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									           New Food From Old

Aztec threshing Amaranth – Florentine Codex – 16th Century
Amaranthus hypocondriacus
Amaranth harvest in Sierra
    Madre, Mexico
Amaranth seed balls for sale in
   market, Sierra Madre
Aztec God Huitzilopochtli
Amaranth culture in US today
More Amaranth Species

A. cruentus    A. caudatus

   On left – wheat, triticale, rye
The Trouble with Tribbles
Hemp – Cannabis sativa
Hemp Fabric
Chinese guide to making hemp
        fabric - 1872
Hemp traditionally used in sailing
Hemp Paper
Hemp Declaration of Independence
Abaca or Manila hemp
   – Musa textilis
Manila hemp
Manila hemp rope
Modern Uses of Cannabis Hemp
Hemp Cultivation
Modern Hemp Paper
Hemp clothes and fabric
Hemp Cordage
Hemp Seed – Food and Oil
Hemp Cosmetics
Star fruit – Averrhoa carambola
Pinyon Pine – Pinus edulis
Stone Pine – Pinus pinea
Pine nuts or pignoli
– from Pinus edulis
Kiwi Fruit – Actinidia chinensis
Kiwi fruit cultivation
Taro – Colocasia esculenta
Taro harvest - Hawaii
Taro corms
Tamarind – Tamarindus indica
Tamarind Fruits
Tamarind based sauces
Tamarinido Drinks

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