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									                      INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD                           TCH

                     “Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative” - CITI

The Christ Hospital Institutional Review Board is seeking accreditation from the Association for
the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP). Several standards deal
with the “Investigator”, assuring that researchers and staff are trained in following Good Clinical
Practice guidelines defined by the FDA, as well as following institutional policies and procedures.
To meet the standard of educating the research staff, we have implemented the on-line training
course “Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative” (CITI). This is a course commonly taken by
investigators in many institutions to meet IRB regulations. We have also required our IRB
members and IRB staff to complete this course. The instructions are attached for logging on to the
website and taking the course.

Please note the following:

      The course will need to be completed every three years. A composite score of 80% is
       required by the IRB; if low scores make the composite fall below 80%, individuals may go
       back and re-take modules as needed. Not all the modules must be completed at the same
       time. You may wish to log on and take them as time allows, but total time to complete all
       modules is approximately 3 hours.

      Upon completion of all modules, please send a copy of the course transcript to the IRB
       office confirming completion. You should also print a copy of the list of completed
       modules, with grades, to keep for your records or to submit to other institutions if needed.

      It is the policy of The Christ Hospital IRB that investigators may not be listed as a Principal
       Investigator or Co-Investigator unless proof of course completion is on file in the IRB.

      If you have already taken this course, or a similar course, please provide the
       documentation of completion to the IRB at your earliest convenience.

We sincerely appreciate your attention to this matter. Please know that we are here to help you in
any way. If you have any questions about our education policy, or need assistance with the CITI
course, please don’t hesitate to contact Becky Riddell in the IRB Office at 585-2742.

Updated: 01/06/09
                     “Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative” - CITI

To Log On to CITI Course in The Protection of Human Subjects


   1.     Log on to, Click on “New Users Register Here” button.

   2.     Step One- Select your institution or organization:
          Go to “Participating Institutions” drop down menu.
          Click on “down” arrow to the right of the window and scroll down to “Greater Cincinnati
          Academic and Regional Health Centers”.

   3.     Step Two- Select your username and password:
          (Create username and password you’ll remember)
          USERNAME: Create a username (at least 4 characters, not case sensitive)
          PASSWORD: Create a password (at least 8 characters, not case sensitive)
          VERIFY PASSWORD: Re-type your password.

   4.     Step Three- Enter your first and last name.

   5.     Step Four- Enter your e-mail address.
           Then Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.

   6.     Registration Information
          Fill in all the fields with an asterisk “*” in the left-hand column.
          Click SUBMIT button

   7.     Select Curriculum – *Select Christ Hospital* and submit

   8.     At this point you will be asked if you want to affiliate with another institution. If you
          choose YES, you may be asked to complete additional courses for that institution.

   9.     Main Menu – My Courses
             - Regional Hospital

          Under STATUS, click on enter (in red). This will take you to the list of modules to
          complete. Enter each module by clicking the text that is underlined and highlighted.
          You will read about each subject, and then click on to take the quiz. When completing
          a quiz, you may “Go to the Next Module”, or “Go to the Grade Book for this
          Curriculum”. You may take modules as time allows and come back later; they do not
          all have to be completed at the same time. If you log out and come back to take more
          modules, click on the Grade Book to get you to the list of modules that still need to be

       Click on “Review Completed and Optional Modules”
       Click on title of module to re-take.
       Go to end, click on “Take the Quiz for …”
       Click on “Click here to generate the quiz.”
       Re-take exam and hit “Submit Exam” button.

Updated: 01/06/09
         Enter username and password
         Click in the link located in the learner's menu: affiliate with another institution, choose
          GCARHC and follow the prompts.

Updated: 01/06/09

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