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									                               Diocese of Sacramento
                                JOB DESCRIPTION
PARISH:              SS. Peter & Paul Parish
POSITION:            Office Manager
SCHEDULE:             35hrs; Full Time


JOB SUMMARY: This position is responsible for providing secretarial and related office
services for members of the parish staff and various other committees and boards. This
position will facilitate communications and act as a minister of hospitality to the parish.

    Work with the pastor and all staff in a variety of ways.
    Maintain a welcoming environment and hospitality as needed in the Parish Office.
    Maintain a clean and organized kitchen area to include replenishing the supplies.
    Greet and refer visitors to the appropriate ministers, services or agencies.
    Will have knowledge of and good working relationships with all parish ministries and
    Perform secretarial duties for the pastor and other designated staff; receive and place
     telephone calls; schedule appointments; type written communications; receive and
     distribute communications from the Diocese to staff.
    Maintain office record keeping and filing systems.
    Coordinate monthly staff meetings. Attend staff meetings and other meetings as
    Schedule parish facilities. Develop and maintain a calendar that identifies the time,
     date, name of organization as well as room scheduled to use. Coordinate the use of
     keys for facilities. Facilitate annual calendar planning meeting.
    Oversee the timely opening and secure closing of the Parish Office, as well as the
     closing of the church each day. Ensure that all machines are off, answering service
     is on, windows and doors are locked and all appropriate lights and heat are off.
    Oversee an inventory of office supplies. Order materials, supplies or equipment as
     needed in accordance with the budget. Oversee the maintenance contracts for the
     various office machines.
    Recruit and supervise volunteers as needed for office and parish projects.
    Prepare and produce the weekly bulletin. Gather and edit the content and layout of
     the bulletin and complete the bulletin in time for final printing with Pastor’s approval.
    Receive and place the Intercessory Prayers in the church weekly.
    Prepare, print, and distribute parish newsletter biannually (January/July).
    Prepare and annually update the parish ministry booklet “The Connection.”
    Update and maintain church bulletin boards to stay current with parish and diocesan
    Coordinate/collaborate the annual Stewardship Ministry Fair with the parish ministry
     and organization leaders.
    Recruit; coordinate/collaborate with parish volunteers the Annual Catholic Appeal
      Update census records on a regular basis. Maintain parish member database on
      Coordinate scheduling of weddings, funerals, and other events. Consult with the
       Pastor regarding the procedure for these services.
      Maintain a sacramental record keeping system. Records all weddings, baptisms, and
       funerals in sacrament register books and on PDS. Prepares baptismal and wedding
      Provide assistance to persons in need that come to the parish. Provide charitable
       assistance supported by the parish and/or through referring persons to charitable
       social agencies/organizations.
      Coordinate the outreach and welcoming ministry with assistance from the welcoming
       committee. Send cards to new parishioners, as well as newly baptized, newly
       married, and condolences to families of recently deceased.
      Promote parish events and liturgical seasons through appropriate means.
      Coordinate and maintain mass intentions.
      Produce, order and distribute seasonal collection envelopes and schedules.
      Serve as the initial point of contact for Parish Office and buildings (heating, air,
       telephones, computers, etc.)
      Other duties as required.

Education, Training, and/or Experience:
An active member, in good standing, of a Roman Catholic parish faith community. High
School Diploma or equivalent; three years of successful general office experience.

Demonstrated ability to set priorities and organize work effectively and efficiently including
developing and maintaining effective record keeping systems; ability to compose
correspondence and reports; ability to represent the parish to those who call, write or visit;
knowledge of and skill in using personal computers and word processing to include
Microsoft Word, Publisher and Excel; proficient typing skills; ability to communicate verbally
and in writing; knowledge of how the parish operates and functions; ability to relate to a
variety of persons – good people skills; ability to honor and maintain confidentiality; office
management experience preferred.

Full time position:
Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (7 hour work day with a one hour lunch break)
Hourly position: $18 /hour, 7 hours/day
Benefits: Paid vacation and holiday time, sick pay, bereavement time, medical, dental,
vision, long term disability insurance, retirement benefits.

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