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P.O. Box 318                                                                                       P.O. Box 831
Moree NSW 2400                                                                                Moree NSW 2400
Telephone: 02 6750 6500                                                                Telephone: 02 6752 1999
Facsimile: 02 6752 5447                                                                 Facsimile: 02 6752 1626
Email: msccarolav-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au                            Email: mscalberts-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au
Web: www.msccarolav-h.schools.nsw.edu.au                             Web: www.mscalberts-h.schools.nsw.edu.au

                                   WEEKLY NEWSLETTER
                                    Term 4, Week 7, 2011
  Carol Avenue Campus:                                            Albert Street Campus:
  College Principal: Mrs Paula Barton                            Campus Principal: Mr Gary Hampton
  Deputy Principal: Mrs Kim George                                Deputy Principal: Mr Rudy Tobys
                              College Deputy Principal: Mr Stephen Yates

  We acknowledge all the Traditional owners and custodians: lands, peoples and waterways.
              We respectfully acknowledge those that have gone before us.

                                                                                    CAMPUS OFFICE
                 Moree Secondary College                                               HOURS
                       College Principal’s Memo

Christmas Hamper for Charity                                                        Carol Avenue:
As a College effort, this year we are hoping to contribute to the Moree             Monday – Friday
Community Mutual’s (New England Credit also                                         8.00am to 4.00pm
  This edition of the Parent Newsletter Union) collection of non-
perishable items for distribution to people in need in Moree. We have
  begins an initiative we have developed for
placed baskets for collection in each front office area. I encourage                Albert Street:
  parents to get to know the faculty groups
students and parents if they can afford it, to contribute something                 Monday to Friday
  within our College, and gain an insight into
to assist us in our efforts. Items for contribution do not have to be               8.30am to 3.30pm
large or is happening within these as small – a can of fruit would
  what expensive - even something areas as
  particularly in terms of Teaching and
help. I am hoping that you will also consider contributing to this hamper.
We will collect items up until the end of Week 9. is
  Learning. This week the featured faculty                                           UNIFORM SHOP
   the PD/H/PE faculty, whose members are                                           Located at the Albert
   currently busying themselves in preparation
Thank You                                                                           Street Campus near the
It for Friday’s carnival. in the life of our College last week! Thank you
    was a really busy week                                                          canteen.
to Donna Morton for her work in coordinating the Year 12 Formal;                    Enter    from   Frome
  I hope Blewitt for organising week – and I
Stephenieyou all have a great the Parent Evening for Year 7 2012,
  hope Phillips and Lance Barton for cooking the
Richard to see you either at the P&C meeting BBQ on the night and
all the staff who came to the Parent Evening, especially those who gave             Opening Times….
  tonight, the Swimming Carnival on Friday –
presentations to the parents; Amy Coulthart and Stephenie Blewitt for
  or both!                                                                          Tuesday
their organisation of the College Disco and the staff who came to assist
with supervision AND Damian Flaherty and Rick Roberts for their                     8.00–10.00am
 Paula Barton
organisation of the very successful Football match and fundraising BBQ
on Friday. Thank you too, to the P&C parents and Megan Palombo                      Thursday
(Uniform Shop Coordinator) for coming Principal the Parent Evening to
  College                                along to                                   9.00–11.00am
display and assist parents with uniform selection. It just goes to show the
huge amount of goodwill that we have amongst our staff and parents                  Remember: Centrelink
who are continually striving to better the experiences of our students.             payments for uniforms
Thank you most sincerely for giving so selflessly of your time.                     can be organised.

                                                                                    Contact the offices of
Uniforms for 2012
                                                                                    either campus for more
Attached to this newsletter is a Uniform Shop Order Form which you
                                                                                    information    or    the
may like to use to pre-order your uniforms ready for next year. As you
                                                                                    uniform shop has forms
are aware, often stocks can become low and if you leave your purchase
of uniforms to the last minute it can be disappointing to find that the
                                                                                    Please     bring    your
sizes you need are not available. Please consider filling in the form and
                                                                                    Centrelink card with you
dropping it into the Uniform Shop or the front office at Carol Avenue.
                                                                                    when organizing these
That way you can get your uniforms in advance if you wish and not have
to worry next year. The Uniform Shop will be open right until the end of
the school year on the usual days and on Thursday and Friday,
February the 2nd and 3rdin 2012 – prior to the commencement of school.
College Chaplain
As many of you may know, Tim Barklay’s tenure as College Chaplain finishes this year. To secure the
funding for another four years we have to reapply to Deewr which I have done following discussion with the
P&C. Sadly for us, Tim has decided not to continue in this role for family reasons. Tim has been fantastic in
this role and I hope that our next Chaplain (if we secure the funding) is able to, as successfully, provide the
pastoral care that Tim has given to our students.

