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					                             TEACHING PERFORMANCE & CERTIFICATION CENTER                                                                                                      Semester:             Fall    O
                                     Kean University – College of Education                                                                                                                        Spring   O
                                        Willis 110 – Union, NJ 07083
                              Phone: 908-737-4185/Fax: 908-737-4115/Email:                                                                                                Year ______________

                                                                        ASSESSMENT of UNIVERSITY SUPERVISOR (Adjunct)
                                                                                 Professional Intern Perspective

University Supervisor Name: ____________________________________________________

Directions: This assessment is to be completed independently of the supervisor and must be returned to the Teaching Performance Center one week before the end of the semester.
Darken the ovals completely using a blue or black pen - Like this: . Do not X or check the circle. All erasures must be complete.

Program: Bilingual O      Early Childhood OElementary O           ESL OFine Arts OEd of D/HH OMusic OHealth/PE OSecondary      OSpeech Path OTeacher of Handicapped O 
Below is a list of supervisory practices. Using the scale below, please indicate the frequency of these practices evidenced by your university supervisor. Additional space is provided for your comments.
                                            1 – Rarely                         2 – Sometimes           3 – Most of the time                       4 – Always
The university supervisor demonstrated knowledge of:                                                         12. Encouraged the development of critical thinking and problem              12.    
1.   Subject matter incorporating national standards, NJ CCCS &                1.                       solving in P-12 students
    NJ PTS* for supervising at this area or level.                                                          13. Encouraged strategies for the incorporation of technology/media          13.    
2.   A variety of teaching methods & differentiated instructional strategies. 2.                    14. Completed narrative reports and appropriate assessments.                 14.    
3.   Diverse student learning styles and appropriate assessment methods.       3.    
                                                                                                             15. Established and met scheduled supervisory visits in accordance with      15.           
4.   Classroom management theories and their application.                      4.                       State and met University requirements.
5.   Current research on teaching and learning.                                5.                   16. Provided sufficient time for conferring following each observation.      16.    
6.   Realistic expectations and outcomes for the professional intern.          6.                    with professional intern and cooperating teacher.

                                                                                                             17. Conducted conferences in a positive and constructive manner.             17.    
The university supervisor:                                                                                   
7.   Communicated his/her performance expectations to the professional         7.                   
     intern & the cooperating teacher with regard to lesson planning,
     journal, portfolio, supervisory observation, conferences & evaluations.                                 DISPOSITIONS/VALUES
                                                                                                             The university supervisor:
8.   Evaluated intern’s performance based on the criteria of the               8.                   18. Maintained a professional relationship with intern.                        18.   
     Field Experience Competency Assessment.
                                                                                                             19. Maintained a professional relationship with the cooperating teacher        19.   
9.   Provided specific oral & written feedback.                                9.                     and school personnel.
10. Identified specific areas of strength and made appropriate                 10.                  20. Supported the development of intern’s self-confidence.                     20.   
    recommendations for areas of improvement.                                                                21. Encouraged reflection and innovation related to teaching and learning.     21.     
11. Read and critiqued lesson plans, unit plans, journal & portfolio.          11.                  22. Showed enthusiasm for teaching and the field of education.                     22. 

*New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards & New Jersey Professional Teaching Standards                                             C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\cc7e0e83-ceea-497e-8a2d-6e3a6e7c902a.doc

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