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									                                          ACC DEGREE TRACKING WORKSHEET
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                                                       Building Construction Technology
                                                          CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT
                                                          Associate of Applied Science Degree
                                                                  2006-2007 Catalog
Students are ready to enter the competitive construction job market as assistant superintendents, cost estimators, and construction schedulers. Students are capable of
building structures and managing construction processes.

The following degree outlines list courses in the recommended order that they may be taken. Students with no prior experience will get an extensive hands-on
curriculum, gaining knowledge and skill that prepare them for working in the construction industry. Beginning students with no construction experience will rarely be
allowed waivers or substitutions for first semester courses.

Students who have experience should call the Building Construction Technology department and talk with a department faculty advisor for possible waivers or
substitutions in the sequence of courses. A student may gain college credits if adequate experience, skill, and knowledge is exhibited via a challenge exam.

Students should ordinarily follow the Building Construction Technology recommended and required sequencing of courses. Students and ACC advisors should contact
the department with any questions concerning course sequencing scheduling or full classes.

    Program Course #             Course Title                                                    Sem           Sem            Grade         College (If
                                                                                                 Hrs.          Taken                        not ACC)
    CNBT 1402                     Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Systems                    4
                                 in Construction
    CNBT 1411                     Construction Methods and Materials I                           4
    CNBT 1413+                     Concrete -- Residential                                       4
    CRPT 1415+                     Conventional Wall Systems                                     4
    CNBT 1342+                     Building Codes and Inspections                                3
    CNBT 1472+                    Residential and Light Commercial Blueprint                     4
    OSHT 1405                     OSHA Regulations -- Construction Industry                      4
                                   Mathematics                                                   3
    CNBT 1446+                     Construction Estimating I                                     4
    CNBT 2342+                     Construction Management I                                     3
    CNBT 2344+                     Construction Management II                                    3
                                   Oral Communication                                            3
    CNBT 2346+                     Construction Management III                                   3
    CNBT 2332+                     Project Scheduling                                            3
                                   Written Communication                                         3
                                   Social and Behavioral Science                                 3
    CNBT 2280+#                   Cooperative Education - Construction                           2
                                 Engineering Technology/Technician
                                  Humanities1                                                    3
                                   Restricted Elective                                           4
                                   Restricted Elective2                                          4

 Select from the appropriate section of the General Education Course List.
 Select from the following restricted electives: CRPT 1441, CRPT 1445, CNBT 1471, CNBT 2435, CNBT 2437. Prerequisites will be strictly enforced. Courses may
be taken out of sequence only with department approval. Students may request substitutions of required courses. Substitutions may come from the list of restricted
+ Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions.
# Capstone course
Final approval of degree plan for graduation is provided by the Admissions Office. Application for graduation must be on file in the Admissions Office before the
published deadline of the student’s final semester. The ACC Catalog contains important information about graduation.

                                                        ACC COURSE DESCRIPTIONS

CNBT 1342 BUILDING CODES AND INSPECTIONS (3-3-0). An examination of the building codes and standards applicable to building
construction and inspection processes. Prerequisites: CNBT 1411 or department approval.

CNBT 1402 MECHANICAL, PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS IN CONSTRUCTION (4-3-3). A presentation of the basic mechanical,
plumbing and electrical components in construction and their relationship to the overall building. Fee: $20 Insurance: $3.50

CNBT 1411 CONSTRUCTION METHODS AND MATERIALS I (4-3-3). An introduction to construction materials and methods and their
applications. This is a hands-on survey course which has four components: construction management, concrete/masonry, carpentry, and
woodworking. Students learn to use math, blueprints, building specifications, optical leveling equipment, hand tools, portable power tools, and
stationary power tools in a sequence of learning activities designed for students to acquire entry level skills and knowledge of the construction
industry. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50

CNBT 1413 CONCRETE -- RESIDENTIAL (4-3-3). A study of the various techniques for concrete utilization in residential and light construction
from the theoretical concepts of hydration to the practical experience of verifying site conditions, interpreting data used to establish conditions of
level, square, plumb, parallel, and perpendicular, tying steel, and placing and finishing a concrete slab. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites:
CNBT 1411 or department approval.

CNBT 1446 CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATING I (4-3-3). Fundamentals of estimating materials and labor costs in construction. Fee: $24 Insurance:
$3.50 Prerequisites: CNBT 1411 and COSC 1301 or department approval.

CNBT 1472 RESIDENTIAL AND LIGHT COMMERCIAL BLUEPRINT READING (4-3-3). Blueprint reading covering the theory of projection,
architectural and engineering symbols, relationship of views, and measuring with emphasis on residential and light commercial construction.
Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: CNBT 1411.

encountered in the student's area of specialization are offered through a cooperative agreement between the college, employer, and student. Under
supervision of the college and the employer, the student combines classroom learning with work experience. Directly related to a technical discipline,
specific learning objectives guide the student through the paid work experience. This course may be repeated if topics and learning outcomes vary.
Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: CNBT 1411 or department approval.

CNBT 2332 PROJECT SCHEDULING (3-3-0). A study of conventional scheduling using critical-path-method, precedence and arrow networks,
Gantt charts, monthly reports, and crashing time schedule. Prerequisites: CNBT 1411 or department approval.

CNBT 2342 CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT I (3-3-0). Human relations management skills in motivation on the job site. Topics include written
and oral communications, leadership and motivation, problem solving, and decision making. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: CNBT 1411 or
department approval.

CNBT 2344 CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT II (3-3-0). A management course in contract documents, safety, planning, scheduling, production
control, and law and labor. Topics include contracts, planning, cost and production peripheral documents, and cost and work analysis. Focus will be
on the responsibilities and duties of a sub-contractor. Prerequisites: CNBT 1411, CNBT 1305, or department approval.

CNBT 2346 CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT III (3-3-0). An advanced course in construction safety, project management, scheduling, material
handling, layout, payment scheduling, and inspection. Focus will be on the responsibilities and duties of the general contractor and the business of
general contracting. Prerequisites: CNBT 2344.

CRPT 1415 CONVENTIONAL WALL SYSTEMS (4-3-3). Instruction on conventional wall and floor systems, and installation of trusses of wood
frame construction. Topics include math to solve construction problems, identification of components, slab and building layout, build up of floor
and wall members, construction of a floor and wall system and layout and installation of wood trusses. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites:
CNBT 1411 or department approval.

OSHT 1405 OSHA REGULATIONS -- CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY (4-3-3). A study of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
regulations pertinent to the construction industry. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50

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