PeopleSoft Steering Committee Agenda by nMYFuu3


									        Steering Team Meeting
        Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
        Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

A. Recent production accomplishments:
   1. The creation of a separate update and separate correction role to provide individuals with access to the
       "Create/Update Absence" module as well as the FMLA administrative module has been completed for HR.
   2. Access has been provided to the Emergency contact table for all users in query as well as access to the
       PSOPERDEFN table in query for individuals with a security role of Query HR/Benefits create public as
       requested by HR.
   3. Access to the Nepotism table (NC_Nepotism) in 8.8 and 8.9 reporting has been provided for three specific
       users requested by HR.
   4. The 2007 Annual Dependent Day Care Discrimination Testing file for Benefits has been modified so that for
       employees who have not and are not currently participating the SSN now contains 5 leading zeros.
   5. The contract for the Post-Doc health insurance plan was just recently awarded to Hill, Chesson &Woody
       through BCBSNC. Benefits has completed negotiations of new rates effective 06/01/07, which have now been
       entered into the HR system.
   6. We now have an employee working in Fairborn, OH, for which there are local taxes. A request to set up the
       Company Local Tax Table for this locality has been completed for Payroll.
   7. The first field on the PPAF, Job Effective Date has been changed to Person Effective Date at the request of
       HR, as it is confusing to users. This date can only be current or prior and is the date the new employee
       becomes "known to the system." Users are thinking this field is the hire date.
   8. Financial Team has completed interface testing on the HR Upgrade Project.
   9. The Wolfpack Reporting System has been released to campus. In the near future the Faculty Accounting
       Reports will be disabled (the Wolf Reports have already been disabled). The next phase of improvements are
       now being prioritized and development will continue.
   10. The hours of the Financial Reporting System (and related reports such as the Wolfpack Reporting System)
       has been extended until midnight (M-F) and until 10 PM on Saturday and Sunday. This extension was made
       specifically to assist with year-end requests, but will be evaluated for permanent implementation.
   11. The first major release of NELNET (non-PeopleSoft ) Credit Card Processing and Reporting was
       successfully implemented June 18th for ADVANCE CSR (Customer Service Rep) and Wolf Print Gateways.
       The ADVANCE CSR site is utilized to process donor gifts for development foundations and replaces POS
       Partner current credit card processing software/service. Foundations Accounting has verified that Visa
       payments processed via NELNET have transferred appropriately to Wachovia accounts. Alumni and Donor
       Records is migrating from POS Partner to NELNET in a controlled process – a foundation/department at a
       time to verify processing since NELNET is a new implementation/processing service. Wolf Print site is
       utilized for Student copy quotas and replaces Yahoo credit card processing/service. Wolf Print has connected
       their test site to the production NELNET payment site for controlled testing. They are targeting the
       beginning of August to connect production Wolf Print Site to NELNET production payment site.
       Implementation of these gateways required set-up of new Merchant ID’s, Terminal ID’s, Store Numbers and
       Digital Certificates and extensive coordination with NELNET, LinkPoint, SunTrust and Wachovia financial
       institutions/services. The NELNET test environments have now been released to the SIS Student Financial
       team to test/prepare for SIS Release 1 of Student Financials - October ’07. At this point, additional
       implementation of non-PeopleSoft Payment Sites is gated by completion of SIS Release 1 OR NELNET
       Department Solutions Software Release due to serial nature of NELNET implementation processes. Next
       NELNET non-PeopleSoft gateways are targeted for CALS Windows of Opportunity, VET School On-Line
       Giving Site and current Yahoo Storefront customers.
   12. The ASAP and Web Security Reports applications were updated to support the WolfPack Reporting System
       enhancements, along with enhancements for supporting IDT access requests.
   13. ETSS Security, EADS, and ITD have completed the review of the HR, Financial, Unity, and edirectory
       userids to ensure synchronization.
   14. The annual security certification by the Deans, Vice Chancellors and Vice Provosts for HR 8.8 and Financial
       8.9 was completed on Friday, June 8th.
   15. All active DRAS reports have been converted to Report2Web.

