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					Customer Checklist Prior to Installation
   Hardware Peripherals
          Receipt Printers Received - do not include printer cables
          Purchase Printer Cables prior to install
          Cash Drawers Received
          Barcode Scanners Received
          Mag Tek Readers Received
          Kitchen Printer Received
          PDT Received
          Debit Pin Pads Received - Canada Only
          All Hardware Removed from Packages and Put in Place

   Computers & Networking
          Onsite Computer/Networking Staff is Available
          Computers Received if purchased from Fore! Reservations
          If Existing Computers, Confirm Windows XP, Vista or 7 . Win2K not supported
          If Existing Computers, confirm they have Ant-Virus software
          Proper surge protectors for other computers
          Existing Report Printer Installed on all Computers - HP is preferred
          Blackbox, KVM switch, Network Switch, Cat5 Cables, Flash Drivers and Battery Backup Received
          Networking Wired - Not Wireless
          Network wiring complete - wires tipped or wall sockets
          Network Switch Accessible
          Blackbox Networked to Domain if Necessary - Consult Documentation from Fore! Reservations

   Internet Needs
            Internet Connection Working - Mandatory - Internet Provider Contact Information
            Website Host / Developer Available to Integrate Web Tools
            Have Web Developer Create Header Image for Email Marketing and Host on Website
            Email Address Account info for setup - know who hosts it.

   Spreadsheets / Imports
           Tax Rate Percentage - Know what items are taxable and non taxable
           Physical Inventory of Golfshop Done
           Inventory Spreadsheet Done with Counts Included from Physical Inventory
           Non Inventory Spreadsheet Done with All Green Fee Rates
           Food and Beverage Spreadsheet Done
           Vendor List
           Customer List Done for Import, including Customer Types and Account Balances
           Awards Balances
           Gift Certificates Balances
           Golf Shop Credit Balances
           Outing Deposit Balances
           Chart of Accounts available - including Account Numbers if Integrating
           Confirm Availability of Accountant for Discussion with Installer
           Tee Sheet Setup Information - Green Fee and Season Rate Structures
           Outing Information Sheets for making Outing Reservations
           Have ideas ready for Awards implementation
           Hade promotion ideas for Comeback Coupons
           Have designated Tee time specials planned - times and what value added offer will be
           Have marketing promotion for Birthday Club or Offer Club
           Have email message (content only) for initial email marketing blast from software

            Credit Card Interface Application Completed and Setup Information Received
            Verify inclusion of Amex and Discover on Credit Card Setup (if applicable)
            Gift Card Interface Application Completed and Setup Information Received
            Purchase Avery 5160 Address Labels - barcode labeling & mail merge mailing labels
            Customer ID Cards or Stickers Received (if using frequent player cards)
            eRange or Range Servant installation prior to our arrival

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