SABAC PROGRAM/ACTIVITY/EVENT FUNDING REQUEST

                    For co-sponsored events, each organization must submit a funding request.
REQUEST DATE                                                                                           STAFF USE ONLY
ORGANIZATION Name of the RSO: _________________________________________________                        Active?
INFORMATION RSO President: _________________________________________________                           Contacted?
                  Email: ________________________________ Phone: __________________
               RSO Advisor: _____________________________________________________
                  Email: ________________________________ Phone: __________________
               # of Active Members: __________________
               Other RSO events held this year (aside from regular club meetings)?
                   1. ________________________________________Attendance________
                   2. ________________________________________Attendance________
                   3. ________________________________________Attendance________
EVENT          Name of Event: ___________________________________________________                      Recommended
INFORMATION Date: ___________________________ Time: ________ to _________                              by Student Life?
Speaker/      Location: ____________________________ Room reserved? __Yes __No                        ___Yes ___No
    Lecturer   Student responsible for event: _______________________________________
Banquet/         Email: ________________________________ Phone: __________________
   Reception   Expected attendance: _______ students _______guests/community
Performance Purpose/Benefit to Students of Event:
Social event
               Have you received funding for this event in the past? __Yes __No
FUNDING        Detailed budget for funds requested:                                                    Reviewed by
INFORMATION                                                                                            Student Life?
                   1. Food (attach itemized menu from vendor)                    $____________         __Yes __No
                           Items: _______________________________________
                   2. Speaker (attach approved contract; must include            $____________         __Yes __No
                        travel/lodging/incidentals in one contract)
                   3. Promotional items (attach quote from approved vendor) $____________              __Yes __No
                           Items: _______________________________________
                   4. Rentals (movie, equipment, etc.; attach itemized quote $____________             __Yes __No
                        from approved vendor)
                           Items: _______________________________________
                   5. Other (please describe and attach quote if needed)          $____________        __Yes __No
               Will you be charging a fee for this event? __Yes __No             $______amount
               Has the RSO done any fundraising for this event? Please describe.
               How much money was raised?

                 TOTAL FUNDING REQUESTED FROM SABAC                                 $ ______________
SIGNATURES       As president of this organization, I certify that the organization approves this
                 event and will work to support this event.
                 RSO President _____________________________________ Date______________
                 As advisor of this organization, I have reviewed and support this event request.
                 RSO Advisor _______________________________________ Date _____________

All RSOs wishing to request supplemental funding for specific programs, projects, travel, equipment, etc. must first
contact Student Life for assistance in preparing a SABAC supplemental funding request.

ELIGIBILITY: Student organizations must be registered as currently active with Student Life to request funding. New or re-
activated student organizations must be active for one calendar year to be eligible to request supplemental funding from
SABAC. The right to petition for supplemental funding does not guarantee allocation.

Student organizations may request funding from SABAC to support events that are open to all students; events for RSO
members only are not eligible for supplemental funding. The event must be advertised widely and well enough in advance
for all interested KSU students to participate. Students must have the first opportunity for participation in the event
before it is opened to the public or any other guests. x

DEADLINES: Supplemental Funding Allocation requests must be submitted to the SABAC secretary at least one week prior
to a scheduled SABAC meeting. No late submissions will be heard. Student Life requires at least 30 days’ notice to review
and recommend a supplemental funding request for events/programs/activities and 60 days for travel before request is
submitted to the SABAC secretary. See attached calendar for deadlines.

PRESENTATION: At the SABAC meeting, a fifteen-minute hearing is scheduled for each request. A student representative
of the group shall have up to 5 minutes to present the proposal. SABAC members may ask questions and the
representative responds during the remaining 10 minutes. If a question cannot be immediately answered, the
representative should research the question and present copies of the typed response to the SABAC secretary one week
prior to the next SABAC meeting. Advisors are encouraged to attend and support the request, but a student member of
the organization must present the request to SABAC.

FUNDING PROCESS: Expenditures of supplemental funding allocations must follow the budget as approved by SABAC. Any
unspent funds must return to Contingency/Prior Year Surplus as applicable. Funds may not be spent by the organization
on items not included in the approved funding request.

Original receipts, purchase orders and all official documentation of expenditures must be submitted to the Business
Manager in Student Life for payment within one week of completion of the event.

NOTE: If you are requesting more than $1000, you must be in collaboration with other RSOs, and representatives from
those RSOs must be present in making the request to SABAC. You must also provide written documentation of the
collaboration, with signatures from both the president and advisor of each organization.

SABAC will NOT pay for the following:
    Costumes for fashion shows, dance events, etc.
    Make-up
    Clothing that is only for organization members or officers
    Alcohol/tobacco products
    Items to be given to anyone other than KSU students

SABAC Meeting,   Student Life deadline to start processing   SABAC Secretary Deadline to submit
September 12     August 20                                   September 5, noon
September 26     August 27                                   September 19, noon
October 17       September 17                                October 10, noon
October 31       October 1                                   October 24, noon
November 14      October 15                                  November 7, noon
November 28      October 29                                  November 21, noon
January 23       November 26                                 January 16, noon
February 6       January 7                                   January 30, noon
February 20      January 21                                  February 13, noon
March 13         February 11                                 March 6, noon
March 27         February 25                                 March 20, noon
April 17         March 18                                    April 10, noon

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