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         Steering Team Meeting
         Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
         Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

B. Accounts Payable
    1.   Implementation of invoice scanning to be done by campus is now active (#AP35). Rollout to campus will begin in
         early 2007. This project is active and is in a pilot phase with EADS and Accounting. Once Accounting is satisfied
         with the results, we will pilot with Don Patty (Student Center) and Ann Hargis (McKimmon Center). Don Patty
         (Student Center) is now in the pilot phase with this project. Brief demo presented at the May UBO Meeting (5/17).
         Note that additional rollouts have been placed on hold until after June 30 due to year-end processing
    2.   Working with Accounting to define the scope of workflow changes that will streamline voucher approval and
         payment processing (#AP46). Project is pending customer acceptance testing.

C. Billing/Accounts Receivable
    1.   Student Financials Implementation-Interfaces with GL on the SIS Project.

D. Purchasing
    1.   Planning and initial research for e-Procurement is in process (PUR27). In addition to system setup work, EADS and
         ETSS are working with several vendors to work out the technical details needed to allow the ability to “punch out”
         of the Financial System into a vendor site (such as Dell) in order to create an order and then bring that information
         back to the Financial System in order to create a requisition. We are working with Oracle to leverage Oracle’s
         Supplier Network. Oracle is very interested in working with us (and willing to commit their development
         resources) to enhance functionality of the Oracle Supplier Network to treat NC State as a model of potential
         functionality and integration capabilities.
    2.   Working with the Purchasing Office on making final enhancements to the MarketPlace prior to the implementation
         of e-Procurement.
    3.   EADS and the Purchasing Office are currently evaluating the possibility of eliminating the use of pre-encumbrances
         in the Financial System and relying on encumbrances and expenditures. Meetings are being held to discuss the pros
         and cons of eliminating the use of pre-encumbrances in the Financial System. Decision was made and
         communicated to campus to eliminate pre-encumbrances in the Financial System. Purchasing will be
         creating the PO and establishing the encumbrance (instead of creating a pre-encumbrance that is then
         liquidated) once the requisition is approved. This change in business process will reduce much of the
         inefficiencies and liquidation problems currently being experienced by the Purchasing module.

E. General Financials Issues
    1.   Project to provide a consolidated online credit card and ACH payment processing service is active. Review of the
         vendor responses to the RFP is complete (Project 069481FS003). Contract has been awarded to NelNet.
         Implementation planning is in process. Currently working with the vendor to prepare a project plan for the initial
         implementation of department solutions (those that participated in the Prototype in addition to the CALS Windows
         of Opportunity Giving Project). Note that NelNet requires all projects within their Test environment to be moved
         into Production as a single package. We are working through the details of this requirement to try and minimize
         impact for future implementations. The first credit card transactions were successfully processed in
         production on June 18, 2007 by Advance. This major success was a direct result of a large group of folks
         working on the project that was lead and made possible by Connie Reitfort and Cindy Hutchins.

F. Human Resources
    1.   A Statewide Business Infrastructure Study was completed last year to address the State’s core business functions
         from an enterprise perspective. This study was a joint effort under the direction of the Office of the State Controller
         (OSC) with the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM), the Office of Information Technology Services
         (ITS), and the Office of State Personnel (OSP). Based on the study results, the State has decided to replace its
         Human Resources and Payroll Systems with the HR system from SAP. NC State will be impacted as we provide a
         data feed to these systems. A project team has been formed, headed up by Brian Simet, to represent NC State’s
         interests in this project, which is now referred to as the BEACON Project.

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          Steering Team Meeting
          Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
          Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

     2.   As a result of mandatory background checking for all new employees hired on or after 1/1/07, we need to begin
          tracking background check information within the HR System. HR believes we should be able to utilize the
          delivered RI Check tracking functionality that can be found in the Workforce Monitoring module.
     3.   The current training tracking system, On-Track, will be out of support soon. HR would like to implement the
          Enterprise Learning module confined to courses offered through HR T&OD. Since this is new functionality for the
          HR system, they wish to initially rollout this module in a very controlled environment on a very limited basis. This
          request is in Post 8.9 Upgrade status. It will be removed from the list next month.
     4.   Due to privacy legislation and the fact that SSNs are verified quarterly with Social Security Administration,
          HR has requested that this field be removed from all Compensating Control Reports. Currently it appears on
          NCHR0041 Detail Report-Personal Data.

