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     <p>Thank you for participating in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards for
Cooking Equipment. With your help, we're showcasing some of the best cooking
equipment brands, products and retailers.</p><br>

     <p>Here are the finalists for the Best Kitchenware Retailer. To help you make a
better decision, read up on the finalists below.</p><br>

     <p><script language="javaScript"

     <p>You can vote once daily between February 22 and March 21, 2012. The winners
will be announced on March 30, 2012. And don't forget to vote in all of the other
Cooking Equipment Categories:</p>

     <li>Best Cookware Brand</li>

      <li>Best Cutlery Brand</li>

      <li>Best Eco-Friendly Kitchen Product</li>

      <li>Best Celebrity Kitchenware Brand</li>

     <li>Cooking Equipment Brand of the Year</li>
     <p><strong>The finalists for Best Kitchenware Retailer Are:</strong></p><br>

    <p><img src=""
border="0" alt="" hspace="5" align="left"><strong>Bed Bath and

      <p>Founded in 1971, Bed Bath &amp; Beyond is the superstore for all things home-
related, including a large, comprehensive kitchenware selection. For the kitchen, the store
sells cookware, bakeware, cutlery, countertop appliances, tabletop items and kitchen
tools, and is known for its floor-to-ceiling gadget wall. Consumers appreciate Bed Bath
&amp; Beyond's breadth of price points within each product category, as well as its
plentiful coupon postcards and newspaper ads. The retailer has also become a mainstay
for bridal registries.</p>

     <p>Learn more about Bed Bath and Beyond by visiting its <a
href="">web site</a>.</p><br>

    <p><img src=""
border="0" alt="" hspace="5" align="left"><strong>Chefs Catalog</strong><br></p>

     <p>A catalog and online retailer, Chefs Catalog has been selling kitchen tools and
equipment since 1979. The company offers a diverse assortment of well-known and high-
quality brands and products, and prides itself on its competitive pricing, its frequent sales
and special offers such as free shipping, and its fast order fulfillment.</p>

     <p>Learn more about Chefs Catalog by visiting its <a
href="">web site</a>.</p><br>

     <p><img src="
/cookswarehouse.jpg" border="0" alt="" hspace="5" align="left"><strong>The Cook's

      <p>This Atlanta-based retailer, in business since 1995, has become a local mecca
for foodies, home cooks and professional chefs alike for its jam-packed stores containing
an extensive variety of cookware, specialty bakeware, gadgets and tools, countertop
appliances, linens and other kitchen items. In the past few years, the retailer not only
relocated and expanded its flagship store in Atlanta's Midtown neighborhood, but also
added a fourth suburban location; all the locations have state-of-the-art exhibition
kitchens where demonstrations and hands-on classes are held on a regular basis. Those
not in Atlanta can shop on the retailer's well-organized website.</p>

     <p>Learn more about The Cook's Warehouse by visiting its <a
href="">web site</a>.</p><br>
     <p><img src=""
border="0" alt="" hspace="5" align="left"><strong>King Arthur

     <p>Home bakers know that if they need the best stand mixer, a hard-to-find tool, or
a specialty baking pan, the only have to head to King Arthur Flour's web site. The
company started over 200 years ago as a flour mill, and while it's still known for its
flours, it has since expanded to include a catalog and web site selling baking ingredients
and tools, a baking school and store at its Norwich, Vt. headquarters, and a line of
cookbooks and recipe magazines. The web site and catalog boast a well-edited selection
of baker's equipment, including appliances, bakeware, gadgets and tools and food storage

     <p>Learn more about King Arthur Flour by visiting its <a
href="">web site</a>.</p><br>

    <p><img src=""
border="0" alt="" hspace="5" align="left"><strong>Sur La Table</strong><br></p>

     <p>Since its first location opened its doors in the fabled Pike Place Market in
Seattle in 1972, Sur La Table has been a source of high-quality kitchenware, as well as
unusual or hard-to-find items. The retailer has more than 85 stores across the country, as
well as a newly redesigned web site and a print catalog. The company hosts cooking in
most of its stores, as well as signings, demonstrations and celebrity-chef

     <p>Learn more about Sur La Table by visiting its <a
href="">web site</a>.</p><br>

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