College Magazine
Lesley Barklay has been working tirelessly with a group of students and staff to put together a 50 page
College Magazine. I have seen the proof copy and it looks fabulous with contributions from faculty groups,
samples of student work and lots and lots of photos! The Magazine will be available shortly at the price of
$15. Pre-ordering is recommended and is now available through the front office on each campus. All
families who have paid their Voluntary Contribution Fee will receive the Magazine for free. If you have any
enquiries, please contact Lesley Barklay at the Carol Avenue Campus.

Paula Barton - College Principal
                                       Thought for the Week
                            “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”
                                                                             Victor Borge
Albert Street News
Congratulations to Jake Fing for his success in the Moree Lions public speaking competition last week, plus
to Telisha Lysaght who was successful in being the overall Moree Lions Youth of the Year. Telisha will now
progress to the Regional finals. This was an outstanding achievement by both students.

Year 11 assessments for the next 3 weeks are:
Week 7: Legal Studies, SLR, Maths, General Maths
Week 8: English Studies, Ancient History, Modern History, Physics, Visual Design, Exploring Early
Week 9: English, Visual Arts, Aboriginal Studies, Business Studies
Week 10: Society and Culture, Drama

The Term 4 Red food day will be on Monday 28th November at the Albert Street canteen for Years 9 to 11.

Gary Hampton – Principal

                      For the first time in over five years
                 Moree Secondary College is proud to offer you:
                                  The Plainsman
                   Our very own school magazine
   Jam packed with your photos, your profiles and your work, The
 Plainsman is an ideal memento to commemorate your year at MSC.
                             Cost: $15
                   On sale at Presentation Night.
           Pre-order your copy at the front office today!

        FREE to all families who pay their Voluntary Contributions
Moree Secondary College - Parent Calendar
Term 4, Week 7A
Tuesday, November 22 :               Year 8 ESSA Tests
                                     P&C Meeting and Dinner – Max Centre 6.30pm
Thursday, November 24 :              Red Food Day – Carol Avenue

Term 4, Week 8B
                   th                                                          th
Monday, November 28 :                Year 9 Transition to Year 10 Begins (Until 9 December)
                                     Red Food Day – Albert Street

Term 4, Week 9A
Monday, December 5 :                 Year 7 2012 Orientation Day
Wednesday, December 7                Community Carols – 7pm at Ron Harborne Oval.

Term 4, Week 10B
Monday, December 12 :                Presentation Night – MPC – 7.00pm
Tuesday, December 13 :               Carol Avenue Activities Day
Wednesday, December 14 :             Carol Avenue Pool Day
Friday, December 16 :                Term 4 Ends for Students

Term 4, Week 11A
Monday, December 19 :                School Development Day for Staff
Tuesday, December 20 :               School Development Day for Staff
                                     Term 4 Ends for Staff

                                 Moree Secondary College
                                 Year 7-9 Homework Club
Dear Parent/Caregiver

Throughout Term 4 2011 Moree Secondary College will continue to provide additional academic assistance
for all students until 2nd December (end of Week 8). Homework Club will continue as a voluntary after
school program available from 3.20pm – 5.00pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, for all students from
Years 7 - 9.

The Homework Club is situated in the Carol Avenue library in which a vast array of resources will be
available to assist your child in the completion of homework and assessment tasks.

Parents are encouraged to promote this valuable learning time and support their students in attending
Homework Club regularly. If your student has limited homework and or assessment tasks, varying
levelled work booklets focusing on literacy/numeracy are supplied.

Please note that the Moree Secondary Homework Club will close at 5:00 pm each day and parents
will be required to organise the transport home at this time. Supervision WILL NOT be provided
after 5pm.

If you have any questions or comments about the Moree Secondary College Year 7-9 Homework Club,
please do not hesitate to contact me on 67 506 500 or 0467 506 500.