G. Payroll
     1.   Effective October 2007, TSERS will be switching to a new system (ORBIT), which is dramatically different from
          the current system. This new system will be a total overhaul of their current, antiquated one and will be used not
          only for the remittance of contributions, but enrollments as well, so this project might be considered a joint effort of
          Benefits and Payroll. Substantial additional information that you wouldn't normally associate with a remittance and
          not captured by our current remittance process is being asked for. TSERS will be requesting that we verify service
          for active employees, hired within the last two years, to ensure the information is correct before they go live with
     2.   Payroll has requested that a link to the W4/NC4 application be added to the Payroll and Compensation Home page.
     3.   The Summer School pay calendar needs to be updated for Summer School Session I and II processing for
     4.   Earnings code 710 is used for foreign national, nonresident alien, fellowship recipients in the SCH paygroup.
          We have also had scholarship/fellowship payment recipients in the TMP paygroup for which we have used
          the 710 earnings code. The account mapping for earnings code 710 is not set up for the TMP paygroup and
          causes distribution problems. Payroll is creating earnings code 020 to be used for foreign national,
          nonresident alien, scholarship/fellowship recipients that are in the TMP paygroup. This earnings code will
          only be available to the payroll office. While Payroll would like to add earnings code 020 immediately, they
          can wait until August 2007 to set it up in production.
     5.   The Gym Membership rates will be increasing. The changes need to be updated for the June payroll.

H. Benefits

I.   Commitment Accounting
     1. TEARS conversion to v8.8 Phase II is under development and is scheduled to be completed by October 2007.
     2. Financial Services has requested a modification to the encumbrance calculation to use the Expected End Date or the
        End Date based upon detailed specifications.

J.   Budget Office

K. General Human Resources Issues
   1. Scope definition for the HRMS 8.9 upgrade has been modified to include full Campus Community. System testing,
      Quality Assurance testing and Customer Acceptance testing are now completed. Initial customer training took place
      in April 2007. Additional campus training sessions will be held in June and July. Load testing began in May and
      will continue into June. Target implementation date is July 24, 2007.
   2. Development work is being conducted on various applications to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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        Steering Team Meeting
        Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
        Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

L. Student Administration
   1. Information regarding the Student Information System (SIS) implementation can be found at Prototyping has completed and a comprehensive project plan has been developed. Based
       on the comprehensive list of scope change requests, the implementation schedule was revised and approved by the
       Provost and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business as follows:
             July 24, 2007: Campus Community I go live (limited bio/demo data with interface to Student legacy)
             September 10, 2007: Campus Community II, Admissions, Student Financials, Housing;
             June 16, 2008: Student Records Class Schedule;
             September 29, 2008: Student Records Registration, Student Financials Tuition Calculation;
             January 12, 2009: Student Records Transcripts, Transfer Course Equivalency, Academic Advising
                 (interfaces to Registration / Permanent Records);
             March 9, 2009: Student Records Term End, Financial Aid.
       Currently, data conversion and programming are progressing in all major modules. Test Plans are in development
       for the September 10, 2007 Release. A decision was made to roll the tasks assigned to the January 12, 2009 release
       into the September 29, 2008 release in order to save testing cycles. Discussions have begun with UNC-CH
       concerning their implementation of 9.0 Campus Solutions. Coding and unit testing activities have completed for
       the objects going live September 10, 2007. Systems Test has begun and will continue through July 31.
   2. SIS Auxiliary Services Interfaces – Interface Activities
        ADET development on Bookstore ID data feed continues, (new requirements based on production
         enhancement request), working with HR team on consolidated HR/Student feed.
        ADET development on DH Hill Library and University Dining All Campus System data feeds has started.
        ADVANCE – Parent load for new freshman and student transfers in unit testing phase with data sourced from
         SIS. Based on availability of admission data in SIS, interface has been moved to 2/08.

