Horse Pull Rules

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					                                PONY & HORSE PULL RULES
1.    We will not be weighing horses. We’re going on the honor system…if you’ve been pulling the
      horses together, you can pull them together at this pull.
2.    You can only pull a pony or horse in one class.
3.    We will honor any permanent measure cards for ponies. We will have a board and measure stick
      available to measure ponies not already measured.
4.    A complete pull is 14’ for ponies, 27’ for horses.
5.    If a team doesn’t make a full pull their first try, you must stay hooked for your second try. If the
      second try is not a complete pull, that team will come in at the end of the round for their third try. A
      driver may pass on their second try and come in at the end of the round for their third try.
6.    No heading of the horses allowed. Ponies may be headed if they stay hooked for their second try.
7.    A driver can be switched after the team has made a complete pull for that weight.
8.    A driver can have two helpers on the evener.
9.    Stepping on or over the rope results in a disqualification for that pull.
10.   A team has three tries to get hooked on the sled for a pull. If after three tries the team does not get
      hooked, they are then going for their second try. A team must get hooked for a first or second pull or
      they will be disqualified. A third try will not permitted.
11.   The judge’s decision is final.
12.   A winner must be determined.
13.   Checks will be issued at the pull and will be available as teams are eliminated.

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