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					Middle School Science                                                               Atoms in Action
Biological Organization; Particles and Waves; Examining Water and Weather          Student Resource


                                   Kitchen Chemistry
    Make some pancake batter. You can use boxed batter or use a recipe. But use hot water for
    one batch and cold water for the other. Put exactly the same amount in two measuring cups,
    filling them about half way. Mark the levels carefully.
    Now watch the batter rise. How much do they rise in 10 minutes?
    Warm                                           Cool
    Beginning level                                Beginning level
    Ending Level                                   Ending level
    Can you explain?

    Make two cups of very strong Pekoe or Earl Gray tea. Let it get dark. Then add lemon juice
    to one. What do you see?

    Add some baking soda to the cup with lemon juice. Does the color change again?

    Can you explain what happened?
    Can you find another food in the kitchen that acts like lemon juice?

    Make two cups of unsweetened Kool-Aid®, one from hot water and one from cold water.
    Next add ½ teaspoon of sugar to each cup. Does it disappear?                       Why?
                          . Add another teaspoon. Does it still disappear?
    Now continue adding sugar in ½ teaspoons in order to find out how much sugar each cup
    will hold. Stop when you cannot get the sugar to disappear (when it sinks to the bottom and
    stays there.) Which cup holds the most sugar?                Why?

    Get two soft plastic bottles from drinking water. Fill one half full of hot water, and one half
    full of cool water. Mark the height of the water. Then put them in the refrigerator. Check
    them every 15 minutes. Which one freezes first?
    Now wait another hour. Mark the height of the ice. Did it rise or fall?

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