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					                                                  ITERS Art

                                             Class: _________

    Younger toddlers include children 12-23 months of age; older toddlers are children 24-30
months of age. The requirements for how often and when art activities and materials are offered
   to toddlers vary depending on the children’s ages. Since younger toddlers have less skill in
controlling art materials, and often prefer to eat them, which can result in conflict with staff, this
indicator requires that some art is only offered to them at least three times a week. The time it is
 offered during the day can vary from one day to the next throughout the week, but credit cannot
          be given if it is offered three different times during only one day of the week.

               Art materials
              Young Toddlers                                       Older Toddlers
      Large non-toxic crayons                            Watercolor markers
      Large paper (white and different colors)           Tempera paints
       taped to a surface (table, easel, wall)            Painting tools, such as paints brushes of
      Non-toxic finger paint                              various widths with short handles
      Large, non-toxic chalk on a chalk board            Paper of different sizes and colors
                                                          Easy to use blunt scissors
                                                          Unbreakable chalk board with chalk and
                                                          Play dough to manipulate with fingers and
                                                           with simple tools (rollers, plastic or
                                                           wooden utensils that are safe and free of
                                                           sharp or pointed ends, but not cookie
                                                          Large self-stick stamps, stickers, and tape
                                                           (no licking required)
                                                          Scrap paper and cut-out pictures for
                                                           collage with glue sticks
The art activity can be child-initiated or
teacher-initiated, but children should be
free to join and leave the activity at any
Individual expression means that children
are allowed to use art materials in their
own creativity way and that the children
are given the opportunity to select the
subject matter of the medium in an art
activity or use their own ideas in creating
the art.

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