Criminal Justice Associate Degree by wuzhenguang


									 Criminal Justice Associate Degree
 The Criminal Justice associate degree program provides a broad understanding of the criminal justice system. The
 program includes the study of the United States court systems, correctional organizations, and law enforcement
 agencies. Students study the nature and extent of crime and delinquency, and the cause and explanation of criminal
 behavior. Reading, writing, and critical thinking skills are rigorously applied and developed throughout the program of
 study. Graduates are prepared for entry-level employment in a variety of Criminal Justice fields. The program is designed
 to provide graduates with a balance of theory and practice that will enhance their preparation for the criminal justice

 Graduates of the Criminal Justice associate degree program will be able to:
 • Apply basic theories of criminal justice operations and management.
 • Communicate effectively within the criminal justice system.
 • Understand the laws regulating public conduct.
 • Understand and apply concepts of community-oriented policing.
 • Identify and resolve ethical issues in criminal justice.
 • Follow criminal law and procedures.
 • Use information technology skills in criminal justice applications.
 • Employ information literacy skills through the effective use of technology and information resources to accomplish a
 • Pursue new learning opportunities within their community and career for personal and professional growth.
 • Develop thinking processes and utilize learning strategies to understand their metacognitive abilities.
 • Transfer knowledge from life lessons and formal instruction to new situations as evidence of relational learning.
 • Demonstrate proficient mathematic and communication (written and oral) skills as required in the workplace.

                                                       Semester                                                                     Semester
Major Requirements                                    Credit Hour Liberal Arts Requirements                                        Credit Hour
CRJU100 Introduction to Criminal Justice                  3      COMM150 Introduction to Information Literacy and Research             3
CRJU101 Criminology                                       3      COMM201 Public Speaking and Rhetorical Persuasion                     3
CRJU102 Policing                                          3      ENGL110 Oral Presentations                                            3
CRJU105 Corrections                                       3      ENGL250 Research and Writing II                                       3
CRJU110 Criminal Courts                                   3      INSM180 History and Practice of Information Systems                   3
CRJU150 Juvenile Justice                                  3      MATH103 Survey of Mathematics                                         3
CRJU200 Criminal Law                                      3      NSCI280 Ecology                                                       3
CRJU 210 Criminal Investigation                           3      PHIL250 Practices in Analytical Reasoning and Critical Thinking       3
CRJU 222 Criminal Procedure                               3      PSYC101 Principles of Psychology                                      3
CRJU260 Internship/Capstone Experience                    3      SOSC102 Principles of Sociology                                       3
                                                         30                                                                           30

                                           Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 60

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