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Born in Belgrade in 1979, she studied piano and music theory and graduated from “K. Stankovic” Music
School with an excellent grade point average. In 1998, she moved to Italy to attend the Novara Conservatory
and study organ under professor Giancarlo Bardelli, of the Organ and Organ Composition Department. She
graduated in 2004 with highest honors. At the same time, she studied the Organ Course at the Department of
Old Music at International Musical Academy in Milan, under the professor Lorenzo Ghielmi. She participated in
various musical interpretation courses throughout Italy, Switzerland and Germany, with professors L.Lohmann,
L.F.Tagliavini, M.C.Alain, J.C.Zehnder, F.Friedrich, P.Crivellaro, H.Vogel. J.van Oortmerssen and L.Ghielmi.
She held many organ and cymbal concerts, both as a solo artist and a member of a chamber ensemble in
Sant’Alessandro church in Milan, San Marco church in Novara, Collegiata di Santa Maria in Arona, as well as
the cities of Pinerolo, Verbania, Vercelli, Omegna, Biella, Domodossola, Cremona, Moena and others.
She has ten years of experience working as a freelance professor of piano, theory, harmony, counterpoint and
organ. From 2006 to 2010, she taught Music at “Giacomo Leopardi” High School in Novara. In 2010, she
collaborated with “Dedalo Music School” in Novara to teach propaedeutics. Since 2010, she has been
teaching Music Education using the Kodaly method at “A.Stoppani” Elementary School in Milan. She’s a
contributing organist and choral director at San Guiseppe church choir in Novara. In addition, she is the official
interpreter of Italian and Serbian languages at National Tourism Board of Serbia.
Her natural tendency for introspection and her belief that music is a phenomenon that encompasses the entire
personality led her to study music therapy and take the Animator Expert Course at Music Therapy Institute
Adifamily in Monza, which she completed successfully with a thesis “Soul Food – treating eating disorders
using music therapy.” In addition, she studied at The Center for Bioclimatology, Biotechnology and Natural
Medicine in Milan State University, which she finished with the thesis titled “Music Therapy and Women.” She
received the highest marks in both courses.
After finishing music therapy practical work, which she obtained with operators from Group for Expressive
Therapy under the supervision of professor Livio Bressan at the Center for Alzheimer’s at the Golgi-Redaelli
Geriatric Institute, she became a member herself and currently collaborates with Dr. Laura Intiso on a project
titled “Emotional rehabilitation with music therapy and cognitive rehabilitation with psychotherapy in cases of
severe Alzheimer’s.”
In addition to her work with patients, she leads music therapy seminaries and labs at the “Musica e Cervello”
and “Laboratorio Triennale di Musicoterapia” projects as a part of the Group for Expressive Therapy under the
supervision of professor Livio Bressan at the Milan University.
Her experience in music therapy expended to other fields: she worked with patients suffering from anxiety,
depression and panic attacks. She followed the progress of several children who suffered from cognitive,
social and behavioral problems at A. Stoppani elementary school.

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