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									                     Minutes – Shields Township Board of Trustees


Lake County,              )   SS.

Town of Shields           )

               THE TOWN BOARD OF SHIELDS TOWNSHIP met at the Shields Township Office for
its regular monthly meeting on July 18, 2008 at 7:30 p.m.

           PRESENT: Charles Fitzgerald                                                  Supervisor
                    David Barkhausen                                                    Town Clerk
                    Yvonne Senter-Evans                                                 Town Trustee
                    Peter Sexton                                                        Town Trustee
                    Mona Strenger                                                       Town Trustee

Highway Commissioner Bill Goodman was also present. Trustee Wagner was absent on account of a foot
problem making it difficult for him to travel to the meeting.

1.     Meeting Called to Order

Supervisor Fitzgerald called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

2.     Pledge of Allegiance

Supervisor Fitzgerald opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

3.     Payment of Bills

Town Fund Bills: A motion by Trustee Sexton, seconded by Trustee Strenger, to approve the payment of
Town Fund expenses in the amount of $78,727.30 passed 4-0 on a roll call vote.

Road & Bridge Bills: A motion by Trustee Senter-Evans, seconded by Trustee Sexton, to approve the
payment of Road Fund expenses in the amount of $13,582.08 passed 4-0 on a roll call vote.

General Assistance Bills: A motion by Trustee Strenger, seconded by Trustee Senter-Evans, to approve
the payment of General Assistance expenses in the amount of $744.50 passed 4-0 on a roll call vote.

4.     Consideration of Minutes from Previous Town Board Meetings

A motion by Trustee Sexton, seconded by Trustee Strenger, was made to approve the minutes of the
regular monthly meeting of the Shields Town Board held on June 19, 2008 and of the Special Town
Board Meeting on July 8, 2008. Trustee Senter-Evans then asked that the June minutes be amended in
paragraph 18 to include comments she made during that segment of the meeting. It was agreed to table
the consideration of the June monthly Board meeting minutes until the August Board meeting in order to
have Clerk Barkhausen make such a change, and the previous motion was amended to consider approval
only of the minutes of the Special Town Board Meeting on July 8th. That motion was approved
unanimously on a voice vote.

5.     Public Comments - None

6.     Old Business - None

7.     Highway Commissioner’s Report

Highway Commissioner Bill Goodman said department matters were mostly going smoothly and the
recent favorable weather had enabled much progress to be made. He outlined the status of current work on
township roads, including the extra projects being undertaken this spring and summer with extra money
made available from the Town Fund. He said that most pulverizing and resurfacing work is complete.
Landscaping remains to be done where roads have been pulverized. The highway department has also
been dealing with tree damage from the recent storms. Extra work on the painting of street sign posts and
picking up trash along rights of way has been assisted with the employment of two youngsters from the
Knollwood neighborhood.

8.     Update of the 2008 Township Road Maintenance Program – Phase I

Highway Commissioner Goodman said the Phase I work is close to being complete, and he is expecting a
final bill from contractor, Peter Baker & Sons. There is just a bit of shoulder work left to be done, he
said. Supervisor Fitzgerald asked about work at the corner of Talbot and Birch based on a neighbor’s call.
Highway Commissioner Goodman confirmed that work had been completed in that area.

9.     Supervisor’s Report

Supervisor Fitzgerald mentioned a thank you letter from the Knollwood, Lake Forest and Lake Bluff fire
departments for the boat that the Township helped to fund. It will be stored at the fire department in

Supervisor Fitzgerald added that the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Historical Society sent a letter about the
possibility of serving as a depository for old Township records. He noted that the Township may have to
request a legal opinion about our ability to accept this offer and the procedural steps that would be
required to make this possible.

10.    Discussion of the 2008 Township Road Maintenance Program – Phase II

Following the Special Board meeting on July 8th, Supervisor Fitzgerald said he had consulted Township
attorney Richard Cowen about a possible loan to the Road District from the Town Fund. He noted that
Mr. Cowen’s response indicates that it is possible and that the possible terms for such an agreement
between the Board and the Highway Commissioner are somewhat open-ended. Supervisor Fitzgerald
suggested that the possible terms of any agreement should be determined prior to the Public Hearing to
consider budget amendments, if possible. Highway Commissioner Goodman and Supervisor Fitzgerald
agreed to meet the following morning to discuss the matter. Supervisor Fitzgerald asked Trustee Sexton
to forward any thoughts he might have about possible contractual terms.

Supervisor Fitzgerald said the bid opening for Phase II is on August 12th. Bid packets were sent to 12
road contractors this week. He added that a review of the bids should be included in the Board meeting
packets for the August 21st meeting. He noted that the Road District would pay the first $60,000 and the
Town Fund would commit up to $155,000.