M. Systems/Application Security
    1. Applications Security
          Applications Security, in conjunction with EADS and ITD, continues to monitor the userids between Unity,
             eDirectory, HR, Financials and the Portal to ensure the confidentiality of user information in the Self Service
             modules of HR.
          ASAP requirements for TEARS Phase II reviewed with project team. No new ASAP or Web Security
             Reports requirements identified.
          A new project will be initiated to remove SSN as the key for the Security Data Compliance Table and replace it
             with an Employee ID. Applications (ASAP, PAR, etc.) utilizing this table will require updates. Project on hold
             at this time due to other ASAP priorities.
          HR has requested enhancements to web security reports to display HR, Finance and Student Systems access for
             terminated and transferred employees. ADET completed development on first of two Web Security Report s
             with User Acceptance Testing in progress by ETSS for report #1. A meeting was held on June 5 to
             review the requirements for the second web Security Report. Requirements to be finalized and approved
             by stakeholders before development begins. The two new web security reports will be completed after the
             “Go-Live” of the HR 8.9 implementation.
          ADET Development Team is working with ETSS Security, the HR Development Team, and the FIN
             Development Team to identify ASAP and Web Security Reporting requirements for rollout of Campus
             Community in July. At this time no new requirements have been identified for this release.
          ASAP Replacement Project – Sun has been selected from the RFP process for the ASAP replacement
             POC – Proof of Concept. The Proof of Concepts study is conducted to further explore product
             capability/functionality for integration and compatibility with the environment/infrastructure at NC
             State. Initial conference call with Sun & NCSU project team was held 6/22 to review POC methodology
             and technical requirements. Use cases and questions regarding contents for POC are being reviewed.
             An on-Site kickoff meeting is scheduled for July 11 th with Sun and NCSU POC team members. Initial
             web based training for project team identified and communicated to NCSU by Sun in preparation for
             POC. NCSU preparing for POC support. The POC is scheduled to be completed by September 12,
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        Steering Team Meeting
        Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
        Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

          The HR and Financial Data Stewards are currently conducting the annual review and certification of
           HR and Financial users with ALL OUCs access. The deadline to return the completed certification
           forms was Friday, June 8th. This certification has not been completed yet.
    2. Mainframe Laser Printer Implementation:
        A mainframe laser printer has been purchased to replace aging equipment used to produce grade mailers and
           forms. The laser printer has been set up in the computer print room in Data Center I (Hillsborough Building).
           Conversion of all forms and printed reports to laser print has been completed. Production Management is
           currently working with various groups on campus to convert label processing to laser print.
    3. Information Security Assessment (ISA):
        ISA continues to perform ongoing vulnerability scans to proactively identify and mitigate risks of cyber security
           threats. Monitoring of security device logs continues in order to identify security breaches or attempts against
           the administrative network.
        A central log correlation system is being implemented to correlate logs generated within ETSS from servers,
           network devices, security devices, etc. Various devices that generate security logs are currently being
           integrated into the device.
        Identity and Access Management (I AM) Project – Project chairs are currently documenting the overall
           project charter. With the departure of Leo Howell from ETSS to Internal Audit, John Baines is assuming
           RMIS project co-chair responsibilities for the I_AM project.
        Phase II of the RMIS Information Systems Security Plan (RISSP) is underway. Seven security standards have
           been developed and are currently being reviewed via security workshops with various units within RMIS.
        The RMIS Managed Secure External File Exchange Project seeks to identify all RMIS backend file exchanges
           with external agencies, and then standardize on managed secure file delivery mechanisms to prevent sensitive
           data from being intercepted, tampered with, or stolen in transit. Phase II of this project is underway. The
           requirements are being finalized in order for an RFP to be drafted.
        Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – All active credit card merchant accounts are
           compliant. A new phase of the PCI project has begun and it involves bringing all University merchants into
           compliance with version 2.0 of the PCI DSS standards, which will take effect in January 2008. At the request
           of the University CFO, a new regulation is being drafted to address compliance with PCI DSS standards
           for University credit card handling.
        ISA continues to perform ongoing monitoring activities, including log monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and
           remediation. New credit card merchant accounts continue to be added at an average of about two per week.
           Compliance activities are being performed for each account before credit card processing commences.
        Communication to campus regarding the revised Data Management Procedures (DMP) Regulation (which now
           includes the new Data Classification Standard as an internal section) is underway.
        A new Password Standard is being developed for use throughout the University, but with particular regard to
           the development of the new Student System and Portal Student implementation. It also will allow students and
           general users to change their passwords annually, rather than monthly. We are working with ITD to make four
           documents out of this working draft, focusing on different audiences, with a view to a University-wide scope.
           The Password Standard has been approved as an internal standard within RMIS and ITD by the AVC
           and VP. Legal review indicated that this standard did not need University approval, so department level
           approval places this standard into effect. The standard has already been implemented for students and
           faculty using Strong Unity (e.g. access to the portal). Communications to administrative users and
           enforcement of the standard through the use of Strong Unity are underway.
        At the request of the University CFO, a new regulation is being drafted to track down rogue servers storing
           High Security Data (e.g., social security numbers) and relocate servers and/or data to the University Data
           Centers. These servers store High Security Data (e.g., social security numbers). The project will relocate
           servers and/or data to the University Data Centers. This document is currently being presented to a
           number of committees for review and feedback. It was presented to the informal UITC meeting on
           Wednesday June 13th, and we received some very useful feedback.

