuition in, but not limited to, any of the following
   manners, and in any combination thereof:
      A. Use of collection agency to collect the tuition owed;
      B. Legal action to obtain judgment for unpaid tuition, such
          judgment to include reasonable attorney’s fees and court
          costs; and/or
      C. Expulsion of child/ren.

(The school will consider exceptions to the above management of delinquent tuition on a
case-by-case basis, excepting families who do not have the ability to pay due to
unforeseen circumstances, as opposed to families that have the ability to pay but fail to do
so. This agreement must be made with the pastor or principal.)

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have duly executed this agreement on the
day and year first above written.

_______________________________                 _________________________________
Parent/Guardian                  Date           Parent/Guardian                       Date

School Official

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