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Food Picture Requirements and Guidelines
    Supplies needed
•   For the table cloth, please purchase a bamboo curtain, like the picture on the right
•   Enough vegetable for 2 veggie skewers (Onion, Tomato, Green Pepper)
•   Decoration items:
     –   2-3 nice round red tomatoes
     –   2-3 nice round red Italian tomatoes
     –   1 Green or yellow tomatoes (if you can find it)
     –   2-3 Lemons
     –   2-3 Limes
     –   2-3 Garlic (purple Garlic if possible)
     –   A combination of few (pretty Color) red, green, yellow pepper
     –   A bunch of nice clean skinny carrots
     –   A bunch of nice clean green Parsley
     –   A bunch of nice clean green Cilantro
     –   2 small red bowls of Chickpea (1 ground, one not ground)
     –   1 small red bowl nicely mounted salt
     –   1 small red bowl of nicely mounted pepper
     –   1 small red bowl of nicely mounted sumac
     –   1 small red bowl of nicely mounted saffron
     –   1 small red bowl filled with Flour
     –   1 small red bowl filled with turmeric
     –   1 small red bowl filled with cinnamon
     –   1 small red bowl filled with Cumin (not ground), should be able to get this from Indian stores
     –   1 small red bowl filled with uncooked rice
     –   1 small red bowl filled with chunks of feta cheese, sprinkled with parsley
     –   1 small red bowl filled with hot sauce
     –   More red bowls filled with items that I haven’t thought of!
     –   A small modern looking bottle filled with oil
     –   A small modern looking bottle filled with vinegar
     –   A small modern looking bottle filled with oil
     –   Grape Leaves
     –   2 nice looking eggplants
     –   Filled Salt, pepper and sumac shakers (clean, no finger prints)
                    Meal Ingredients
•   2 Beef Koobideh
•   2 Chicken Koobideh
•   2 Lamb Koobideh
•   2 Shish Kabob
•   2 Chicken Kabob
•   2 Spicy Chicken Kabob
•   2 Lamb Kabob
•   2 Chenjeh kabob
•   1 Barg kabob
•   Falafel
•   Dolmes
•   2 Tofu Kabobs
•   2 Veggie Patty Kabobs
•   1 of each stew in its own white round dish
•   One of each appetizer
          Ingredient shots
  Different angles, different lights                                    1. Spices
• Once use bamboo curtain as background
• Other times just use basic white
  background that can be deleted when
  editing photo
• Initial shots should be of the ingredients
• Line up all the small red dishes with various
  ingredients in
     –   a circular setting
     –   A square setting
• For the next shot add the vegetables
  (tomato, carrots, lemon, lime, ..etc) to the                          2. Spices
  small red dishes
     –   Take few shots in various settings

  5. Use your
  imagination on
  how to take
  shots of spices
  with or without
                                                     3. Spices with Vegetables
                         4. Spices with Vegetables
Cooking Shots

•   Put all Kabobs on the grill
•   Put them close to each other, so that
    they are touching each other
•   Start cooking
•   Take plenty of pictures, from different
    angles, different lighting
•   Turn the grill off, if things are cooked
•   Take picture of cooked meals, raw
    food is not appetizing.

             These are not good samples, but it should give you the idea
Kabob on Skewer shots

•   Do NOT takeout the Skewer after the
    cooking is finished.

•   Put all Kabobs with Skewers on 1 or 2
    read dishes, Pile them on top of each
•   Add Vegetables, such lime, lemon,
    tomato, Parsley, ..etc to make a nice
    pleasant look.
•   Add a plate of rice with Saffron on top
•   Take several shots
     –   Kabobs alone
     –   Kabobs with Vegetables and rice
     –   Skewers of kabob on bread
     –   Various combinations
     –   Close up shots with faded (depth of
         field) rice and vegtables in the
          Big table shots
•   Put several kabobs in read dishes, just like our Take special 1 & 2
•   Add the stew dishes
•   Add few plates of rice
•   Add shirazi and greek salads
•   Add Bread, add one of each appetizer
•   Slice bread like small sizes of pizza and leave one slice dipped in an Appetizer
•   Add vegetables, and spices in round red dishes
•   Add salt, pepper and sumac shakers
•   Take several shots in different angles and lightings from a party table
•   Take single shots of each item on the table, with other things in the
•   Use your imagination to add and delete items
       Menu Item Shots

•   Start from Appetizers
•   Take several shots of each of the items on the menu
•   Kabobs with bread, salads or entrée
•   Daily specials, add bread and salad
•   Each item should be pictured alone, or with other meals in the
•   The idea is to be able to use each single picture for the menu, but for
    other purposes we should have shots of a menu items on a party tabel
    where the focus of the picture is the menu items, but other dishes are in
    the background
•   Also we need shots of Plain Rice, Bread, salads, …etc. Alone or in a
         Dessert Shots

•   Take pictures of Chai and Baklava, alone and together
•   Put several Chai cups next to each other, add a red dish with slices of
    lemon and sugar cubes
•   Add several dishes of baklava to the above setting as if the chai and
    baklava if for big party
•   Take differnt shots

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