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									                     Klein Oak Tennis Booster Club
                          Membership Drive
Welcome to the 2011-2012 Klein Oak High School tennis program. The mission of the
tennis booster club is to provide funds and volunteer time in order to make a positive
impact on the tennis program. The booster club works closely with the Coaches to help
fulfill items requested and/or needed for the program.

Our membership goal is 100% player/parent participation. We hope you will help
us to achieve this goal. **

       KO Tennis Booster Club Membership                             $70.00

 Membership includes: -Spring Banquet ticket for players, discounted Spring Banquet tickets
               for family members and one Embroidered KO Tennis Towel

               Please make checks payable to: KO Tennis Booster Club

Name of Player: _____________________________Class/Grade: ________________

Parents Names: ________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________City/Zip______________________

Contact Info:         His                                         Hers
Home Phone: _________________________                  _______________________________

Cell Phone:     _________________________              _______________________________

Primary Email: ________________________                _______________________________

**The Klein Oak Booster Club appreciates your support; however, we understand and respect
whatever choice is made regarding membership. Parental involvement in the booster club,
including contributions and/or donations is not a prerequisite to student participation in any club
or activity for which the booster club has been organized.

Committees to Join: please select all committees which you would like to help with:
____Spring Banquet Committee- planning, decorating, hosting Spring Banquet
____Fundraising Committee – Tennis Extravaganza and other events
____Publicity Committee – Bulletin Boards/Signs at school, signs, newsletters
____Team Photographer – Player or parent; photos of practice, tournaments and events
____ Hospitality/Spirit Committee – bring food to team at certain events, set up meetings

Membership gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Klein Oak Tennis Booster
Club is a tax-exempt organization.

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