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Student Name: by mh6bF4


									                                     All About Me
In order for me us to get to know each other better; you are to create a mini-project of
yourself. The assignment is in two parts, a collage and a friendly letter.

Using the cover of your writer’s notebook create a collage of pictures, photos, art,
wrappers, tickets, etc to represent who you are. Be creative! Be amazing! Do not use
anything really valuable because it could fall off and become lost. I do not have collage
insurance. You must include five words or phrases that mean something to you. These
words/phrases may be written, typed or cut out of magazines. Your name should be
incorporated into the collage. Your collage should be colorful.

Friendly Letter
You are to write a four paragraph friendly letter to me. Follow the appropriate format
discussed in class (use teacher’s example).
Your paragraphs should include the following information:
    a. Paragraph #1 should give information about you and your family and friends.
       Include anything you think is interesting and that I might want to or should know.
    b. Paragraph #2 should include an event in your life that would make an interesting
       story. Something that has happened to you. It might have inspired, scared, or
       changed you.
    c. Paragraph #3 should include your thoughts, concerns, fears, wishes and hopes
       for the future.
    d. Paragraph #4 should be your concluding paragraph.
Your letter needs to be typed or neatly written in blue or black ink.

                                     All About Me
Part A. Writer’s Notebook                                             16 pts.
Requirement                            Point value        Points           Comments
At least five images                         5
At least five colors                         5
At least five words or phrases               5
Name included on notebook                    1

Part B. Letter to Teacher                                      14 pts.
Correct number of paragraphs                  4
Proper friendly letter format                 5
Paragraphs cover required                     4
Neatly written (blue/black ink)or             1

TOTAL POINTS =30                                                             /30

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