Mrs Kim George

Tuesday 6.30 pm - Karate 5 yrs - open age
Tuesday & Thursday 6.30 pm - Running Club - beginners to experienced runners welcome
Wednesday 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm – Circus Trix – 5 yrs - 17 yrs
Thursday 24 November 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm - Gymnastics 5 yrs - 17 yrs
Basketball & Futsal starting soon
Games room open
                                Stars of the Week
                                      Week 7
These Awards are presented each Monday at Assembly at Carol Avenue and are awarded to one
student from each year who has shown excellent academic, behaviour or citizenship skills. An
encouragement award is also awarded to one student out of all the years.

                                       Year 8

                                    Chris Daley
MC Class

Dubbo Zoo
This Term the MC class has been moving full
steam ahead! The students were all excited after
our Term 3 Excursion to Dubbo Zoo and we spent
the first few weeks of Term 4 in English working on
recounts of the trip.

In Geography this term, we have studied the unit
titled ‘People of the World’. The students are
learning about different cultures and how people around the World eat, speak, dance, play and
live. The MC class was very lucky to have Parry Li from 7B and Yang Cheng from 9B come to our
class to talk to us about growing up in China. They even taught us how to cook stir-fry beef and
eat with chopsticks!

Drum Beat
The students have also enjoyed learning all about rhythm
in Drumbeat. Ms Libby Gill comes into class every
Tuesday afternoon to teach the students how to play the
African drums. Every student has made up their own
song to which we all sing along.
                                             It is a lot of
                                            fun! Check
                                            out some of
                                            the photos
                                            of         our
                                            drummers in

We have also been getting ready for next year by having
two students from Moree Public School’s Support Class
come and join us for transition one day each week all term.
Daniel and Dakota are both in Year 6 at MPS and will be in
the MC class next year. They are very excited to see what
we have on offer in Secondary schooling and can’t wait to
join our unit.
  Work Experience
  Bradley Rae has has a very successful transition into his work experience program at Fred
  Moncktons Bearing Centre one day a week. He has learnt many new skills and has become more
  confident interacting with others in the community.

  IO/IS Class
                                                This semester the class has
                                                been involved in many
                                                interesting activities!

                                                                                   Establishing a worm farm for the garden

Visiting to Dubbo Western Plains Zoo 1


                                                                    Accessing the community with weekly visits
    Following a swimming program twice a week
   Developing skills in the use of the Smartboard              Learning to ride bikes independently

We look forward to end of year celebrations and will be farewelling our Year 12 students Jordan
Girard and Millie Braizier from our unit. Millie and Jordan will be following post school options next

Albert Street News
As the schooling year nears an end we are preparing for 2012. The senior campus students are in
the process of choosing subjects for 2012 and our new students entering the support unit from
other schools have been visiting us on a regular basis.

Every Tuesday this term the senior support student from schools throughout the district have been
visiting the school and looking at the wonderful resources we have to offer.

Special thanks must go to Ms Jane Garland and Mr Steven Yates in looking at the best selection
of subjects for students and for helping us in guiding both parents and students in preparing for
the HSC and beyond.

Year 10 have been involved in work experience with Dylan Smith completing two weeks
at Coles Moree and receiving some wonderful reports. Each week the school offers our student
supported work placement where staff go with students to a variety of community and working
environments to best prepare them for open employment.

Our Teachers' aides have been busy with both in class, playground and work supervision.

Calendar dates:
Listed below are some important events coming up for the families of our Special Education unit.
Key dates to save in the diary are:

       Swim-ability Swimming Carnival – 2nd December
       Christmas Light Evening Tour – 7th December
       Special Education Farewell Christmas Lunch and Presentation – 13th December

We are now looking forward to Christmas time and we have already begun
making some Christmas decorations!

We wish everyone in our school community a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year!
NAME: .................................................................................................................................
ADDRESS: ..........................................................................................................................
PHONE No: ............................................. MOBILE No: ......................................................

