New Teacher Project by nMYFuu3


									                             New Teacher Induction
                         Collaborative Assessment Logs
                          Training/Conversation Guide

                                 Types of Contact

Often, a mentor observes the new teacher while she/he is teaching. Optimally,
the observation will be preceded by an agreement on the particular focus of the

Mentors also teach demonstration lessons in order to model certain strategies for
the mentee. Usually, the demonstration is identified as a “next step” in an earlier
conversation and may be aligned with their Individual Unit /Lesson Plan goals.

Mentor Observation:
A beginning teacher and his/her mentor may schedule time to observe a veteran
colleague. Prior to the visit, the new teacher and mentor clarify a particular focus
for the visit.

When a beginning teacher and mentor reflect, they frequently analyze data
collected during observations to look for patterns of achievement and/or areas of
concern. Through open-ended conversations, they develop next steps to
increase the beginning teacher’s efficacy.

Problem Solving:
A problem solving conference often focuses on a particular and sometimes
urgent concern from the beginning teacher. The mentor initially listens patiently
and encourages the new teacher to fully express the problem. The mentor helps
the mentee to create specific next steps to address the concern.

Development and Review of the Unit Plan / Lesson Plan:
During the first month of school, mentors assist new teachers in the planning
process throughout the school year. The process includes a unit plan and lesson
plans that are aligned with MCS Standards.

* Adapted from the New Teacher Induction Program Santa Cruz

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