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         Steering Team Meeting
         Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
         Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

N. Disaster Recovery/Organizational Resilience/Data Center2 Project
   1. The RMIS Organizational Resilience Unit is in the process of developing:
        Infrastructural resiliency plans for the administrative environment,
        A High Availability Project plan for redundancy and failover of administrative systems,
        A Testing Schedule for administrative environment including infrastructure and ERP systems, and
        The RMIS Resilience service level agreement to be posted on the web.
   2. The OR Unit continues its evaluation and mitigation of identified threats to RMIS provided services.
   3. The OR Unit’s Planning Workshop for the administrative infrastructure continues.
   4. The Organizational Resilience website is currently undergoing a redesign.

O.    Client/Desktop
     1. The ETSS Help Desk is currently working with the SIS Steering Team on how the University wants to handle
          requests for assistance from users of the various centrally supported administrative systems. An upcoming meeting
          in May will focus on the customer base, types of calls each unit fields, how to route various calls and the tools
          necessary for call tracking. Please send any help desk related problems or concerns to
     2. The implementation of the Business Objects Enterprise reporting tools has begun. It will be completed in phases
          with initial deployment beginning with those who participated in the proof of concept. The Business Objects
          production environment has been made available to Advancement Services. Additional development training has
          been requested and scheduled for the EADS Development Team to aid in finishing up the Advance Universe

P. Portfolio Management Office (PMO) / Project Coordination
   1. The RMIS IT Portfolio Management Office with the Advisory Board continues to create standardized project
       management processes that include a submittal process, approval process, planning processes, executing process,
       monitoring and control process, close out process, and a project-to-production process.
   2. The PMO is ready to deliver the course, “Work Estimation to Critical Path,” to RMIS staff.
   3. The PMO website continues to be updated (
   4. Continuing to build a demonstration server to host the iTRACS product, the NC State database, and web
       interface that will allow users to gain information about their building's network wiring infrastructure.
   5. Starting July 1, 2007, the PMO (Craig Zimmer) will assist the “I_AM” project team with project
       management activities.

Q. Administrative Portal > “MyPack Portal Redesign & v8.9 upgrade
   1. Portal Redesign - HR 8.9 Customer Acceptance Testing and Financial systems review completed for July
      implementation. Working with Configuration Mgmt to determine go-live timing for MyPack during HR8.9
      upgrade process. Continue to work with ITD and SIS teams on the Welcome Id account creation. Continue to
      support ITD and ETSS Application Security in resolving synchronization of access in Portal with HR & Finance
      systems driven by Unity ID’s. Audit scripts run weekly to continue to ensure synchronization. Training of central
      office primes for portal announcement updates to be scheduled for early July. Preparing MyPack go-live
      plans, conversion steps, reference materials and campus communications.
   2. SIS Integration – Final requirements remain outstanding from Delta, and Student Affairs. Pack Tracks load testing
      with Registration and Records completed with no major issues identified. The initial design and workflow for
      Account Creation and NDS application process was presented to the Admissions Offices and other SIS team
      members. Testing is continuing and Readmissions processes have been added to the workflow. Setup has
      been completed for the SIS system testing and will be ready for the upcoming Customer Acceptance testing
      cycle. Met with ITD and ETSS Help Desks staff 6/22 to demo MyPack portal. Working with staff to develop
      support plan for roll-out to Campus and Students.
   3. Portal Redesign Authentication –Changes to implement the delivered PeopleSoft timeout process have been
      completed in the testing environments and is continuing in the development environments.

