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                     U.G.R. Newsletter

                            November to February 2011
                              Volume 8 Autumn/Winter

Be Prepared for the Winter…..
With winter just around the corner and in particular the two long
Christmas and New Year weekends when the surgery will be closed,
you should be thinking ahead and making sure that you have enough of
your regular medication to last. That should not mean stock-piling
medication ‘just in case’, but ensuring you have enough to last you
through the holiday season.

So please make sure you have ordered your medication in good time.

Emis Access – Appointments bookable on line
Why not consider registering with Emis Access. This service allows
patients to access all available GP appointments on line. It takes
approximately 48 hours to register, or two working days, once you
have submitted your completed form – available from the Reception

Remember you will need ID when collecting your documentation. With
this you can then set up your own personal password using the
detailed information in your registration letter. You will save time
booking on line and have time for thought, as all available
appointments are there for you to see.

Please contact the Practice Administrator if you need any more
information, or help with setting up your personal password.

Don’t Forget…
We offer bookable Saturday appointments
Always let us know if you can’t make your booked appointment
Any queries? Our receptionists are here to help
Please use our electronic check-in and help us avoid queues
One third of our appointments are ‘same day’ appointments

Welcome to Dr Al-Assadi, Dr Okeke, Dr
Whitehouse and Dr Daly
Some patients will already know the above doctors but we are very
pleased anyway to welcome them. Dr Al-assadi and Dr Okeke are
permanent members of staff and with the semi-retirement of Doctors
Roberts and Orr, it will not always be possible for patients to see an
established partner. We ask for your understanding if your long
standing GP is not available, and trust you will soon get to know our
excellent new staff, who are a great asset to the team.

With the imminent changes to the way General Practice will be
working, the partners within the practice will be taking a more hands-
on role with regard to strategic planning for the future patient services
within the Surrey Heath Area. It will therefore be essential that
patients utilize the expertise of the other doctors available within the

Dr Whitehouse and Dr Daly are both GP Registrars (GPs in training) Dr
Whitehouse will be with us until July 2011 and Dr Daly until early
December this year. He will be back with us again next August.

Keeping Warm this Winter
Your GP recommends that you have a flu jab if you are 65 or over, or if
you have one of the listed long term illnesses. Flu clinics are planned
from October, and if you fall into one of the three categories (mainly
children) requiring Swine Flu vaccination, this can be done at the same

At Risk Groups encompass those with chronic respiratory disease,
asthma, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic renal disease, liver
disease some neurological conditions, those who are immuno-
suppressed, pregnant or patients who are aged over 65 years.

Clinic appointments can be booked from September. Please keep your
eyes open for more information in the surgery regarding dates of these
clinics, and whether you are entitled to pneumonia vaccination also.

Reducing the Risk
As we all know colds and flu are commonly spread by air borne viruses
expelled from the nose and mouth when we cough or sneeze. Simple
hygiene measures can reduce the risk… avoid catching and spreading
    Always cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing
       or sneezing
    Throw away used tissues
    Always wash your hands regularly with soap and rinse and dry

Be Prepared:
It is a really good idea to stock up on cough or cold remedies. If you do
unfortunately get a very bad cold or flu, the best way to deal with it is to
stay at home and rest.

Drink plenty of soft drinks and eat if you are able to. Remember if you
continue to feel unwell then contact the doctor.
Out of Hours Service
The GP ‘Out of Hours’ service is available at night, weekends, on bank
holidays or if you, or a member of your family, cannot wait until your
usual GP Surgery opens.

GP ‘Out of Hours’ cannot treat injuries such as cuts, abrasions or
broken bones. Any serious injuries should be treated by Accident and
Emergency at Frimley Park Hospital. If the condition is life threatening
then phone 999 direct. (example – heart attack)

When you phone ‘Out of Hours’ a receptionist will take your call and
note your details. A health professional will then phone you back. You
may be advised to attend a centre or a doctor may come to visit you.

If the doctor thinks you are fit to travel you may be asked to attend the
‘Out of Hours’ centre for treatment. All calls to you are made as soon
as possible.


Upper Gordon Road Surgery, Offering the best
For patients registered with us it is important to know that should you
suffer from any long term illnesses – such as Diabetes, Heart Disease,
Asthma, COPD, Hypertension etc our surgery will write to inform you
when your Annual Review is due. This letter arrives the month before
your due check up date. If you are away or have forgotten to book your
Annual Review you will further be reminded that your check is overdue.

Some illnesses and some patients need further reviews as every twelve
months is insufficient monitoring. In which case you will receive a
‘Follow Up’ check reminder letter.

Not all patients need a ‘follow up’, but diabetic patients usually do.
Sometimes reminder letter cross in the post with your appointment
booking. As these letters are computer generated we cannot always
help this. Please remember these checks ensure that you are given the
best possible health service.

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