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									                                           FSS Meeting

Ramsey's Cateria
In Attendance: Dr. Jerry Morton, Heather Shelton, Joshua Booher, Jervece Steele, Laura Harris,
Jerry Morton, Larry DeRidder, Ben Harrington, Vivian Gwinn, Lucretia Sanders, Kathy Bailey,
Sheila Herron, Alice Brown, Tomiko Williams, Grayfred Gray, Richard Ferrin, Jamie Dobbs, Kristi
Blankenship, Cynthia Rockey, Jo Lynn Cunningham

Jerry Morton opened the meeting with a welcome.

Gray had Jerry announce a rally for fair taxation on Saturday the 26th at 11:00 AM in front of the
state building on Henley Street.

We discussed that superintendents are being told that in May there will be a 10% budget cut for
this school year.

Alice Brown brought the books that she promised at the last meeting.

We heard from Tomiko about the Bridges program in Blount County.

Jamie Dobbs did a presentation on her thesis on Community Schools.
 Infrastructure
 Involvement of public planners with local schools
 Bringing citizens into the schools after-hours
 Community Education - Mott Foundation of Flint, MI (Ph.D.'s were trained to go out into the
   communities and start community schools) - There was a national community schools
   organization founded in Flint, MI.
 Some states mandated extended use of the schools.
 A lot of the funding died out in the 1980's. However, many of these schools maintained
   through partnerships with local governments.
 Community schools are anything that occus in that school building after hours.
 Concerns have centered around the fact that getting use of the space can be cumbersome.
 Citizens once in the school can see the facilitites and then take actions to improve the
   facilities for the students.
 Core funding for many of these programs is based on grants and local government.
 Tennessee never had mandatory community schools. The state would allow the programs,
   but it was never mandated.
 Birmingham has a very strong community schools program, which is promoted by
   neighborhood organizations supported by the city government. There is a lot of overlap
   between the community schools and neighborhood organizations.
 Sevier County has established community schools that have been very effective in raising
   education in the area. They focus on partnerships that promoted children and/or the
 Mentioned the book Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam, which promotes similar concepts to
 The thesis is on the web site.
 Handed out flyers from the national organization.
 Is there a public for public school? By David Matthews put out by Kettering Foundation Press

Opened discussion about the presentation

Classrrooms are generally not used by the after school programs.
Heard what is currently going on with programs in the school. We need more people to write
these things up for the web site.

Discussed some of our organizational needs:
 Making people more knowledgeable about our organization and our goals.
 How can we get teachers and school reps to the meetings?

Jamie Dobbs volunteered to be an information source on Community Schools.

Maybe we could start meeting again in the schools.

Maybe offer web space to the Knox County Schools FSS Grop.

Maybe a one shot presentation on Community Schools for teachers, parents, educators, etc.

We are going to Monroe County next month. Maybe while we are there we can link up and find
out how we can support what they are doing.

Next meeting will be at Tellico Plains Elementary School in Monroe County on February 22nd
from 10:00-1:00

We are going to bring materials, maybe provide a plaque of support, and promote what they are
doing to the rest of the Monroe County Community.

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