G-A Band Student Travel Conduct Contract

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					     G-A Band Student Travel Conduct Contract
ALL rules that are in effect at Galesburg-Augusta High School will apply to you while on
the trip. Refer to your handbook.

    The use or possession of DRUGS, ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO is FORBIDDEN.
     You are to refuse ANYONE who offers you drugs, alcohol or tobacco and report
     the incident immediately to your chaperone and director.
          Should you choose to violate this rule you will be sent home immediately
             at the expense of your family.
          If you elect to violate this rule you may jeopardize the entire group trip
             and cause the loss of privilege to participate or attend certain attractions.

    Only audio/visual devices with headphones will be allowed.

    You will stay with the Band group and not be allowed to go with others, such as
     family members, relatives or friends.

    Do not talk to or associate in any way with “strangers.” A stranger is anyone who
     did not ride the bus with us. If a stranger tries to engage in conversation or
     separate you from the group, you will walk away and report the incident to your
     chaperone and director.

    You must recognize that four individuals have been assigned to share a room and
     will be held responsible either as individuals or a group for any damage that might
     occur to that room. You must understand that you are subject to prosecution for
     theft from or damage to a hotel or motel.

    You will be responsible for any damage done by you to any property that does not
     belong to you and will make immediate and full restitution.

    Your participation in this trip is made possible because chaperones have agreed to
     help with the trip. These individuals are responsible for your supervision and
     care. You will cooperate with them and maintain a mutually respectful
     relationship with them.

    Curfews will be established and you will conform. You will be in your room on
     time and remain in your room. Chaperones and Night Security will be present in
     the hallways at all times throughout the night. Other measures may include
     “taped” doors. You will remain in your room from curfew until breakfast. There
     will be no exceptions.

    Be on time. There are certain events where the time frame is critical. Plan ahead
     and be at the motor coach well in advance of the scheduled departure time. Do
     not stand in a line if it will make you late.
 While on the trip, especially on the busses and at the hotel, you will keep the
  noise to a minimum and always conduct yourself in a manner that would reflect
  positively on yourself, the total group, your school and community. At all times,
  make sure that your voice volume is appropriate to your surroundings.

 The pay TV and phones for outgoing calls will be cut off in your room. If you
  will be calling home you will have to use the pay phones in the hotel lobby area.
  If cell phones are being used inappropriately, they will be removed from your

 Keep your room organized at all times. Keep in mind that chaperones may enter
  your room at any time to check on your behavior or welfare. They are free to
  check any of your luggage or personal items.

 Your luggage, carry-ons (including purses) and coolers will be checked before
  they are loaded on the motor coach. Once loaded, you will not be allowed off the
  motor coach.


 The motor coach will be your living space for a considerable period of time. You
  will keep the area neat and clean for everyone’s comfort and pleasure. Do not
  wait for a chaperone to tell you to clean up your area.

 In case of accident or illness you will follow the direction of advisors and/or

 If Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Cole or Ms. Edgerton feel that your behavior during the
  school year is such that you will be a detriment while on the trip, you will forfeit
  any money paid toward the trip and will also forfeit your opportunity to
  participate in the trip due to your unacceptable behavior.

 You will refer to chaperones and Band Director as Ms., Mrs., Mr. as appropriate.

 If for any reason you are asked to leave the trip by the director or chaperone in
  charge, you will do so immediately. Contact will be made with your parents to
  furnish your transportation home. In this case, you will forfeit your claim to any
  unused funds and your parents will accept full responsibility for you.

 The dress code of G-A High School will be enforced on this trip. If you have any
  doubt about the appropriateness of your clothing, do not wear it. If your
  chaperone or director thinks that your clothing is inappropriate, you will be asked
  to change and will do so immediately and respectfully.
As a member of the Galesburg-Augusta High School Symphonic Band, I have read
the trip rules and regulations. By signing this form, I readily agree to abide by these

Student signature: ______________________________________ Date: _________

As a parent of the student names above, I have read the trip rules and regulations.
By signing this form, I readily agree to accept my responsibility if my child is sent
home from the trip.

Parent signature: _______________________________________ Date: _________