In response to a question from Supervisor Fitzgerald about any recent communication he might have had
with local legislators about assistance for the Road District, Highway Commissioner Goodman mentioned
that a meeting is scheduled with Senator Susan Garrett and possibly other legislators for August 5th to
discuss possible changes in state law relating to Special Service Areas for townships as a possible means
of supplementing Road District revenues.

Supervisor Fitzgerald said that the audit would have to be approved by the end of August, and it was
decided to discuss it at the August 21st Board meeting.

11.    Trustees’ Report - None

12.    Update regarding Public Access Television Viewing of Township Board Meetings in North
       Chicago and Knollwood

Supervisor Fitzgerald and Trustee Barkhausen exchanged comments about their communications with Ed
Johnson at Lake Forest Television about his willingness to help produce the VHS tapes in a format that
the Comcast station in Waukegan requires for Township Board meeting rebroadcasts in North Chicago
and Knollwood.

Trustee Senter-Evans said she did not realize, and was concerned to hear, that there might still be some
uncertainty about the willingness of the Comcast public access station manager to use the Township’s
tapes even if they are provided in the format that the station is now requiring.

Clerk Barkhausen related the history of his dealings with the Comcast station.

Trustee Sexton suggested that we should identify the governmental body with which the Comcast station
contracts and perhaps approach those responsible individuals to determine how we might persuade
Comcast to provide the desired exposure for rebroadcasts of Township meetings.

Trustee Senter-Evans said she would contact Adam at the Comcast station to ask him about their policy in
putting the Township’s meetings on the air.

13.    Presentation by Barbara Monsor, Executive Director, Mothers’ Trust Foundation

Barbara Monsor said that Mothers’ Trust has helped 52 individuals within the last six months, involving
32 cases and an expenditure of $4,942, which totals are slightly more than last year. They track the age
and race of those they help in each residential area. She noted that housing-related needs have increased
significantly in recent times, given the level of foreclosure rates. She emphasized that they try to pool
resources with such other agencies as the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities help to stretch the value
of the contributions they can make, including with the support of Shields Township.
She mentioned a recent article about the homeless in Lake County, which noted that there were 50 fewer
homeless families in 2007 than in 2006, and she conjectured that Mothers’ Trust may have been
responsible in the way they have helped to prevent home foreclosures.

She went on to describe their role in assisting with education. She mentioned help with books and fees
and school uniforms. She noted that the absence of a school uniform can result in truancy. Uniforms cost
$45 for a child in elementary schools and $55 for high school. Vouchers can be used at K-Mart for school
uniforms. They have been working with K-Mart for 7 years in this manner.

Mrs. Monsor mentioned a meeting with the social counselors from area public schools last year to hear
presentations form social agencies in Lake County about the assistance they can provide. It was so
popular that they had to turn people away, she said. Another similar meeting is planned for late this year
or early next year.

The “Betty Bash” fund-raiser for Mother’s Trust is set for November 1st.

14.    Presentation by Laurel Tustison, Executive Director, Youth Build Lake County

Laurel Tustison emphasized the importance of the trend towards the collaboration of social service
agencies and added that the Township-organized breakfast was helpful in this regard.

Aronis Williams appeared with Ms Tustison. He obtained his degree in carpentry training through the
Youth Build program.

Ms. Tustison noted that Youth Build had been able to purchase a used van to help with construction
projects as the result of assistance provided by the Township. The students are transported to their
projects with this van.

Ms. Tustison mentioned that an affordable house built by Youth Build students is now for sale at 1816
Park Avenue in North Chicago.

Aronis Williams described how the program had assisted him and said how pleased he was to be a
productive citizen and no longer “hanging out on the streets.” He said he has three children to support
and emphasized how helpful the Youth Build program was to him.

Supervisor Fitzgerald congratulated Aronis Williams on his motivation and determination to complete the
Youth Build program. Trustee Senter-Evans mentioned the importance of organizations like Youth Build
and Mothers’ Trust in being able to help individuals in need.

Aronis Williams said how much it meant to him to be able to meet with Senator Durbin in Waukegan and
to attend a Young Leaders conference in Washington, D.C. He also said that he participated in a Katrina
Rebuild project in New Orleans for a week.

Trustee Sexton noted the importance of the trust that Mr. Williams had placed in those who had been
helpful to him.

15.    Update of the Shields Township Summer Youth Employment Program

Supervisor Fitzgerald said that the program will end on August 15th. The participants are working for the
Shields Township Road District, Foss Park, North Chicago High School, and the North Chicago Library.
Trsutee Senter-Evans said the program coordinator from the Park District and the High School principal’s
secretary were both very complimentary of the program participants. Supervisor Fitzgerald noted that the
staff had also been very helpful in running the program. He said there are currently 14 youngsters

16.    Non-Agenda Items & Visitors - None

17.    Executive Session - None

18.    Adjournment

A motion to adjourn by Trustee Senter-Evans, seconded by Trustee Strenger, was approved on a voice
vote at 8:40 p.m..

                                  David N. Barkhausen, Town Clerk

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