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  Tips For Trekkers During Their Trip To Valley Of Flower
  By animasharma99 on September 28, 2012

  One of the most gorgeous places on the universe, the Valley of Flowers is located high in the
  western Himalayas and has more than 500 varieties of flowers. The national park is open only
  between June and October (because of the snow to be covered by the rest of the year), but in
  this short, the beautiful flora cannot be questioned. Besides this, the fauna is fascinating, and
  the park is home to many types of animals - especially the Himalayan black bear and the
  beautiful snow leopard. Part of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, a declared World Heritage Site,
  and the valley enters the life of a short period of four months, from June to September each
  year throughout the valley is covered with flowers of varied colors and shapes. However, it is
  easily accessible and requires a bit of advance planning. However, it is a must see destination       Featured Stories
  in the Indian Himalayas for true nature lovers and photographers.

  Number of days for Valley of Flowers trek

  -   6-7 days from and to New Delhi to Valley of Flowers but it must be planned well.

  Best season to visit Valley of Flower

  -   June-August

  Different ways to reach Valley of Flowers is

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  From Delhi you will get trains and buses easily to Haridwar. You can also go for rental cars are
  the only option. They move very slowly due to the difficult terrain and it takes time to cover
  short distances. Even the journey maybe slow but it is quite affordable. Your trek begins from
  Govindghat. One can hire mules or horses trekking to Ghangaria if it becomes too difficult.
  Ghangaria is the place that provides room and board pass en route. After that one should rely
  on their feet to get to the Valley of Flowers. Camping is permitted in the Valley and visitors must
  return to Ghangaria night.

  Food Facilities

  - Here you will find mostly vegetarian as it is mainly Hindu pilgrims route. You can start your
  trip by having a hot Maggi noodle dish and perhaps is the best option at any point in time.
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  - The entire route to the Valley of Flowers is a delight for backpackers. If you want to go for
  mule ride from Govindghat to Ghagaria then you will need to pay INR 500. In short one need to
  carry say about INR 5000-7000 right from starting point of the journey i.e. Delhi.

  Lodging Facilities

  - Budget accommodation is available to Ghangaria and should not be a problem for anyone.
  But if you are looking for luxury spas, may be disappointed. And more important thing is that
  overnight stay in the valley is not allowed.

  Thus, India is an amazing country, full of fascinating sights a world away from the tourist
  destinations in the west. So next time if you want something really thrilling and exciting in your    Hottest Olympic Medalists 2012
  holiday? Then pack your travel bag and head to Valley of Flowers and experience an

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memorable tour and take back with you most beautiful memories when you go back.

The author is the expert writer having vast experience about the travel industry. Currently she is
writing on various topics related to Adventure companies like: Valley of Flowers
trek, trekking indain Himalayas etc.

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