Summary of Survey Regarding Resident and Non-Resident Fees

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					                     Summary of Survey Regarding Resident and Non-Resident Fees
                             for Recreation Programs – National Survey

CITY                 Are higher non-          If yes, how much more?
                     resident fees charged?
Alver Park                    Yes             50%
Arlington, VA                 Yes             For very popular programs, non-residents are charged 50% more. For classes, non-
                                              residents pay an additional $5.00. For other services, i.e., fitness center, pool, etc., there
                                              is a wide-ranging fee structure for non-residents.
Bangor, ME                    Yes             $5.00 per non-resident for recreation programs. For adult leagues, $50.00 per team if
                                              one or more non-residents on roster.
Barre, VT                     Yes             Non-residents are charged 1.5 X resident fees.
Boston, MA                    Yes             No more than double may be charged.
Brewer, ME                    Yes             No set standard - most programs cost $10 to $15 more for non-residents. For adult
                                              leagues, an extra fee is charged for each non-resident in addition to the team fee.
Brookline, MA                 Yes             Non-residents pay twice the program fee as residents. An additional $1.00 per person
                                              is charged for daily pool fees. Children attending a Brookline school are considered
                                              residents, whether or not they live in the city. Non-resident golf course memberships
                                              are no longer available. Non-residents are only admitted to a class if there is space after
                                              residents have applied. Most activities fill immediately with residents.
Broomfield, CO                Yes             An additional $5.00 program fee for non-residents. Recreation facilities charge an
                                              additional $1.00 to $4.00.
Chittenango, NY               Yes             Non-resident fees are only added to adult team fees ($10.00 per non-resident player)
Comps, VT                     Yes             For programs, non-residents are charged 150% of residents. For recreation center and
                                              pool passes, fees are double for non-residents.
Denton, TX                    Yes             Non-residents are charged $3.50 per class, regardless of cost. For facility rentals, non-
                                              residents are charged approximately 15% more than residents.
Fauquier, VA                  Yes             Non-residents are charged 50% more for all programs.
Gaithersburg, MD           Sometimes          Non-resident costs are not subsidized; resident fees may be.
Grand Junction, CO            Yes             Residents receive a 20% discount
Greenbelt, MD                 Yes             Residents are charged 25% more than residents for programs except summer camps,
                                              where residents pay about $20.00 more per session.

Hartford, VT               Yes           Non-residents pay an additional $10.00 per person per program. In addition, 50% of
                                         the program fee is charged when athletic activities are open to non-residents.
Ho County, MD        No, however . . .   Registration is open to residents one week early.
Kittery, Maine             Yes           A standard 20% extra is charged for non-residents
Lake County, IL            Yes           Charges overhead costs, but no more than double resident fees.
Lake Oswego, OR            Yes           Non-residents pay 50% more for most classes. At revenue-generated facilities (golf and
                                         tennis) everyone pays the same rate.
Montpelier, VT             Yes           Non-resident fees are 1.5 X resident fees for all programs.
Needham, MA          No, however . . .   Non-residents may not register until the Wednesday prior to the start of a program,
                                         giving residents priority. Non-residents not eligible to receive scholarships.
Newtown, PA                Yes           Non-residents are charged an additional $10 for programs costing $20.00 or more,
                                         $5.00 each for programs costing less than $20.00.
Portland, OR               Yes           Fees are double for non-residents. Also, priority registration is given to residents for
                                         one week.
Southern Pines, NC         Yes           Non-residents pay double the resident fees, except athletics where three times is
                                         charged. For adult athletic teams, each non-resident on the roster pays an additional
                                         $10.00. Youth athletic leagues have corporate sponsorship.
Sparks,                    Yes           15% for non-residents for all classes and $5.00 per player for non-residents in addition
                                         to team fees.
Tempe, AZ                  Yes           Non-residents receive a discount, which staff believes to be a more positive marketing
Valley View, Ohio          Yes           $3.00-5.00, depending on the popularity of the class. Residents are also given priority
                                         registration time and first on waiting list.
W.Sacramento, CA           Yes           Non-residents are charged $5.00 per program.
Whitefish Bay, WI          Yes           Non-residents are charged an additional $5.00 and may not register until three weeks
                                         after residents
                   Summary of Survey Regarding Resident and Non-Resident Fees
                          for Recreation Programs - Metro Communities

CITY               Are higher non-          If yes, how much more?
                   resident fees charged?
Apple Valley, MN            Yes             Non-residents are charged more for leagues (basketball, volleyball and softball), for
                                            aquatic center punch card admissions, picnic kits, open gym and adaptive programs.
                                            Residents are also given priority registrations for leagues and for swimming lessons.
Edina, MN                   Yes             Non-residents may register for an additional $5.00 after residents have been given the
                                            opportunity to register. Enterprise facilities have other restrictions, i.e., only residents
                                            may purchase patron cards for golf course, which provides more privileges. Non-
                                            residents may purchase season passes at the Aquatics Center and Ice Arena at a higher
                                            rate; the Art Center does not distinguish between residents and non-residents.
Roseville, MN               Yes             Teams: $50.00/team; Individuals: $4.00 per activity; Seniors: $2.00 per activity.
                                            Non-resident fees not charged if the individual or all members of the team work in
Chanhassen                  No              Same fees as residents

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