              ITEM                        SIZES              SIZE            QUANTITY            PRICE $                TOTAL
                                       AVAILABLE           REQUIRED
White Shirt-no pocket #                  6 to 30                                                 $30.00
White Shirt - with pocket                6 to 30                                                 $40.00
Blue Shirt (Senior only)                 8 to 30                                                 $40.00
Navy Shorts                            XS to 4 XL                                                $38.00
Navy Skirt                               6 to 28                                                 $38.00
Sport Polo Shirt                        10 to 28                                                 $28.00
Sport Shorts                            XS to 4XL                                                $36.00
Sport Skirt                              8 to 22                                                 $38.00
Unisex Pants                            10 to 22                                                 $25.00
Spray Jacket                            10 to 28                                                 $55.00
Track Pants (Sport only)                10 to 26                                                 $30.00
Knit Jumper                              XS to L                                                 $60.00
Knit Jumper                                 XL                                                   $65.00
Caps                                                                                             $15.00

                                                                                              TOTAL $

# Limited stock available as due to parent input these shirts will no longer be ordered.

*Prices subject to change*




THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND FROM 9AM TO 3PM                                                                           AND


      Year 10 Work Experience continues this week
      Congratulations to Benjamin Tootell on his success in gaining the Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship worth
       $15,000 per year.
      Pre-selection offers end November early December
      HSC results released 14th December; ATAR results released 15th December
      Please log onto and subscribe to www.moreesecondarycollegecareers.com

Boiler Maker Apprenticeship - School leaver Years 10, 11 or 12
Do you want to become a boiler maker and are leaving school? There is an apprenticeship currently available. Please
contact and visit Francine at Joblink Plus, phone 67508400 if interested or if you have further questions.
You should have a resume prepared.

Leading the Way‟ – booklet on practical living after leaving home

Oaktree Generate Program 2012
Applications for the Generate program in 2012 are now open. Looking for passionate, motivated individuals who are
keen to grow and learn new skills while contributing to the fight to end poverty. http://theoaktree.org/ or
http://theoaktree.org/initiatives/generate/ SAE Institute Sydney Open Day
3rd December 2011, 11am - 3pm. Registration required.55-57 Wentworth Ave, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel. +61 (0)2 8241
5200 Fax. +61 (0)2 8241 5222 Email: sydney@sae.edu http://www.saeaustralia.com/

Open Day at AIE
Open Day at AIE Sydney, AIE Melbourne & AIE Canberra Date: Saturday 19th November Time: 10am-3pm Sydney
Address: Level 2, Wentworth Park Grandstand Ultimo NSW 2007 Contact: Celine Battendier, 02 8514 8802
Melbourne Address: Level 8, Atari Building, 14 Queens Road Melbourne VIC 3004 Contact: Mark Libman, 03 9820
8201 Canberra Address: Block E, Canberra Technology Park, Phillip Avenue, Watson ACT 2602 Contact: Craig
Brown, 02 6162 5131 What: Come in, ask questions, find out more about starting a career in 3D Animation, Games
and Visual FX. www.aie.edu.au Outward Bound Certificate IV in Outdoor Education
An intensive eight month residential Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation program. July 2012 (winter internship)
applications close in April 2012. http://www.outwardbound.org.au/careers/cert-iv-internship.html

2 New ANU Principals' Recommendation Entry Schemes
Indigenous Australian Principals' Recommendation Scheme: ATAR between the usual entry score of ANU degrees
and a minimum ATAR of 70. Pasifika Students Principals' Recommendation Scheme: Principals Recommendation
scheme extended to young people of Pacific Islander and Maori heritage. Contact: Tania Willis, Manager, Admissions,
on 02 6125 2260 or email: tania.willis@anu.edu.au http://www.anu.edu.au/future_students/

Youth Film Competition: Get Ya Head Right 2012
Film Competition About Mental Health and Wellbeing. For: Young people under the age of 25 The prizes will be a
combination of cash and equipment for schools and individuals. A website for Get Ya Head Right will be up and
running soon, watch the blogs for more details to come. http://www.generationnext.com.au/blog/?p=3101

BUFTA 2011 is going LIVE! The Bond University Film & Television Awards Gala Ceremony will be aired LIVE! Log
on to the following website address on the night. When: Friday 25 November, 5.45pm AEST Where:

Commerce or Business: Which Degree Will Take You Where You Want To Go?
What: the differences between business and commerce can be confusing – see the news on mhscareers for an
explanation of both. Bond University business and commerce programs:

Gap Medics Australian High School Special 2012
What: short-term healthcare work experience When & Where: Tanzania – 8-21 January 2012 and Thailand – 8-21
April 2012 Who: Year 11 and Year 12 students thinking of applying for a healthcare related degree. Contact: 0044
191 269 6818 or info@gapmedics.com

Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness School Holiday Sports Camps
What: learn a range of sports, keep fit, and have fun Who: Ages 5-15 Contact: 1300 068 922 or
sportscamps@sport.usyd.edu.au http://www.susf.com.au/page/school_holiday_sports_camps.html

