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									Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Packages – Free Club Entry, Luxury
Transportation, and More!

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There are so many things that can go wrong when a bride is prepping for her big day – will the
dress fit? What if the food is awful? Will the groom show up? The last thing that is on her mind
is whether or not her bachelorette party will be a success, which is where the bridal party comes
in and the maid of honor can (potentially) save the day! Just like the boys, the bridal party wants
to show the bride what she’ll be missing when she’s married and this is typically best
accomplished in Vegas. Ease any fears the bride may be experiencing by jetting off with the rest
of the bridal party for a wild Las Vegas bachelorette party.

There are plenty of VIP services companies that offer Las Vegas bachelorette party packages,
but most of these are lackluster or too expensive to really enjoy; instead, the maid of honor
should look for packages that include hosted entry to the hottest night clubs and private
transportation for the entire night. There are a number of options that are available for a Las
Vegas bachelorette party and it can be overwhelming finding the best and most affordable
option. Despite all of the available choices, it is essential simply knowing what is out there in the
first place.

One of the most expensive elements of a Las Vegas party for a bachelorette and bachelor alike is
nightclub entry. Luckily, many clubs waive the entrance fee for groups of all women and certain
packages include free entry, as well as the ability to skip the line, enjoy private tables and
exclusive bottle service. These packages can also include luxury transportation and a three-
course dinner for the entire party. Basically, a package takes care of all the logistics of the
evening as far as transportation, food and entertainment is concerned.

Speaking of entertainment, certain VIP services companies also include tickets to a male review
of the party’s choosing, including Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under. As mentioned
before, it is all about celebrating the single life of the bride and showing her a raucous, but
harmless fun time with her best friends – and nothing says that more than half naked men in

To book a bachelorette party package that includes the aforementioned features and more, please
contact the party planners at VIPnVegas. Professional, affordable and enjoyable, VIPnVegas will
help create a night that is unforgettable for the bridal party. Visit to learn
more about their packages.

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