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  New Hampshire Board of
          January 2010

      New Hampshire Board of Nursing   1
         What is ESAR-VHP?

 The board website allows nurses to place their
  name on the Emergency preparedness
  website so that you will be called and asked if
  you are available during times of disaster
  emergencies such as flooding, pandemic
  occurrence and so forth.
 Go to www.state.nh.us/nursing and click on
  ESAR-VHP located in the Quick Link section.

                New Hampshire Board of Nursing      2
 Allows a nurse to have one license
 Nurse maintains a “home state” based
  on legal residence
 Nurse can practice in other compact
  states as long as license is in “good

              New Hampshire Board of Nursing   3
States in the Nurse Licensure
 Compact (as of October 2009 in
                  addition to NH)

   Arizona                          New Mexico
    Arkansas                          North Carolina
    Colorado                          North Dakota
                                     Rhode Island
   Delaware                          South Carolina
    Iowa                             South Dakota
    Maine                             Tennessee
    Maryland                          Texas
    Mississippi                       Utah
    Nebraska                          Virginia
                                     Missouri will implement

                    New Hampshire Board of Nursing              4
     Compact rules that affect
   Nurse must declare one legal residence
   If a nurse maintains a multi-state license in a
    compact state, the nurse can work in NH
   If a nurse moves out of a compact state, the
    multi-state license becomes invalid in 30 days
   If a nurse moves into a compact state from
    another compact state (has a multi-state
    license from that state) s/he has 30 days to
    obtain a license in the new state
   Multi-state licenses are only issued if the
    license is in “good standing”
                  New Hampshire Board of Nursing      5
              Legal Address
 Definition
     PO Box is not acceptable, we must have
      legal street address.
 Validation
     Tax return address
     Driver’s license
     Military documents

                 New Hampshire Board of Nursing   6
  Single-state vs. multi-state
 Most  nurses who have legal residence in
  compact states are issued multi-state
 Allows individual to practice in any
  compact state
 Single-state privileges given for
    • comparable education for PN
    • Canadian exam (no NCLEX),
    • discipline, Road to Recovery

                New Hampshire Board of Nursing   7
      Verifying a license from the
            board web site
 On-line   verification
     Available 24 – 7
     Updated in real time
     Considered a reliable, valid true license
     Can be printed

                  New Hampshire Board of Nursing   8
    On-line verification – NH
Person Information Name: Mary Smith
License Information License No:013445-21
Profession: Nursing
License Type: Registered Nurse
License Status: Active
Issue Date: 8/28/1968
Expiration Date: 3/14/2010
Multi-State License: COMPACT
Discipline Information No Discipline
  Information New Hampshire Board of Nursing   9
    On-Line Verification - Maine
 License Number R031578
 First Name: Barbara
 Middle Name: A
 Last Name: Johnson
 City: York
 State/Province: ME
 License Status: Active
 Compact Status: Multi-State Privilege
 Issue Date: 12/10/1984
 Expiration Date: 06/10/2010
 Discipline: No
 License Type: RN
 Specialty: Not Applicable
                 New Hampshire Board of Nursing   10
To access other Boards of
    Nursing web sites

      Boards of Nursing

       New Hampshire Board of Nursing   11
        NURSYS® verification
 All compact states post license
  information on NURSYS®
 Discipline information from licensees in
  all states is posted on NURSYS®
 Employers must verify license on

 Go    to NURSYS.com
              New Hampshire Board of Nursing   12
              PAPER IS GONE!
 Beginning December 1, 2006, NH
  stopped issuing paper licenses!
 License verification must be done
  through on-line system
 Renewal applications will NOT be
  mailed automatically
 Renewal post card will be sent –
  licensee may request paper application

              New Hampshire Board of Nursing   13
License Applications – On-line
   Renewals are completed on line
   New applications are on line
   Paper applications will be available
   Only Master Card, Discover, and Visa
   Please include email address
   Criminal Record Release are no longer
    required for renewal/reinstatement
   Licensees can complete CE audit on line

                  New Hampshire Board of Nursing   14
     Initial and Endorsement
 Those persons seeking a first-time NH
 nursing/nursing assistant license must
 complete a criminal background history
 check. Please refer to the application
 instructions as well as the board’s website
 for updated information regarding this

              New Hampshire Board of Nursing   15
                  Contact us
 Boardquestions@nursing.state.nh.us
 Margaret Walker: mwalker@nursing.state.nh.us
 Norma Blake: norma.blake@nursing.state.nh.us
 Patricia Orzano: Patricia.orzano@nursing.state.nh.us
 Lori Tetreault: Lori.tetreault@nursing.state.nh.us
 Susan Goodness: sgoodness@nursing.state.nh.us
 Web site: www.state.nh.us/nursing/

                  New Hampshire Board of Nursing         16

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