Technology Integration Lesson Plan Template by nMYFuu3


									   Technology Integration Lesson Plan: “Power Verbs!”

Name:                                   School:                         Date:
Carol Webb                              Memorial Middle School          June 12, 2002

Subject Areas                           Grade Level:                    Lesson or Project Duration
English Language Arts                   Seventh                         Two weeks
Technology Required
What software and hardware are needed for this lesson or project?

Internet connected computers, word processing software, spreadsheet software

Technology Level
 Teacher                                                Student
   Novice                                                 Novice
   Intermediate                                           Intermediate
   Advanced                                               Advanced
Lesson or Project Topic
What is the topic? What is the title?

“Power Verbs!”                (Using strong action verbs in writing)

Critical Question Addressed
What specific question(s) will be answered?

How can I make my writing come                    alive?
Lesson or Project Goals and Objectives
What will students experience and be able to do as a result of this lesson or project?

The student will write using strong action verbs.

Curriculum Connections
What specific curriculum learning outcomes will be addressed in this lesson or project? (TEKS)

7.15 Writing/purposes. The student writes for a variety of audiences and purposes and in
a variety of forms. The student is expected to:
    (H) produce cohesive and coherent written texts by organizing ideas, using effective
         transitions, and choosing precise wording (6-8).

7.18 Writing/writing processes. The student selects and uses writing processes for self-
initiated and assigned writing. The student is expected to:
     (E) edit drafts for specific purposes such as to ensure standard usage, varied
         sentence structure, and appropriate word choice (4-8);
Technology Connections
What technology skills and/or goals will be addressed in this lesson or project?

126.12 Technology Applications TEKS, Grades 6 – 8

(4) Information acquisition. The student uses a variety of strategies to acquire information from
electronic resources, with appropriate supervision. The student is expected to:
     (A) use strategies to locate and acquire desired information on LANs and WANs, including
         the Internet, intranet, and collaborative software;

(7) Solving problems. The student uses appropriate computer-based productivity tools to create
and modify solutions to problems. The student is expected to:
    (A) plan, create, and edit documents created with a word processor using readable fonts,
        alignment page setup, tabs, and ruler settings;
    (B) create and edit spreadsheet documents using all data types, formulas and functions, and chart
Lesson or Unit Starter
What will you do to introduce the lesson or project? Are the connections to the curriculum and technology
   1. Ask students, “What is power?” Discuss.
   2. Ask students, “Who has power?” Discuss.
   3. Ask students, “What are the traits of something/someone that is powerful?”
      (strong, effective, forceful, etc.)
   4. Tell students, “You can put many of these ‘Power’ traits in your writing! We
      are going to use the Internet to discover how to use Power Verbs to make
      your writing much more powerful and meaningful!”

Student-focused Activities
What activities will your student do during this lesson or project?

   1. Let GrammatiCat explain action verbs:
      Go to Active Verbs, Secrets, Secrets of Verbs, Static Verbs, and
      Smart Verbs.
      Take notes as appropriate.
   2. Go to The Action Verb, Grammar Bytes for more information
      Take notes as needed.
   3. Return to GrammatiCat, Inspiration, click on the face a literary genius,
      locate two sentences that use strong action verbs, and copy/paste them
      into a Word document. Use the Word highlighter to highlight the strong
      action verbs. Be sure to use quotation marks around the quote. Record the
      author’s name, the name of the Web site, and the URL. Repeat this for all
      six of the literary geniuses. See Example #1.
   4. With a partner, make a table (in Microsoft Word) or a spreadsheet (in
      Microsoft Excel) that compares twenty sets of “Boring Verbs” and “Power
      Verbs.” See Example #2 – Table and Example #3 – Spreadsheet.
   5. Create a composition about a self-selected topic; be sure to use (and edit
      for) strong action verbs. See Rubric.
Word Choice, Six Traits of Good Writing, Bainbridge Tutor

The Grammar Gorillas


The Action Verb, Grammar Bytes

“Verb: That’s What’s Happening”
Schoolhouse Rock – Grammar Rock

Put Active Verbs to Work for You

Hardware, Software, Web, CD ROM                       Other (Print, Human, etc)

Internet connected computers                          Example #1 – Quotations
Word processing software                              Example #2 – Table of Verbs
Spreadsheet software                                  Example #3 – Spreadsheet of Verbs
                                                      Rubric – Power Verbs! Writing Rubric

Student Assessment
How will you assess the extent to which the students have achieved the goals and objectives?

Use the Power Verbs! Writing Rubric to assess the final writing piece.

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