“Dream Big” Engineering Scholarship Programs for Year 12 Girls
What: Brown Consulting contribute to university studies, offer paid work experience and upon graduation provide a full
time position and a graduation bonus. Who: young women who are in Year 12 and are eligible to study engineering in
2012. When: applications are open and will close Feb 2012 Where: must be able to work in Brisbane, Canberra,
Melbourne, Sydney or the Sunshine Coast office. Contact: (07) 3895 3444 or careers@brownconsulting.com.au

Victory College of Design
What: games design, graphic design, web design, multimedia and 2D & 3D animation.
Scholarships: 5 full fee for 1 year of full-time study in Games and 3D Animation.
Next Intakes: 9 January 2012 Where: Surrey Hills Contact: 02 9299 8889 or admission@vcam.nsw.edu.au or

Interested in studying with TAFE Illawarra in Semester 1, 2012?
What: pre-enrolment information sessions
When: 21 November to 16 December

Defence Force Information Session Wollongong
When: 22 November at 5.30pm
Where: 25 Atchison Street Wollongong.
Contact: Steve 02 4220 3300 or 131901

NIDA Summer Program & 2012 Youth Program
What: Youth Holiday Courses for people 2 - 14 years
When: 7-16 December 2011, 2-29 January 2012
Youth Program: drama courses for ages 2 to 20.
When: classes are held on Monday mornings, weekday afternoons, Saturdays or Sundays.

HSCedge Online
What: FREE web based service. Resources to enhance results and reduce stress. Includes subject notes, sample
essays, trial exams etc.

The School For Excellence (TSFX) Summer School Lectures
What: review and extend on materials covered in Term 4 and cover the material for Term 1.
Subjects: Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English (Advanced and Standard), General Mathematics,
Legal Studies, Mathematics (2 Unit), Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Modern History, PDHPE,
When: 6 - 22 January 2012
Where: The University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus

Equity Scholarships through UAC
What: assist financially disadvantaged students with the costs of higher education.
When: applications close on 30 November 2011.

Universities Admissions Centre - Newsletter
What: sign up for the Directions newsletter at www.uac.edu.au.

AFTRS School Holiday Program
What: filmmaking, radio, digital animation, etc.
Who: 9–17 year olds
Discount: book 28 days in advance of the course commencing, and receive 10% discount

University Course Changes Post Publication of the UAC 2012 Guide.
What: General course updates, new courses, cancelled courses.

WPC Heavy Vehicle Pre Apprenticeship Course
What: includes TAFE and work experience. May be offered an apprenticeship on completion.
When: from 21 November for 4 weeks
Where: TAFE Wetherill Park, work experience in the Western or South Western suburbs.
Apply: Interviews at 10am on 17th November.
Contact: Heather Morrison 1300 760 099 or hmorrison@wpcgroup.org.au

UTS 2011 Visual Communications graduate show
When: 24 and 25 November 10am-6pm, 26 November 10am-5pm
Opening Night: 23 November, 6pm
Where: 50 Kensington St, Chippendale

University of Wollongong Discovery Days
What: experience firsthand what university is like for a day.
When: 6-10 February 2012
Who: Year 12 students who are eligible for an ATAR and intend to go to uni.
Register online: http://discoveryday.uow.edu.au

The University of Notre Dame Australia Course Advisory Day
When: 4 January 2012, 9:00am – 3:00pm
Where: The University of Notre Dame Australia, 104 Broadway, Sydney
Contact: Prospective Students Office on (02) 8204 4404 or sydney@nd.edu.au

Study in Australia - Information portal for international students
What: information on all aspects of living and studying in Australia

From Apprenticeship to a Career - Chamber of Commerce and Industry report
What: guide to employers and employees on a positive approach to moving from training to full-time work.

North Coast TAFE Kingscliff - Toy Pixels graphic design exhibition
What: exhibition of works from the 2011 Diploma of Graphic Design students.
When: 24 November from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Where: G Block, Kingscliff TAFE, Cudgen Rd, Kingscliff

CRS Australia
What: CRS helps thousands of job seekers with a health condition, injury or other issues in life to find and keep jobs.
Contact: 1800 277 277

NCVER Pocket Guide 2011
What: statistics about the VET system, apprentices and trainees, and tertiary education.

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