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                                Registered Charity no. 267625

                      Application for Bursary
             Student speakers at BSPS Conference 2012
                       (University of Stirling)
  Please note that the deadline for applications is Friday 18th May 2012. Bursary applications
          received after this date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Name:           _____________________________________________________

Title of Talk: _____________________________________________________

Correspondence address:___________________________________________



E-mail address: ___________________________________________________

Institution at which you are a student: __________________________________

I confirm that the above is a student my institution:
Signed (supervisor/tutor):______________________________________________

Supervisor/tutor’s name: _______________________Date:___________________

Supervisor/tutor’s institution: ________________________________ __________

I am applying for a bursary of £75 against my registration and subsistence costs
for the 2012 BSPS conference. I understand that if successful, I must register for
the conference by 31st May, or my bursary will be withdrawn. If I cancel my
registration after 31st May, no refund of my registration can be given, and the
bursary may be withdrawn so that I will be liable for the full cost without the

Signed:         _____________________________________________________

Date:           _____________________________________________________

Please send this completed form by the deadline of 18th May 2011 to:
Eleanor Knox, Honorary Treasurer BSPS
Department of Philosophy, King’s College London, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

Email applications
You may submit your application by email or by post. If you submit it by email, you
are deemed to agree to the statements on the application form. You must also ask
your supervisor/tutor to email in support of your application as well (in lieu of signing
the form), by the deadline of 18th May, to confirm that you are a student. Scanned
copies of the signed form will also be accepted (and do not require a separate email
from a supervisor/tutor, providing the form is signed by the supervisor/tutor).

Conference registration
Applicants will be informed whether their application is successful or not by 22nd
May. Successful applicants must register for the conference by 31st May. If you do
not register by this date, your bursary will be withdrawn.

Payment of bursaries
Bursaries will be paid directly to the University of Stirling to cover your conference

You should note that after 31st May, the University of Stirling will not refund any
costs paid. In addition, if you withdraw from the conference after 31st May, your
bursary may be withdrawn. Therefore should you cancel your booking after this date,
you may be liable for the full cost of your booking without the bursary. You should
ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover cancellation due to illness, family
emergency, etc.

Ranking of bursary applications
If there are more applicants for bursaries than bursaries available, priority will be
given to students at UK universities.

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