100% POLYGRAPHED & URINALYSIS TESTED

                               NANBF Natural
                        Tennessee Natural Classic 2012
                    Featuring James “The Natural Freak” Ward
                                             BODYBUILDING  FIGURE  XTREME FIT!  BIKINI                                                                                               NANBF.ORG
DATE: Saturday, June 16, 2012                                           At finals, accessories & props attached to body
LOCATION:                                                               may be used.                                                                  ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to
Farragut High School                                                    XTREME FIT POSING ATTIRE: Individual routine                                 all athletes who have not at any time
11237 Kingston Pike                                                     outfits may consist of any aerobic type wear as                              during the 84 months prior to the day
 Knoxville, Tn. 37934                                                   long as it is in good taste. Props may also be                               preceding this event, engaged in the
SANCTIONING: The North American Natural                                 used. For the comparison round, all competitors                              personal use of anabolic steroids, other
Bodybuilding Federation (NANBF,                                         may wear the same outfits, however, the top                                  growth enhancing drugs, or Rx
www.nanbf.org)                                                          must be sleeveless and no footwear is allowed.                               diuretics used to prepare for this
PROMOTORS: Kevin A. Whaley, 865.805.1644                                No thongs may be worn in either round.                                       competition or OTC diuretics used
& kwhaley@fastech1.com                                                  FIGURE/BIKINI POSING ATTIRE: Two piece                                       seven days prior to event. Andro and
CONTEST TIMES: Prejudging 9:30a,                                        swimsuits and heels. No thongs may be worn in                                related compounds and ephedra have a
Finals 6:30p                                                            either round. Embroidery or embellishments are                               one year amnesty for new members.
TICKET PRICES: Prejudging $12.50, Finals                                allowed on suits.                                                            Refer to the banned substance list at
$22.50, Combo Tickets $30.00.                                           POSING MUSIC: Competitors will pose to music                                 NANBF.org or contact promoter for any
AWARDS: Awards will be given to the TOP 5 in                            of their choice at final show. If you are entered                            questions.
all divisions, plus overalls and best poser.                            in more than one class, you will pose only once.                             TESTING & CHECK-IN: Every competitor
Various awards will be awarded to winners.                              Music will be limited to 60 seconds. XTREME FIT                              must be polygraph tested and will be
HEIGHT CLASSES: Height will apply in novice                             competitors will have 120 seconds to perform                                 tested at the host hotel, following
and open categories. Promoter reserves the                              their individual routine. Bodybuilders will pose                             check-in. Check-in and testing will
right to adjust classes.                                                to routine at night only. Music must be cued to                              occur between 6:00p-9:00p,
HOTEL:                                                                  start and recording must be of good quality.                                 6/15/2012, on a first come, first serve
Red Roof Inn                                                            CD’s only. Two copies must be provided (No                                   basis. Fee to polygrapher is $45.00
209 Advantage Place                                                     Profanity in the music).                                                     CASH good for NANBF shows.
                                                                        ENTRY: The entry fee is $55 for the initial                                  Promoters have the right to test and
Knoxville, TN. 37922                                                    division of competition and $30 for each                                     retest prior to or after the show.
865.691.1664                                                            additional division. Entries must be recieved no                             NANBF membership required. BE
Reference “The Tennessee Natural Classic”                               later than 6/11/2012, one week prior to event,                               PREPARED TO POLYGRAPH UP TO 7
when registering.                                                       or a late entry penalty of $35 will be applied.                              DAYS PRIOR TO THE CONTEST. NO
BODYBUILDERS POSING ATTIRE: Posing suits                                You will receive additional information by mail                              EXCEPTIONS. All contestants must
must be worn and be of solid color, opaque,                             after we receive your entry.) Please make                                    present an NANBF card at check-in.
devoid of embroidery, stripes or other                                  money order or certified check payable to:                                   NANBF Cards are $60 and can be
embellishments. Accessories are not                                     WWHPromotions                                                                purchased at the check-in. (Additional
permitted including jewelry.                                            P.O. Box 33092                                                               information about drug testing will be
                                                                        Knoxville, Tn. 37930                                                         mailed to you after we receive your
                       The 2012 Tennessee Natural Classic - ENTRY FORM
                                     additional information upon receipt of entry.

 Name_________________________________DOB__/__/__ Sex____Exact Height____ft____in (No Shoes)
 Phone: Day (____)___________Eve(____)___________Email Address______________________________
 Occupation____________________Current NANBF Card EXP. Date___/___/___Last 4 Digits of your SS#____
                                  (You will be required to sign a release as a standard procedure, at check in. If you are under 18, signature of a parent or legal guardian is required)
  *Mr. and Ms. TENN. competitors must show proof of Tn. Residence. *Protective Services and First Responders are open to Military Personnel and Veterans, Security and Police Officers, and First Responders
              Women                                                    Women Continued                                 MEN                                Men Continued
       o      BEGINNER FIGURE                                   o      WMN BB NOVICE                            o      TEEN                        o     PROTECTIVE                              PLEASE
       o      TEEN FIGURE                                       o      WMN BB OPEN                              o      NOVICE                            SERVICES AND FIRST                    CHECK ALL
       o      NOVICE FIGURE                                     o      WMN BB MASTERS 35+                       o      SUBMASTERS                        RESPONDERS*                              THE
       o      OPEN FIGURE                                       o      Ms. NATURAL                              o      MASTERS 40+                                                             DIVISIONS
       o      FIGURE MASTERS 35+                                       TENNESSEE*                               o      MASTERS 50+                                                              YOU ARE
       o      XTREME FIT                                                                                        o      OPEN                                                                    ENTERING
       o      BIKINI (18 YRS & UP) NO                                                                           o      Mr. NATURAL
              CROSSOVERS                                                                                               TENNESSEE*

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