Mr. Brame/Mr. Maddox                                                                          2012 - 2013
Students need a strong foundation in economics and personal finance to          Course Objectives:
function effectively as consumers, workers, savers, investors, entrepreneurs,   Upon completion of this
and active citizens. This class will present economic concepts that help        course students will be
students interpret the daily news, understand how interdependent the
                                                                                able to:
world’s economies are, and anticipate how events will impact their lives. The
understanding of how economies and markets operate and how the United
                                                                                1. Demonstrate a
States’ economy is interconnected with the global economy, prepares             working knowledge of
students to be more effective participants in the workplace. On a personal      the basic economic
level, students learn that their own human capital (knowledge and skills) is    concepts relative to their
their most valuable resource and that investing in education and training       lives.
improves the likelihood of their future economic success.
                                           - Virginia Department of Education   2. Identify the
                                                                                components of a market
                         Class Policies:                                        economy and the role
1. Students who are absent from class for any reason are                        that producers and
responsible for all missed work. Students who have been
                                                                                consumers play in it.
absent should see Mr. Brame about missed work at an
appropriate time. The student handbook clearly states how
long students have to complete missed work for a given
                                                                                3. Demonstrate
absence.                                                                        knowledge of the price
                                                                                system with a focus on
2. Late work will be reduced in grade value by a minimum of
                                                                                the laws of supply and
35% and will not be accepted after one week of the original
due date.                                                                       demand.

3. Students who exhibit behavior that is disruptive to the                      4. Express an
learning process will be subject to disciplinary action                         understanding of the
involving parents and school administrators.
                                                                                global economy of the
4. Students are expected to maintain an organized notebook                      21st century and how it
containing all worksheets, notes, vocabulary and handouts.                      effects government
This will constitute a portion of the class participation grade.

                                                    Grading Criteria
      Tests                                                                                  40%
      9 Week Assessment                                                                      20%
      Quizzes                                                                                20%
      Class work / Homework                                                                  10%
      Class participation / Notebook                                                         10%
      Total                                                                                  100%

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