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         Steering Team Meeting
         Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
         Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

R. System Availability
   1. For detailed information on production hours for the Human Resources, Financials and Student systems and
       Administrative Portal, please see the following URL:

S.   University Advancement, Annual Fund and Alumni Relations
     1. Business Objects Reporting Suite implementation for ADVANCE –Business Objects formal Universe Design &
         Creation on-site training completed for Advance development team, HR prime, and EADS Business Objects
         prime June 11-13. Advance developers, customer reporting team and Business Objects universe designer
         developed strategy and high level design of universes required for Advance. Development of Informatica
         scripts required to transfer data from Advance production Sybase database to new Advance Oracle reporting
         database in progress. Work with Business Objects Universe designer, development team and customers will
         continue week of June 25th & July 9tth to begin creation of Advance Bio/Demographic, Gifts/Pledges, Prospect
         and Membership Universes from Oracle reporting database tables. Once creation of key Universes are
         completed the development team and customer super users will begin creation of prioritized WEB
         Intelligence (WEBI) reports pulling data from Universes. These reports will then be made available to the
         College Development offices via the web. This process is replacement of existing Sybase reporting databases and
         required for Advance migration to Oracle and elimination of non-supported Q+E reporting tool currently
         utilized by customers.
     2. Add Students to ADVANCE – Parent load for new freshman and student transfers in testing phase with data sourced
         from SIS. Targeted for implementation of SIS Release 1, February ’08. Development of initial load of student
         data sourced from legacy student system completed, extracted data for approximately 18,000 students reviewed
         by customer and approved for loading into Advance test system for verification. Development of change
         process for student data from legacy student system has started.
     3. Harris Alumni Print Directory – initial file received, reviewed by customers and released to development team
         for loading into Advance. There will be three updates to be applied to Advance from Harris between June and
     4. Donor Records and Annual Giving Credit Card processing – Reference Recent Production Accomplishments
         section for status update on the Advance component of NELNET implementation. Annual Giving WEB Site
         will be deferred until Alumni Relations solidifies future business processes.
     5. Lost Address Search from Harris – loading of quarterly updates from Harris in progress.
     6. Completed modifications to Project verification table required by Wolf Reports implementation.
     7. Completed major updates to Advance reporting database to add new data elements - Operator ID, mod date,
         data source for all tables; mailing list comments, field of specialty to all employment tables and citizenship
     8. Advance 9.1 Upgrade – Advance application upgrade from v8.2 to v9.1 is required to proceed with migration
         from Sybase to Oracle project. SmartCall upgrade is not required for this release. Set-up of new server in
         progress by ETSS for release to DBA’s. DBA’s will run Advance 9.1 upgrade scripts and release to
         development team for Powerbuilder 10 upgrade, applying customizations, configuration of new features and
         system testing. Target for release to Advance customers for testing by end of July. Production upgrade
         targeted for weekend of September 15th.
     9. Advance Oracle upgrade – detailed assessment of 5 databases to be upgraded – Advance, Advance Reporting,
         BioProfile, Payroll Deduction and Annual Giving continues. Identified need to convert denormalization processes
         from stored procedures to Informatics transformations. Analysis of existing Sybase stored procedures continues for
         clean up and determining which ones are required for Oracle migration. Oracle upgrade will continue once
         required Advance upgrade to v9.1 completed.

T. College of Education (CED) Assessment System
   1. Requirements continue to evolve for Phase I (focused on assessments for Undergraduate and NC Teach Program
       students). New requirements are being defined resulting in redesign of student assessment gateways and NC
       Teach Program advising gateways. Data modeling continues. Praxis test score data analysis continues, waiting
       for requirements clarification by business prime. Functions for NC Teach Program students redesigned to meet
       new business requirements.

