Professional Growth Plan Professional Development/PD Guide by nMYFuu3


									Professional Growth Plan /
Professional Development Guide
     Professional Growth Plan
     *Project EXCELL! participants will complete the EXCELL Professional Development Plan


     2.                           3.              4.        5.

1. Goal for your own
   professional growth
 My goal for this school year….(big picture)
  To improve…
  To increase…
  To provide…
 A suggestion is to use your School Improvement Plan (SIP) or review
    The Continuum Guide for Teacher Development (

  Improve data analysis skills to increase student achievement
  To learn and experiment with project based learning and implement
   one project this year
  Study research based instructional strategies and implement them in
   my classroom
2. My objectives…
 What knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors do you
  expect to learn to accomplish your goal?
    Limit to two or three objectives and be specific

  Increase knowledge of Data Analysis to include
   Summative Assessments, i.e. DIBELS, MAP, etc. and
   Formative Assessments, i.e. journals and writing
   samples, running records, student reflections, etc.
  Increase knowledge about Project Based Learning
  Gain knowledge in new instructional strategies
3. Activities

  Activities are events, strategies or processes you will participate in
      to accomplish your goal.
     One or two activities per objective

   Participate in a Relevant Training Session for Data Analysis
   Participate in a Relevant Training for Project Based Learning
    and/or use websites, access the Pay for Performance Library
   Read new material and participate in a Collaborative Group to
    learn more about… (your goal)
4. Timeline for Activities


    Dates for Collaborative Group Meetings, Relevant
     Training Sessions (i.e. Spring 2013), Staff
     Development, CL Trainings

    Window for Implementation and/or year long
5. Evidence of impact on student
   Complete after the activity
   One to two sentences on the impact of
    student learning

   Assessments
   Analysis of student work samples
6. My Reflection
    The reflection needs to include real examples of application of the
     learning in classroom practice, connections to student
     achievement, examples of what the teacher may do in the future,
     and any of the very significant “aha” learning moments that
     occurred while progressing through the Professional Growth Plan

    This is an ongoing reflection as you progress through the year

    A quality reflection shows deep thinking that demonstrates
     significant growth/learning on the part of the teacher

  Professional Growth Plan Guide
  The G.R.E.A.T. Manual (your school
   administrator has a copy)

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