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                             FO – 4.3.3
                Working Group on Reliability Standards

                               June 22, 2004
                   TIA Headquarters, 2500 Wilson Blvd #300
                            Arlington, VA 22201

Meeting Report

Working Group meeting was called to order by co-chairs Osman Gebizlioglu and
Bruce LeFevre at 8:00 am.

The following list of 19 (nineteen) participants has been forwarded to TIA.
Attendees: Halina K. Bodine (FiberSource, Inc.), L. Cartellieri (Experior
Photonics), A. Devine (Coastal Connections), D. Fisher (Tyco Electronics), R.
Fitzpatrick (Panduit), O.S. Gebizlioglu (Telcordia Technologies), D. Horwitz
(Tempo), M. Itano (Leviton), S. Iwano (NTT Advanced Technology), W. Jones
(National Technical Systems), N. Lampert (Yazaki North America), B. LeFevre
(OFS), R.M. Manning (Tyco Electronics), D. Morris (KITCO Fiber Optics), E.
Norland (Norland Products), E. Rosenast (Tempo), R. Throm (US Navy), S.
Zimmel (ADC), A. Whitebrook (Diamond USA).

After the introductions, the report from the WG meeting held on January 27, 2004
was reviewed and approved unanimously. The proposed meeting agenda was
reviewed and approved with three additional items; 1) Presentation on the role of
adhesive voids and bubbles in interconnecting device failures by O. Gebizlioglu,
2) Presentation on the reliability of passive components from European Union
COST meeting by B. LeFevre, 3) Presentation on the need for guidelines for
connector endface quality for applications by S. Iwano.

Status Update on TSB-144 Adhesives Bubbles and Voids in Fiber Optic

Components and Presentation

TSB-144 was published in May 2003, and it is available from Global Engineering

Documents (800 854 7179). O. Gebizlioglu presented an overview of

interconnecting device failures to provide quantitative information and direct

evidence on the role of adhesives voids and bubbles in fiber breaks in
interconnecting devices. Two types of fiber breaks, low-strength break and high-

strength break, that occurred around voids and bubbles within connectors were

analyzed. The results represent the first evidence of direct link between fiber

failures and adhesive voids in interconnecting devices.

Status Update on Draft Document on Adhesives Application Guidelines

J.. Kolasinski (NASA/GSFC) had proposed to develop a guidelines document on

key adhesives applications issues. A draft document prepared by J. Kolasinski

was distributed to FO-4.3 membership and reviewed by O. Gebizlioglu.

Volunteers were requested to write document sections such as physical

properties   of   four   main   classes   of   adhesives   used   in   fiber   optic

components/devices, limited life of adhesive formulations, cleaning/cleanliness

practices, stoichiometry, curing, fluid state application, and polishing. FO-4.3.3

membership was requested to provide input to selected sections of the draft

document by September 1, 2004. The revised document will be distributed to

FO-4.3.3 membership by December 15th for review at the January 2005 meeting.

Status Update on Draft Document on Adhesion Strength Test Methods

O. Gebizlioglu gave a status update on the proposed test methods document,

and called WG members to participate in the development of a draft FOTP for

test method(s) on adhesion strength in fiber optic devices applications for review

at the January 2005 meeting of FO-4.3.3 WG.
No new action items were opened for FO-4.3 SC at this time.

Status and Plan for IEC/86B/WG5 documents

The group reviewed the current documents in the program of work of WG5 and
made the following decisions regarding adoption or other action:

62005-2: Part 2 - Quantitative assessment of reliability based on accelerated
aging tests - Temperature and humidity: steady state.

PN-3-0169 closed with negative vote and comment to adopt as TSB. FO-4.3.3
WG was in unanimous agreement to (1) propose to drop PN-3-0169 and (2)
request PN for adaptation of IEC 62005-2 as TSB with exception to the
normative requirements. (Proposal/Action)

62005-2-1: Part 2-1: Example of quantitative assessment of reliability based on
accelerated ageing tests – design of an acceptance test for fibre pistoning failure
of connectors during temperature and humidity cycling: demarcation analysis

Conditional decision: to adopt as TR pending vote, comments and revisions after
IEC decision. Decision will be reconsidered after IEC action. IEC approved NP.
4.3.3 confirmed decision to adopt at publication stage

62005-7: Life stress modeling

TIA/ANSI Ballot closed with approval for adoption as TIA 1048

Work Program - Future Topics/Projects:

Lefevre presented an outline of an informative review of the reliability of passive
components presented at a past meeting of European Union COST
Organization. It was proposed that a version of this document be circulated by
Lefevre (action) for review and comment. It will be considered for proposal as a
TSB at the next meeting.

Lefevre appealed to members for input on methods strategy for soliciting input
from standards applications groups and industry manufacturers and users on
their needs for documents on reliability. Will circulate a request by reflector and
report at next meeting in January 05

Shin’ichi Iwano of NTT Advanced Technologies presented a proposal for an
informative guidelines document on cleaning procedures and endface quality
requirements for connectors in various network applications. Co-chairs were
requested to organize a conference call meeting to form joint task group with FO-
4.3.2 to develop a draft outline for presentation at the next meeting. (action)

Next meeting will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, on January 25, 2005, at 8:00 am.

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