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          Steering Team Meeting
          Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
          Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

 U. Contracts & Grants Document Scanning
    1. Contracts & Grants scanner received and installed. Configuration of scanner for use with Input Accel
        started. User Acceptance Testing of new Scanning application (includes scanning, indexing, storing and
        retrieving documents using Input Accel and Documentum) to start once scanner configuration is finalized.
        Additional scanning and index licenses will be required prior to go-live of application

 V. Project Tracker Extract > AERES Data Feed
    1. Continue working with vendor, IdeaCode for them to provide agreed upon run-through of end-to-end process for
        user acceptance testing. Facilities are currently verifying AERES application functionality with vendor before
        proceeding with testing the NCSU extract feed.

 W. Campus ID (CID) Application
    1. Modifications to CID Admin tool completed, system testing in progress to support the sourcing of CID Sybase
       application data from Campus Community database versus current HR and Student extracts. User
       acceptance testing to be completed early July with targeted implementation aligned to HR 8.9 go-live in July.

 X. Transportation Employee WEB Permit Request Application
    1. Documented additional functional requirements for defining eligible Graduate Students in Transportation's
        Employee Permit Request process. Met with Transportation, HR, EADS-HR, EADS-ADET, and Grad School
        representatives to review detail requirements 6/1//2007. Functional spec being updated further by Cindy Hutchins
        to reflect latest requirements and will be submitted for final user approval.

 Y. Athletics NCAA Cai (Compliance Assistant) Data Imports
    1. User Acceptance testing is underway. Working with R&R and Athletic Compliance departments to resolve
        process questions raised during User demo. Follow-up meeting with Financial Aid, R&R and Athletic
        departments scheduled for 6/26.

 Z. WCU Surplus application
    1. Quote for WCU to provide hosted Surplus application similar to ECU System provided to WCU. Waiting
       for approval to proceed.

AA.   Health Services’ PointNClick Patient Information System
      1. Health Services purchased a new package for tracking patients paperless through their office. The new system will
          require interface with student system. Worked with vendor to finalize interface requirements and data
          sources. Student demographic file provided to vendor for initial data mapping for load process. The
          PointNClick application is expected to be in use for Fall ’07 semester. Interface for student billing to be
          developed by PointNClick vendor.

BB.   CALS Windows of Opportunity Giving Site
      1. Extension to CALS Windows of Opportunity On-Line Giving Site is on-hold pending NELNET Department
         Solutions Release for general use by customers. Future release of Windows of Opportunity will be inclusion of
         event registration and payment processing.

CC.   College of Veterinary Medicine Online Giving application
      1. Received final on-line giving site design from CVM. Design of database in progress by ADET. Development
          of giving site to begin in early July. Processing of credit cards will completed by Donor Records via
          NETLNET CSR site until NELNET Department Solutions is released for usage and the CVM on-line Giving
          Site can be connected directly to NELNET payment gateway.

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          Steering Team Meeting
          Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
          Location: Avent Ferry Fireside Conference Room

DD.   Powerbuilder Application Upgrades
      1. User testing started for PowerBuilder application upgrades to version 10.5 to ensure continued supportability.
         PowerBuilder v10.2.x support expires on July 5 th, 2007. CEU application user testing and production migration
         completed 06/21/07.

EE.   Contracts & Grants Prior Approval Process (ePAR)
      1. Development completed and User Testing underway for expanding the RADAR number to 9-characters to
         align with RADAR and Financial System changes.

FF.   Environmental Health & Safety – Hazardous Materials
      1. New business requirements received for the HazTrak application. Analysis underway to determine the
         impact of requested enhancements and to develop a user estimate.

GG.   Auxiliary Systems (ADET Supported) – HR ID Conversion for 8.9 Upgrade
      1. Planning in progress for second HR ID sync in Auxiliary Systems aligned to HR 8.9 upgrade. Systems
         impacted are ASAP, WEB Security Reports, PAR, VIN, All Campus System and CID.

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