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									                                             Policy on Training
The University Committee on Animal Care (UCAC) determined that all faculty, staff, students and
volunteers wishing to use animals in research and teaching at ETSU are required (no exceptions) to complete
the on-line training course and exam. Additionally an orientation tour of the animal housing facilities is
required before they can use/handle animals. A tour will not be conducted until training and occupational
health requirements are met. To schedule a tour please contact the Assistant Director of DLAR at 439-
8819 or email blevins@etsu.edu.

Training requirements for visitors wishing to use or handle animals for research and/or teaching at ETSU
will be determined individually by the UCAC. Determining factors for training requirements of visitors at
ETSU will be previous experience, length of stay and level of involvement in an animal study protocol at
ETSU. If the visitor was approved to work with animals by the IACUC at their home institution please
submit supporting documentation to the ETSU UCAC.

Revised by the University Committee on Animal Care on August 18th, 2005.

About the On-Line Animal Research Training Program

The on-line Animal Research Training Program is presented by the Collaborative Institutional Training
Initiative (CITI) Office at the University of Miami. ETSU has adopted it as required training for all animal
users as per policy of the University Committee on Animal Care (UCAC).

As of August 18th, 2005 the UCAC has required all NEW animal users to take the on-line
training course and exam. Note: Investigators applying for VA-funded grants using animals, also must
complete the on-line as part of grant submission process for VA monies.

        Investigators have the responsibility of being aware of current policies and
         regulations regarding humane animal care and use.

        If you have any questions regarding animal use issues, we encourage you to take a refresher course
         using the on-line training program.

Instructions for the On-Line Animal Research Training Program

Go to the website www.citiprogram.org

    1.  If you have not registered with CITI before click the "New Users Register Here" link.
    2.  In the drop down list of Participating Institutions select East Tennessee State University (not Eastern TN State) ,
        click Submit.
    3. Define your own unique user name and password, click Submit.
    4. Enter your name and email address, confirm email and click Submit.
    5. Fill in your member information and click Submit.
    6. Select the button "Thanks, but I want to take the Lab Animal Training. Please go to to question 2".
    7. Under question 2 select the required "Working with the IACUC Course" for Investigators, Staff and Students.
        It is highly recommended that you also do the optional modules that are applicable to your work. These modules
        are invaluable learning tools for new animal users.
              o Species specific module for the animal model you will use
              o Pain and Distress if the potential exists in your work
              o Surgery and Aseptic technique if survival surgery is involved
    8. Click Continue. You do not need to take the VA module. Click No.
    9. Under "My Courses" click enter. Read the course and take the quizzes for each chapter.
    10. Log Out when you have completed this session. You can log off and back on as needed.
    11. Please notify DLAR when you have completed and passed the exam.
The program will save your information to date. Once you have completed the course and passed the exam,
print out a copy of your completion certificate for your records. Check with your PI to see if they want a copy
for their records (they may want to send it along with their animal study protocol submission to the UCAC).

Please contact Madaline Lewis at 439-6292 if you have any questions regarding
the Animal Research Training Program.

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